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  1. 35 minutes ago, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:

    “…I slipped and the meat fell in my mouth.”


    “Baby.. don’t go…not yet…” continues eating meat. :lol:

    Wanna know something sick?

    I understood everything that idiot woman said. 

    I need more meat cleansing…obviously. Followed by frozen sweet dairy goodness in the form of ice cream. 


    As said in the video:  "That's all right man, now you're home".

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  2. 25 minutes ago, Hoss said:

    E4D914D7-4F09-4C22-B094-11086B599A44.thumb.jpeg.438575c0747e8e7143b29fba70ac8471.jpegGuns and shooting gear checked, double checked & packed. I might have room for another derringer :D

    17 guns

    1040 rounds ammo (probably 3x what I need but once at an annual I got carried away at side matches and nearly ran out)

    plus plenty of BP, percussion caps & balls for plainsman. I reckon I could fight my way in and out if Oklahoma if I have too!

    now to load up suitcases and get a good nights sleep. Out of here 0500 tomorrow. 



    Have a safe trip, Hoss.   Sorry I missed it this year.

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  3. From an NRA  publication:


    Q. Can you safely shoot a .45 Auto Rim cartridge in a revolver chambered for a .45 Colt? A buddy of mine gave me some the cartridges, but I don’t have a gun in .45 Auto Rim. I do have a .45 Colt, though, and it looks like it should work.

    A. I would not encourage anyone to attempt to fire a .45 Auto Rim cartridge in a cylinder chambered for .45 Colt. Aside from differences in the dimensions of the cartridge case, the Auto Rim round has a significantly thicker rim, approximately 0.090" versus approximately 0.060". This could certainly cause headspace and functioning problems. If the revolver in question is supplied with a separate cylinder specifically for the Auto Rim cartridge, there should be no problem. A number of firearm manufacturers have over the years offered .45 revolvers with dual cylinders, one for .45 Auto Rim or .45 ACP cartridges and one for .45 Colt.

    -Reid Coffield

    Originally published September, 2006

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  4. Couple of things.  The load you mentioned is the starting load for the bullet/powder combination.  Be careful going with less powder as the 45 Colt case is large and you may experience inconsistent ignition.   The new style hammer on the Ubertis is not a problem if you are not competing.   There have been reports that the safety can make shooting fast a problem.  The parts most often mentioned as breaking are the trigger/bolt spring and the hand spring.  

  5. At a local match, why not?  I doubt the rule would be relaxed at the state/regional level.  As an aside, the 1911 pistol that Bill Holden used in some scenes in The Wild Bunch movie was a 9 mm Star.  You should pose the question on the Wild Bunch site as well.

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  6. I use one as a main match sg.  It will take some getting used to; loading it, there are a couple of ways, and getting used to its idiosyncrasies.  For example, the main spring is on the top of the carrier inside the frame.  If it comes loose there will be failure to fire (I found that out the hard way).  Have to keep the screw tight.  If you have a 1911 then you can use it for Wild Bunch.   There are some You Tube videos on using them and, I think, Long Hunter did some a while back.


    As far as gunsmithing and parts goes, there are a number of names around.  Parts used to be had from PISCO Gunsmithing, but I haven't bought anything from them in a while.  Apart from that, since Norincos are no longer imported, there can be difficulty in acquiring parts for them.  Smiths are Outlaw Gambler, Squibber and Cody Conagher, among others.  BTW, $300 is a great price.


    Good luck with it.

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  7. Look up George Baylor if you have Facebook.  He has written many articles on Cowboy Action Shooting.  He has done testing of black powder and substitutes for CAS.  He doesn't frequent the SASS wires.


    Looks like La Sombra just beat me out. 

  8. As it is, the first couple of days coincide with the Hell On Wheels shoot at Cheyenne. It used to be, I believe, that HOW was after EOT and one could do both. Now, if you want to do HOW then the WB shoot at EOT is out or vice versa. I'm planning on going to EOT this year, but I can't get there for the WB shoot or, for that matter, the HOW shoot. Would have liked to do both as I have the time after EOT.

  9. Both Unique an Universal are "slower" powders compared to Red Dot, Bullseye, Trail Boss and Titegroup, which seem to be the powders that are frequently mentioned for CAS loads. According to Hodgdon's tables Universal at 900 fps is pretty close to the maximum load they recommend for 230 gr 45 Colt. At that level, there shouldn't be much unburned powder to worry about. If you start at the lower end of the scale there will be some unburned powder, but you can reduce that by using magnum primers, as they burn a little hotter than the standard ones.

  10. Reminds me of the first time I met John Wayne. I worked on the S-II Program (2nd stage of the Saturn Rocket use to get men on the moon) in Seal Beach, Ca. One day at lunch I went to the bank and a really huge Pontiac station wagon was next to me stopped at a signal. It has a crest on the door and this funny looking bubble top over the driver. I couldn't help but stare at it. I suddenly realized that it was the Duke driving. He smiled and we drove off. I stopped at the bank and he was there too. Shook hands and he told me that his Mom lived in the retirement development (Leisure World) next to the bank and he took her to lunch every Wednesday when he was in town. Saw him several times after that.... on Wednesdays. The top was modified so he could wear a cowboy hat in the car!

    Went to the opening of The Horse Soldiers in NYC and saw him there.

  11. Your best bet is to get grips made. Even if you could find oversize grips for ASMs there's no guarantee they would fit. Case in point, I just received some 1860 Uberti grip straps and stocks I want to put on some Uberti SAAs and they don't fit as the back straps don't mate with the front strap. I found a place on the web, www.tombstonegrips.com that might be the way to go. I haven't done any business with them but it looks as if they can make special orders.

  12. I don't have any photos, but in my last home I screwed brass coat hooks into a four foot long piece of oak (three inches wide), which was attached to the wall. Held more than a dozen rigs. Started out with an old standing coat and hat rack, but I out grew that pretty quickly.

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