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  1. Local store has plenty of ammo on the shelves.  Prices are still high, but it's only a matter of time before sales start.  Probably after the next round of deiveries at lower wholesale prices.

  2. Stopped by the local gun store and lo and behold, cases of Winchester AA 129 (1145 fps) and AAFL128 (feather lights) on the floor as you enter the store.  $13.99 a box or $140 a case.  Prices haven't come down, but it appears there is some availability.   For those interested, the store is Cabin Fever in Victoria, MN.

  3. Did you load up all those rounds yourself, specifically the copper colored brass?  The few you show have high primers and the case head on the RP round shows signs of excess pressure.  I'm not sure about the color change, but it could be related to the powder charges in those cases.

  4. On 7/21/2022 at 3:17 PM, Alpo said:

    I've seen Marlins in episodes of Bonanza.


    This little old lady rancher, in The Man From Laramie, has a Henry. Real Henry, not a Hollywood Henry, not in Italian repro. I don't remember her shooting it, but she had it across her lap when she's sitting in the buckboard.






    It's also empty.

  5. I believe that Outlaw Gambler wrote on the Merchant Corner in the past that he had parts for sale.   If you want the '97 worked on Squibber at Old Western Gun Repair (under Dusty Bunch Club in the AZ club listings) can do the work. 

  6. 15 minutes ago, Alpo said:

    Sean Connery, sporting a manly gray ponytail..."


    I guess it got manly when it turned gray, because it certainly did not look manly in that picture.


    15 minutes ago, Alpo said:

    Whenever I see this picture, I am reminded of a movie review. Don't recall the movie name, but he's a doctor back in the jungle - South American, or African, I don't remember.


    It was one of his later movies, when he was old.


    Sean Connery, Zardoz.bmp 610.37 kB · 1 download


    "Sean Connery, sporting a manly gray ponytail..."


    I gues it got manly when it turned gray, because it certainly did not look manly in that picture.

    Medicine Man,  1992.

  7. 6 minutes ago, Warden Callaway said:

    Wasn't the annoying coil spring and plunger that pushes the hand forward? The extra hole above the left grip screw hole.  Check to see if you have spring tension on the hand. 

    Like Warden said. 

  8. I had two Miroku 1886s.  One was a carbine with a shotgun butt plate and the other, a rifle, with a crescent butt plate.  The carbine was a tack driver at 100 yards and the rifle was a high grade model with factory engraving and nice wood, but not quite as accurate as the carbine.  I believe the '86s marketed as Ubertis are made by Pedersoli.  They look to be well made.

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  9. 4 minutes ago, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:

    And then there’s this…



    But Noooooooooo…New York has to spend a million bucks on a PSA that essentially says the same thing and will have about the same effect. ;)

    I remember doing that.  Also remember all the fallout shelter signs on buildings.


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