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  1. The last place I lived, on the East Coast, was a small town.  The police would deal with a "crime wave" every couple of years, when kids usually in the 13-17 years range would do a little housebreaking looking for saleable items like TVs, jewelry and the like.  One neighbor, a county detective, had his house broken into when his wife left the garage door open by mistake. 

  2. I just watched the first episode without commercials.  Somewhat formulaic, but the Sam Elliot character and his partner, and even Tim McGraw looked the part.  Didn't "hook me", though.  Not worth me paying extra to watch it.

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  3. 19 minutes ago, Buckshot Bear said:

    If anyone has their '73's close by, can you have a look at how far away your lever is from closed when you can pull the trigger and the hammer is able to fall?



    I just checked my two Ubertis.  The trigger breaks before the lever hits the bottom tang, about the same amount of strut showing as yours, maybe a little less. The important point, I think, is what Joe mentioned earlier; if the links are straight out then you're good to go.  I would take off the right side plate and see if the links are straight out before the block behind the trigger is clear.

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  4. 5 minutes ago, Will Burn Powder said:

    I ended up being the final owner of that set buying them from the winning bidder I desired them he was a collector in the end it took him making $1000.00 profit I was glad to pay that due to the rarity of finding a brand new, un-fired, consecutive set for a 44-40 junky like me, I was happy to pay his price! Are they worth $2750.00 each????? They where to me, would I sell them......NOPE!

    Glad you got what you wanted.  There are other sets available, but the prices are even higher.  If someone wants them badly enough, they will pay the price.


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