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  1. 24 minutes ago, Rye Miles #13621 said:

    He’s the King, he should tell them to pound salt and wear his uniform anyway.

    What can they do? He’s the KING!!:)

    Charles III is wearing a military uniform.  Harry can't as he was stripped of his military ranks.

  2. 11 hours ago, Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933 said:

    Pietta firing pin bushing.  Yep.  Uberti, nope.

    Pietta replaceable hammer cam.  Yep.  Uberti, nope.

    Pietta, stud on barrel for ejector housing.  Yep.  Uberti, nope


    These are three notable features of a "real" Colt.  Of the clones - USFA, Standard, Uberti, and Pietta - only Pietta has all three.


    Colt - barrel lug, hammer cam, firing pin bushing.


    Pietta - all three


    Standard Arms - two; hammer cam, firing pin bushing


    USFA - one; firing pin bushing


    Uberti - none







    The firing pin bushing on one of my USFAs came loose.  Caused high primers locking up the gun.  Had it reset/staked.  Still get slightly high primers, but not enough to lock up the gun.  I also set back the cylinder with a couple of shims on the cylinder pin, so it works.  Have not had a problem with the Colts.

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  3. Brings back memories.  I haven't slept in a tent since the army, but it looks like fun.  Of course I was stationed in MD at the time and it was spring/summer, but the 2nd Lt. loved to go camping, so we did on a number of occasions.  The OIC had a large tent, big enough for his family and I attached mesh to the entrance so the flies and mosquitos were kept out when he went camping. 


    If it's just you, or perhaps one other on occasion, the one you referenced would be OK, but I would want one with a bit more head room to move around in.  I looked at this one:  https://www.lifeintents.com/collections/hunting-tents/products/fernweh-canvas-bell-tent-5. It's a bit larger, and with a stove not too much more expensive than the one you listed.  The cot is a good idea. 

  4. Amazon has a lot of cloth bags with or without drawstrings.  Less than a dollar apiece.  Will work well unless you want some specific theme on the material.

  5. 9 hours ago, watab kid said:

    recently in the twin cities here they had a guy ask to see one - ran to another department and ;loaded it with his own ammo and shot himself , i think it was a prudent thing on the staffs behalf even tho your not that guy 

    Gun stores are taking a lot of criticism in today's world, so they have developed procedures that, in their estimation, allow them to continue selling their wares.   The incident Kid mentioned is not the first time someone did that.  Many years ago (at least 60) when Abercrombie & Fitch was a high end store with one location on 5th Avenue in NYC, a person walked in to the gun room (an amazing collection of mostly sporting firearms) loaded a rifle and killed himself.  That was the last time firearms were sold in that store. 

  6. Just got back.  There's no retail store at the location listed, but there is what appears to me to be a wholesale type of operation in a building amongst other companies in a business park.  The door was closed and the lights were out, but I could see the Guns Dot Com logo on the wall of their lobby.   I would send them a message from the Gunsinternational listing so that they have you on record, so to speak.  I don't know that they'll be open on Monday as it's Labor Day. 


    I may get over there during the business week just to see what they have available on site.

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  7. 32 minutes ago, Hells Comin said:

    They are closed on weekends so I'll try calling them on Monday, I might take you up on your offer if all else fails. Normally I wouldn't go to this  much Effort but it's very difficult to find new Model vaqueros  these days.

    Thank you Hells Comin "Phil "

    The retail store should be open.  Which Ruger are you interested in?

  8. No.  The spec sheet specifies Marlin 1895s and TC Contenders.  TUI, Tumble Upon Impact, signifies a hunting round.   While an Winchester style 1886 lever action is stronger than an 1873 or 1876, it is not intended for that type of round.  Most 45-70 ammunition to be found on store shelves (assuming it can be found)is loaded to lower pressures.   As an example, If looking online look up Choice Ammunition (choiceammunition.com) under Cowboy loads.  They have 45-70 ammunition available. 

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  9. I don't think it's a good idea to let the movers take them as many will not transport fire arms.  The safest way is to ship the fire arms to an FFL in the state to which you are moving.  I shipped 15 long guns (the FFL receiving them Charged a single fee for all of them.)  I sold off a bunch of fire arms to local buyers/friends to lighten the load.  If you're flying you can take handguns (they  have to be declared when checking in and require a separate TSA inspection) , but one would have to check with the airline to determine their policy   I took handguns with me as I was driving and had the room.   

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