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  1. Saab also sold a high performance auto named Viggen (Thunderbolt).  As part of the purchase Saab had arranged for a 1 or 2 day training course at a track somewhere down south, as I recall.  A very fast car, maybe too fast for most, but I couldn't resist it. 

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  2. 15 hours ago, Blackwater 53393 said:

    Black Powder.  I shoot a pair of 1860s in competition. I’ve had 1851s in .36.  I just picked up an 1872 in .45 with army grips that I have wanted for some time.  

    This ‘51 would sort of complete a string, so to speak.

    FWIW, Traditions Firearms lists a 1851 replica in .44 caliber made by Pietta. They're also listed in the Pietta catalog.  It is, like all the others, only with Navy grips.

  3. The two movies were in a sort of competition with Tombstone, which came out earlier getting most of the attention.  The Tombstone movie was initially directed by Kevin Jarre, who wrote the screenplay, but was replaced by George Cosmatos.  Apparently Kurt Russell took over many of the directing duties even though Cosmatos remained as director.  The Tombstone movie highlighted the relationship between Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday while the Wyatt Earp film showed more of the Earp family and Wyatt's life leading up to Tombstone.  The Tombstone movie has better pacing, more action, although some of the Wyatt Earp action moments were pretty good.  The rumor at the time was that the Tombstone production got a hold of all the period correct gear, probably due to the fact that Peter Sherayko outfitted the film.

  4. The elevator on the short rifle is in backwards.  It usually goes into the slot on the shank in front of the sight.  However, even reversed it may be too long for the carbine. Check with Long Hunter Shooters Supply as they have an adjustable rear sight for '73s that might work.  According to the description the shank is less than two inches long.  They list it as flattop rear carbine sight M 63.

  5. Or, .0096% of the population in NYC vs .5 % in Dodge City.  If NYC had the same percentage of homicides it would have been over 6,000 victims.   The Dodge City number has to be incorrect.  I saw Marshal Dillon kill three guys on one show only yesterday.  And that was in the second season!  :D

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  6. Just learned of this.  I wonder if the cylinder could be swapped out for one in 38 spl.  As far as reloading goes, I guess that 38 spl lead bullets could be used instead of the normal jacketed ones.

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