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  1. Tom,


    As Duelist I pick up the pistol one handed, if it's staged on a table.  Same with the second pistol.  Having pistols staged on the table does not require the use of both hands as it would if one only shoots duelist or CC with the dominant hand.  Unless the rule, as stated above, changes, the pistol has to be picked up one handed. 

  2. Several actors were said to be very fast.  In the fast draw competitions in the '60s the fastest was Jerry Lewis; so some have written.  Another fast draw was Sammy Davis Jr.  Both used six guns and rigs in their club acts and, in any event, were quite good.

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  3. After you have been reloading a while you will develop your own process.  Some folks deprime and tumble (wet or dry), some clean primer pockets, some don't.  I tumbled brass once and didn't see the point.  Now I deprime by hand, inspect the pockets as well as the entire case, and clean the pocket if it looks too dirty.  Not the fastest way to do it, but I don't shoot more than 2,000-2,500 a season now. 

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  4. 34 minutes ago, Subdeacon Joe said:


    Ken Curtis had quite a good voice.  I believe he also sang with The Sons of the Pioneers.  

    Yes.  Sang with Tommy Dorsey's band briefly and was married to John Ford's daughter for a while.

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  5. The film clips of mechanized vehicles give an erroneous view of the movement of German troops and supplies  during WWII.  Over 75% of transport was via horse.

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  6. Not a good photo.  I see, I think, W C C on the left side of the case; perhaps Western (Winchester) Cartridge Company?  If the other marks are a date then probably a military round.  Is that a 7.62x51case?  Very similar to 308, but slightly longer, which could cause a failure to extract/eject.


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