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  1. 18 minutes ago, PowderRiverCowboy said:

    Why you will just fall over and smack your head :(

    That wouldn’t keep me from shooting there!


    All jokes aside, the World Shooting Complex is a fabulous facility. There are twelve dedicated bays to shoot CAS with high berms and easy access. They also have hundreds of camping sites and bath and shower facilities. I’ve been there many times and STILL haven’t seen the whole place!


    The only negative at this point is a lack of hotel/motel facilities really close by.


    It’s far more centrally located, geographically, and there are numerous permanent on site facilities that can be used for related activities!!

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  2. 5 hours ago, Loophole LaRue, SASS #51438 said:


    Roadhouse !!!!



    Yeah!!  Just like that!!  Used to be places like that all over the country!  Most of ‘em are gone now, cleaned up or closed down.


    My band and I started out playing in places like that. Biker bars and roadhouses where, when a fight broke out, the next thing you saw was an ambulance and the cops.


    That was nearly thirty years ago now!!  We graduated to nicer joints, then to some high class clubs and the college fraternity circuit, along with SASS events and commercial shows.  

    We got lucky!  Some of those places gave us a chance and some of the roughest of those characters became our friends. They saw to it that, “you don’t mess with the band!” They’ve stayed with us all those years!


    We’ve played a couple of those bottle juggling bars over the years.  Some of ‘em were pretty swank.  Those places last as long as the clientele goes there to “see and be seen”! Unless they provide other entertainment to draw a crowd, they either find another gimmick, change their format to provide that other entertainment, start serving good food, or they fade away.  

    Good bartenders, whether they can juggle bottles or not, are critical to getting a club off to a good start and keeping it going, but they mostly aren’t enough to keep one “the place to be” for very long.


    Come to think of it, there isn’t much outside of consistent quality entertainment or quality dining that WILL keep a place, “the place to be”!




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  3. 2 hours ago, Capt. R. Hugh Kidnme said:

      Add an eye patch and earring to the last pic, change out the Proper 12 for some good rum, and play pirate for the next day or two. ;) 

    Been thinking about getting my old ear piercing opened back up!! I was poking around in my gun room the other day and stumbled across an old jewelry box that had several of my ear rings in it! There were a pair that were Black Hills Gold wolf drums with three feathers on ‘em, (I bought the pair because they wouldn’t sell just one) and I think I’d like to use ‘em again!


    I got a drawer full of old bandannas that I wore on my bike and for the first couple of years shooting SASS!


    NOW! The eye patch??  Not happening!! :lol:

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  4. You see these guys in every facet of life today! We are inundated with endless commercials featuring current and former pro and college athletes and coaches on television, in magazines, and, when you can find one, newspapers, not to mention billboards and posters everywhere!


    Beer, shoes, clothes, cars, insurance, food, and even medicine!!


    If it ain’t some athlete or actor, it’s a former politician or race car driver, (everybody is getting their cut) pumping you for your hard earned dollar.

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  5. 1 hour ago, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

    Seriously, what size skillet did she use this time?:lol::lol::P

    She has a ruptured disc at L4/L5! She ain’t swinging no skillets right now!


    HELL!!  I’m doin’ most of the cookin’ right now! :rolleyes:

    OH! In all of this, I forgot to mention that they put another cast on my foot this morning.  It’s healing up nicely. The wound shrunk 75% in the last week!!

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  6. Some of ya’s had better make sure you turn off your computers and phones before you go to sleep!!! :angry:

    I’m seeing too many, (one’s too many) sad emojis!!  I’m gonna git ya’s when you least expect it!!


    All jokes aside, I’m really doing well and I appreciate the well wishes! 

    I generally don’t take my own advice very often, but I put this up so’s you’d all be careful out there!! ;)



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