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  1. 55 minutes ago, Lead Monger said:

    Berdan primers are larger in diameter than Boxer primers.



    As I understand it, depriming is the issue with Berdan primers because of the blockage created by the barred primer pocket.


    Can the pocket be modified to allow normal depriming die to be used?


    The primers ARE available.

  2. Went north of us with the worst of it and another cell passed to the south.


    Thunder, lightning, lots of wind and rain, but no damage here.  The power went out for about two minutes and it flickered a time or two.


    Like Randy said, it tore up JACK in some places nearby.

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  3. My grandson is visiting this weekend!!


    Hard ta’ stay grumpy when he’s around!!  

    He and his brother and Hatfield are going to pick up a small pickup, tomorrow, that will be his first vehicle!  He turns 16 the middle of next month and an uncle has given him this little truck.


    We’ll do a little bit of fixing up on it and he’ll not have to depend on others to get him where he needs to be!!


    BUT!!  There’s chores to do and breakfast to make and all the aggravatin’ news ta’ sift through!!




    NOW!!!  GET OFF THE LAWN !!!



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  4. 7 hours ago, watab kid said:

    i think there is still gas line freeze to contend with - not uncommon to have water in the gas these days and the alcohol allows it to stay within usable fuel , if that occurs you just lost the fuel third of your equation 

    And you’re going NOWHERE until it thaws!!

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  5. In Tennessee, you can carry in restaurants that serve alcohol, so long as you don’t consume alcohol.


    If the establishment doesn’t prohibit carry, you can. The folks at the Texas Roadhouses here have always been very cordial with us when we visit! Logan’s and Longhorn are also welcoming when we dine with them.

  6. I often carry my sidearm openly.  Since in most cases I DON’T wear a jacket and ALWAYS wear my shirt tail tucked in because I often work around machinery that operates with exposed drives and moving parts that could snag loose clothing, it’s extremely inconvenient for me to wear a coat or jacket just to try to conceal my gun.


    I have been thanked and complimented by neighbors, store personnel, clerks, other citizens, and even once or twice by police officers when I have done business in public.


    I despise having to store or secure my sidearm when I have to enter places where carry is prohibited!  I won’t frequent eateries where it’s prohibited and I tell the management why! The nation is flooded with reports of guns stolen from cars, particularly in places where carry is precluded by law or by the owner/proprietor of the property/business!  Thieves KNOW that people have to leave their weapons behind and they concentrate their efforts on places where they know this is required!!


    Even most of my medical professionals have moved into facilities that DO NOT prevent legal possession and carry of firearms! That’s a trend that I would like to see expand and accelerate!



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  7. Didn’t get to watch the game.We had tornadoes and tornado warnings all afternoon and the local TV station put on a non stop, no commercial, four plus hour weather report that, to the best of my knowledge, is STILL going on!!


    Congratulations ARMY!

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  8. Starting Fluid is just that!!  It’s for helping to start engines under extremely adverse conditions.  

    Extreme cold is the most common factor creating the need for such measures.


    It should not be used on engines that are in good shape or engines that have been running or are warmed up!


    While not, (and never) recommended for high compression gasoline engines or engines equipped with turbochargers, superchargers, or that are electronically fuel injected, starting fluid can safely be used by experienced, knowledgeable automotive technicians when those extreme conditions call for it.


    I prefer to use other means and resources for the purpose of starting stubborn vehicles. I won’t discuss those here because I don’t want anyone to try the sort of things that I am comfortable doing because I don’t know what experience others might have.

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