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  1. Never had much trouble with dope smkers. They usually avoid confrontation and seldom get belligerent.


    Can’t say that for drinkers.  Most of my front teeth are damaged from drunkassed idiots who thought that they could dance or that just HAD  to stumble up to the stage to bellow how good or bad the band was.  They invariably staggered into the mic stand and slammed the microphone into my lips or my teeth, or they flopped over onto one of my band mates, knocking them and their gear over, often damaging expensive guitars and amplifiers and the like!!


    If it wasn’t that, it was a fight over a game of pool or a waitress or some other guy’s girlfriend/wife!!


    Weed might make you slow or useless, but alcohol makes too many people brave, bellicose, or really stupid!!  Drunks are dangerous….  to others and themselves!!

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  2. 15 hours ago, Cold Lake Kid, SASS # 51474 said:

    And more evidence the inmates are running things


    WELL! It’s kinda’ logical, if you take into consideration that without the plastic straw, you make it more difficult to snort up the fairy dust!!


    THINK ABOUT IT!!  Some of these idiots are too stupid to roll up paper currency and use it!!!

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  3. Some .50cal or 20mm shells loaded with #5 or #6 shot could be made up in a matter of an hour or so and deployed by any number of different aircraft to relieve the lighter than air vessel of its buoyancy producing gas!


    Any hillbilly with an RCBS single stage press and the proper dies could accommodate the military in this case!!

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  4. Goobernor Nuisance and the Atrocity General should be criminally prosecuted for intentionally violating and conspiring to violate the civil rights of the citizens of the Socialist Nation of California!!




  5. I don’t have credit cards!!  I DO have a debit card that my bank treats just like a credit card as far as fraud and unauthorized charges go.


     I use it for fuel purchases and sometimes for groceries or parts to be used in my shop. Otherwise, I take it to an ATM and get cash.  HELL! I use cash at the fast food drive through most of the time!!

  6. We used one of those on a quarter horse that we trail rode ! He’d shy at the smallest mud puddle on ‘bout any trail we rode.  Dern fool horse would jump right in a stream or the river if you were to try to cross it, but he’d throw a bucking fit at a puddle of water.


    We figured he’d stepped off in a hole that was full of water sometime and it was locked in his brain.

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