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  1. It is a corker. Wish I could still do fine hand work on the lock, but as Harry Callahan said to the newly deceased corrupt Mayor in Magnum Force: "A man has got to know his limitations."
  2. REDUCED This is a very finely made and unique side hammer .50 pistol. Fit and finish is excellent. Inletting very fine. The barrel appears to have been turned to half round from a CVA Mountain Pistol barrel, based on location of serial number. The top of barrel over breech is stamped with the builder’s name G. KARVONEN (Gary E. Karvonen of St. Helens, OR). Stock is a nicely figured Maple, stained dark. Butt has a browned steel “Skull Cracker” cap. The lock is very interesting and even has the builder’s Patent Number engraved on the inside, along with his name. Search reveals that the patent was granted on September 4, 1984 for “Side Hammer Percussion Lock.” And described as: A hammer assembly for a side hammer percussion lock is comprised of a hammer which is displaceable relative to the firearm from its normal operative position to a safety position where it cannot be brought into contact with a percussion cap placed on the firearm. In one embodiment of the invention the hammer is displaced by rotating it about an axis which is perpendicular to the axis about which the hammer is rotated between its cocked and firing positions. In another embodiment of the invention the hammer is displaced to its safety position by being slidably translated relative to the firearm. In the rotating embodiment, detents are provided for fixing the hammer against inadvertent movement from its desired position. In the sliding embodiment a lock is provided to prevent movement of the hammer from either its normal or safety position without first releasing the lock. A cam is provided in both embodiments to lift the hammer slightly off of the percussion cap when it is moved out of its normal position. I believe the gun was never completed, as the lock internals need some final fitting and tuning. Possibly prototype. I just do not have the time or dexterity fir this task (building a house and arthritis). Sear needs to be sharpened up for secure lockup (slips a little now off the rounded edges). Should be easy fix with right tools, and patience. $600 SHIPPED.
  3. Thanks CC. And Happy Thanksgiving to you and all my other SASS Pards.
  4. REDUCED I have here a National Wild Turkey Federation 30th Anniversary edition of the Knight TK 2000 12 gauge inline muzzleloading shotgun. It has been called the most advanced black powder shotgun on the market. It has an exclusive extra-full Jug Choke in its 26" barrel. Stock finished in a beautiful Realtree Xtra Green camo pattern. Designed for 40 yards and beyond, the choke allows 85% shot density in a 30″ circle at 40 yards! It has DynaTek Coating on Bore & Exterior of The Barrel – a unique corrosion-resistant, ceramic-based clear coat that requires 50% fewer patches needed to clean the bore. This model has, unfortunately been discontinued. Over-all the gun is in excellent shape with a couple of exceptions. The previous owner used Pyrodex and failed to clean the gun before putting it away. I scrubbed out the bore and while it is bright and shiny, there is some noticeable pitting. However, three points. It is a shotgun. It is made of modern steel. And it is for black powder or subs. No dangers here, nor anything that would affect performance. The rear sight has a broken fiber optics filament that should be easy to replace. It will come with a brand-new capping/decapping tool and new 100 pack of Knight Full Plastic Jackets to keep your 209 primers dry. More pics available. $395 Shipped.
  5. SOLD Here is what I have. Possibly unfired, but certainly lightly used. It is a Farmingdale, New York produced SHILOH Copy of the Civil War New Model 1863 3 band rifled musket. Similar in all respects to the Berdan Sharps except that it is .54. Has a 30" blued round barrel, with case-hardened components. Patch box on right side of stock. Bore is excellent/bright. Metal finish is near excellent with a few minor scratches. Barrel stamped with Wolf Head, meaning it was worked on by founder Wolfgang Droege. Walnut stock/forearm are very good with some minor dings/scuffs. Comes with brown leather sling. Also included is a Copy of the Ames PEACE powder flask, bag of ,54 cal. HB wadcutter bullets, Bullet mold for same. And a tin of Navy Arms caps, and cap applicator. Also, factory paperwork for rifle and receipts for original purchase. I would rate it NRA Condition-Excellent. Shiloh no longer makes this model, only the carbine. More photos on request. Pedersoli sells its Model 1859 for $1850 plus shipping, with its awful overdone case colors, and they are sold out. Willing to sell rifle alone for lower price. Just ask. Payment by USPS money order preferred. Asking $2000 SHIPPED for whole shebang.
  6. SOLD A little something for you buckskinners. The Hawken Rifle: Its Place in History by Charles E. Hanson Jr Copyright 1979. Published by The FUR Press. It is in very good condition. The binding is tight and pages look great. I did not find any highlights or pen marks in this book. This book provides detailed information on the Hawkens and their Rifles over the past 120 years. $45 SHIPPED.
  7. Sadly, it is coming to me in its new chambering.
  8. Hmmmm? That is a consideration. I used to make brass for a European cartridge close to .38-55 from .30-30. Maybe .38-55 is the answer.
  9. Probably require less work for a High Wall. He was hunting in September when I sent him a muzzleloader. I should be so lucky.
  10. I would never sully any of my BPCRs with heathen smokeless! I do have some .45-120 brass inbound, so I may try reducing down to .45-90 loads with addl. wad and grease cookie.
  11. I have used Hoyt for several muzzleloaders and had him rifle a couple of rolling block shotguns. Did not know he did this kind of work. Thanks!
  12. I could shoot .45-70 out of it now, but I think it would erode the chamber throat that has an additional 1" before rifling.
  13. I am looking for recommendations for a smith who can reline a Winchester High Wall from its current .45-120 to something like .40-70 SS or .38-55. Since the rifle is a total restoration already, and was originally .38-56, this seems a reasonable option.
  14. FOUND SOME.Probably a long shot, but does anyone have any .45-120 brass collecting dust? Clean brass welcome, too.
  15. SOLD Going to call this NEAR MINT Trails End Winchester 94AE. Unfired in numbered box with all paperwork and hammer extension. Chambered in .45 LC. Two very minor blemishes on metal from "rack handling." Probable closed gun store inventory. Wood is flawless. Has 20" barrel and saddle ring. Photos tell the story. Ask for more. $1300 (OBO) shipped to your FFL from private party. Add $35 if from my FFL. Take A Shot!
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