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  1. Ivery: I was not able to send you a PM. System said you couldn't receive. Thanks for giving this hat a new home. I am actually second owner, so it was worn by the guy who had it custom formed. Send me your address and will get it in mail soon as I can. How do you want to pay? Dusty
  2. On Gunbroker there is this 897308930 this 897113201 and this 897036236 Probably more, but spendier!
  3. I was wearing a 7 1/2 (23 1/2" circumference), but then I grew my hair long. It's pretty thick, so I may have to move up a size.
  4. SOLD I bought this last year for buckskinning, but have not worn it, as it just did not seem to fit with the rest of my kit. Would do best in a late 18th century persona, I suspect. Inside circumference is about 23" Has a couple of nice medallions and pheasant feather. Also a large white silk kerchief for a head wrap. All as I received them. Asking $40 shipped. Hope someone can provide the home it needs. Hate seeing it collect dust.
  5. I need around 50 .44-40 cases for a backup gun I just purchased.
  6. May have to do it. Spending too much time clearing property or holed up at home.
  7. Found. Need .44-40 dies and brass. Got boolits. Anything gathering dust out there?
  8. Pistol and mags. Ammo separate. Heck, the 1000 rounds of ammo are going for stupid money now, more than the pistol. Mine is going for only slightly dim money. LOL.
  9. GONE Bought this on a whim about a year ago and have put maybe 50 rounds through it. Grips kind of fat for my hands and I like my 1911 better. This S&W 5906 is likely a police trade in. It has stainless steel frame and slide. Adjustable white dot sights. Ambidextrous de-cock lever. Overall condition is Good+, with grips showing wear - more from casual handling while holstered than shooting, I suspect. Comes with 6 magazines: one factory, four Mec-Gar and one marked with an S. All stainless. Asking $500 + actual shipping. My FFL will likely ship to yours for me unless I can ship overnight U
  10. SOLD This is the tool that was issued with many military rolling blocks. Has two screwdrivers and a small wrench for sling swivel nuts. Asking $25 SHIPPED.
  11. JUST PAY POSTAGE.A bag of pretty close to 1000 .060 .45 vegetable wads.
  12. Ace Holiday got in first. A bag of 250 12 Gauge Winchester AA Grey wads. Will mail in padded envelope.
  13. You may have to form some. Let me look in my cartridge conversion book.
  14. SOLD Nice example of the Husqvarna Model 20B SXS in 12 gauge with 2.75" chambers. The Lefaucheux action is very tight and strong. Slow, but strong. Has about 95% blue on the 29.5" barrels, with some thin spots. Bores are very good+. Bright with minor shot streaks. Choked Full/Full. Got ambitious and reamed cambers to 2.75". No charge! Some case color remaining on receiver. The otherwise very good stock has a 2" long diamond cut into it and partially filled with... something. LOP is 13.25. Asking $325 SHIPPED to FFL/C&R. If your FFL won't receive from private individual, add $30 for mine t
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