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  1. Not exactly apples and apples, but when I was actively shooting and reloaded smokeless, I used 6.5 grains of Unique with a 200 grain bullet in my .44-40. Kind of a universal easy on your hands load.
  2. That's right, I forgot about Shotgun Gibbs and his 10 gauge Greener... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXSl3eFi648
  3. Yup. 12 gauge. Back when I started shooting and was shooting actively, that is the criteria I used for my decision. Never had a problem and never looked back. Added: I forgot, cooler guns to choose from also!
  4. Yup, me too. When I started, I reloaded to play, not to save money.
  5. I hoped for an original Winchester part and ended up buying a "lightly used" one from Old Arms of Idaho https://oldarmsofidaho.com. I just kept searching for one until I found an original available that wasn't all worn out. It took about was about to purchase one from the The Smith Shop http://thesmithshop.com in Rhode Island when the one I purchased came available. I missed one on ebay, and it took me almost a year to find what I was looking for, so if you see an original in good condition that is reasonably priced, buy it when you see it-it may not be there when you get back...
  6. Time to downsize. After 35+ years of reloading, it is time to get rid of some stuff. Let me know what you are interested in and I will get you a shipping costs. I typically use USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate, so how much you would like and how much I can get in a box will determine the shipping rate. Here's the brass that is left and not spoken for. I can't seem to figure out how to delete the columns and rows, just the text! Quantity Caliber X Fired Brand Type (B or N) Pricing T
  7. I've never used a Lee Load-All so I can' t speak about it, but I did have a MEC Junior and I liked it quite well-as I remember it was well made and didn't give me any trouble at all. I no longer have it, but in going through stuff today, I still have a few hundred rounds that I loaded in the off time using the MEC.
  8. Saw a NEW Winchester 1873 Deluxe Sporting Lever-Action Rifle 44-40 with gorgeous figured wood for $1725 out the door, half octagon, half round barrel, case colors, shotgun butt plate. Is it worth that much, or should I keep looking? What experiences have folks had with the Miroku Winchesters? Let the opinions begin! :-) Stock photo...
  9. I used those orange hat cleaning sponges back in the old days. Bought them at Renton Western Wear, but I have been away from Seattle for a long time now, and I see they shut down in 2013. Search for “orange hat cleaning sponges” in your favorite search engine.
  10. When I was actively shooting BP and loading my own shotshells, I used 209 primers with BP and they worked fine. No issues at all. As I remember I used a couple different brands, Winchester and CCI. (Edit, I just reread the original post and saw that the question was about Magnum primers-I used standard primers.)
  11. My guess is that the OP wants 4 clicks rather that the new 3 click Uberti safety firing pin gadget that the new revolvers come with. I am not a gunsmith, nor do I play one on television, but my guess would be that replacing the hammer has changed the geometry of the hand, bolt, trigger & now the timing is off. My internet guess would be that the clicks with the new hammer and cylinder installed are 1 click-“safety” notch, 2 click-half cock, 3 click-bolt drop, 4 click-cylinder lock, 5 click-force the hammer back far enough to engage the full cock sear. Just a guess t
  12. Don’t know if this will help, as the number stamp appears to be incomplete and I am late to the meeting. As far a I can remember, these were purchased sometime in the mid 1990’s. I normally reload but could not find brass at the time.
  13. Does anyone know if the Cimarron (Uberti) 1851 Richards-Mason conversion revolvers have the same arbor issues that the Uberti 1851 cap and ball revolvers have? (short arbors) Got the bug to perhaps pick one up in .38 Special. Thanks.
  14. Just checked a 44-40 older Uberti SAA clone that was set up for black powder by Dakota Slim out of RUCAS in Washington state a number of years ago. I just took it out of the safe and measured the gap, as I have not shot any matches for some time. The gap is .008 and as I remember I would shoot a day long match (5 or 6 stages) and not need to do anything to it and it functioned fine. Never shot it more than that as on a 2 day match I would disassemble and clean it at the end of the day. Only ever shot black, no substitutes.
  15. This is like watching a train wreck. I just can't stop myself! :-)
  16. Ace, I'll take it. I was just thinking about loading for this caliber. Will send you a PM. Portugee John
  17. Had a pair like that in late 70’s-early 80’s. They were good sturdy boots & back when I thought carrying 50 pounds of stuff on my back was a good way of enjoyment, they served me well. I was never quite sure if I broke them in or they broke my feet in. Great memories! :-)
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