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  1. Cholla, I have nothing to add to the advice you already received, but stay away from the Pyrodex. Back in the day when I shot an 1884 Springfield Trapdoor, one side match had us shoot 10 rounds & I used 5 2F black and 5 Pyrodex. After the match there was a Cowboy potluck and I got carried away with that and forgot to clean my brass as was my usual habit. The next morning the Pyrodex brass was corroded & turning green. The black powder brass was fine & salvageable. Swore off of Pyrodex after that…
  2. Thanks! I sent you a PM with links to measurements. Portugee
  3. Thought I’d check here first before hitting Taylor’s or VTI. I’m looking for an Uberti 44/40 cylinder for a project. Anyone got one in a parts box they would like to sell?
  4. They didn’t have the warning up yet when I looked at it last night. It’s there now.
  5. Just wasting time before bed, and came across a web site that purported to be Standard Manufacturing (stdgunstore.com) that is bogus. The thing that made me look further was the fact that they had the Woodsman clone in stock for $700. They copy the logos and much of the format of the real Standard Manufacturing (stdgun.com), but among other things when you click on Contact Us it takes you to a page that says that you can find the home you always dreamed about and a map of London England. The domain registrars are completely different also, with the REAL Standard Manufacturing being transparent about the registrant contact and the bogus site registrant contact is listed as "See PrivacyGuardian.org" Good advice for the internet. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  6. Worked well for me, as I am a little clunky & never accused of being fast…
  7. I shot a Winchester 94 AE in 44 magnum for a couple years back in the day & never had any problems with it. Didn’t change until I decided to go with black powder & got an Uberti 1866. I will say that I reloaded & used round nose flat point lead bullets, but never had any issues.
  8. I don’t actively shoot in matches any longer (health reasons), and I lost that close vs. far battle a long time ago, as I seemed in the minority . Always preferred small and farther away. Seemed more like the westerns I grew up with, and I always figured if you wanted to shoot fast, you should try IPSC…
  9. I believe that the certificate says Service Grade. I missed the first time I went through it.
  10. The frame contour difference. Pietta then Uberti (Colt is the same as Uberti for practical purposes.)
  11. I don’t like the strange profile of the frame, but it is more than offset in my book because the Pietta still has the 4 clicks, the pressed in firing pin shield & the replaceable cam on the hammer. I also like the more rounded trigger guard compared to the the Colt or Uberti.
  12. Mine are both CU, which I am thinking is 2019. (That jibes with when they were purchased, both new.) The oldest date code I found online was CS used in 2017, so that date makes sense. I wonder if they used a different process for the trigger then (machined part to MIM), or perhaps just finished them less as a cost saving measure.
  13. Mine came from Cimarron & purchased new. It is marked Frontier 44WCF on the barrel.
  14. Interesting. I have 2 Piettas & they both had them. When did you purchase yours?
  15. The frame contour around the ejector rod housing is not right, but you pretty much have to live with that. BUT-the MIM injection marks on thread left side of the trigger drive me crazy. I decided to remove them, but it took a bit longer than I thought it would. The metal is HARD and I ended up having to use stones and various grits of sandpaper to remove the marks-a file wouldn’t touch it. I did sand and buff off all the finish so the color would be consistent when reblued. I also used the opportunity to remove and soften some of the sharp edges on the corners of the trigger itself. (I covered the sear and pivot hole with blue painters tape to keep the areas safe from the stray stoning or sanding slip. It was also slightly reshaped to more closely match an actual Colt trigger.) There are 3 marks but only 2 show below the trigger guard & only those 2 were removed. Used 3 applications of Birchwood Casey Perma-Blue paste on a q-tip to get it back to the colors I liked. I like the paste as it is easier to control where it ends up. BEFORE, AFTER, & COLT TRIGGER
  16. Nicely done. I too have had good success with CitraStrip. I have not done larger pieces but have used it on 1873 SAA clone grips. I put on the CitraStip them let them sit overnight in a ziplock freezer bag. The next day the finish could be wiped off. Then I stained with some Minwax dark walnut stain & a bunch of coats of boiled linseed oil.
  17. I will try that the next time I load some 44-40.
  18. I actually thought I had some Unique, as I always used it in my 44-40 when shooting smokeless. 6.5 grains of Unique was the “magic” load that seemed to work in most anything. Alas, it was all gone.
  19. I actually do have some 200 grain LRN, but I have 50 255 grain LSWC that I have had forever that I want to use up. Thanks all for your suggestions!
  20. Doing some reloading for the first time since everything went crazy. A few primers left and a limited selection of powder. I am loading some 45 Colt 255 grain LSWC bullets & have some Red Dot, Blue Dot, & Bullseye. Which one should I start with? (I’ve pretty much done black powder in the past so I don’t have much experience with these smokeless powders, but it’s what I have.) Suggestions? Thanks.
  21. Lee 38 Smith & Wesson-38 Colt New Police die set. $39.00 shipped USPS Priority Mail, CONUS Used, in good shape.
  22. FWIW, I used these when I lived out in Washington not too far from Enumclaw, and they are good bullets. I still have a few.
  23. Sent you the gold and a PM shipping address. Thanks Deacon!
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