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  1. Thanks all for your help and suggestions. I know that they will cost me and will have to pay the piper if I want some. It has been so long since I have had to buy any I am still picking myself up off the ground... :-)
  2. It has been some time since I needed to reload anything, but the time has come for me to load up some more ammo. I know that there are huge shortages these days, but does anyone have in stock Large Pistol primers?
  3. FWIW, since having covid, I smell things that I used to not smell, and sometimes smell things that cannot be there. Oh, and be nice to each other!
  4. Make sure it is Cimarron for the 4 click. I purchased a Dixie Gun Works imported old model and it was the 3 click new-fangled Uberti firing pin safety gadget. (Nice looking Cavalry model, and good photo setup.)
  5. Jack what pillow did you purchase? I have been thinking about one of those.
  6. Sedalia Dave, good on you for putting those things up for folk.
  7. Noah, I'd give a full face a try. I just tried one after using a CPAP for 20+ years, and my AHI when from 19-21 to 4-6 in just the 3 days I have been using it (a Fisher Paykel Vitera). I have only used nasal pillows and nasal masks in the past. Worth trying it out.
  8. They are asking $850 for it. It’s been fired & put away dirty, but it was shot with smokeless & I am pretty sure it would clean up. If you look past the dirt & crud, it doesn’t look like it has been shot much.
  9. Anyone have experience with a Stoeger (Uberti) Schofield in .38 Special? 5" barrel, blued. I saw one at a local gun store the other day at what seemed to be a fair price, but I have had no experience with them. Actually never even seen one before. Good, bad or ??? Opinions please.
  10. Was looking for a particular cowboy gun and found it on a website that didn't look quite right, although they had it in stock and at a fantastic price. So, I applied the golden internet rule-"If it seems too good to be true, it probably is." and checked them out. I am quite sure that these are bogus, trying to lure the unwary into thinking that it is Midway USA they are dealing with. They actually have 2 domain names registered. Midwayweapons.com and Midwayweapon.com 2 different domain names were the first clue. They are using logos that appear to have been lifted from the MidwayUSA.com website, and some of the English is not quite right. Also, the domains are registered with NameCheap and the contacts are in Reykjavik, Iceland... Anyway, there you go. I am pretty sure that these folk are up to no good...
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