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  1. Willie,

    I think Red Dooley (Kim) may have a set or two at her store. Try 903-628-6612 tell her Amos gave you the number. Amos Dumas

  2. Did Amos Dumas get the pants???

  3. say Kid did you get those nice looking birdsheads sold?

  4. Tyrel, check again, I just received a flyer to upgrade and/or enroll family & friends for $300.00.

    Amos Dumas

  5. Hoofer sent you a PM same day you posted this WR belt. Will take it for $80.00 if it is still available.

    Thanks Amos Dumas

  6. Hey Hoof, Talk to me on the WR belt. Hope you are OK and this is just a lapse.



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