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  1. Tyrel, check again, I just received a flyer to upgrade and/or enroll family & friends for $300.00.

    Amos Dumas

  2. Did Amos Dumas get the pants???

  3. Willie,

    I think Red Dooley (Kim) may have a set or two at her store. Try 903-628-6612 tell her Amos gave you the number. Amos Dumas

  4. Hey Hoof, Talk to me on the WR belt. Hope you are OK and this is just a lapse.



  5. Hoofer sent you a PM same day you posted this WR belt. Will take it for $80.00 if it is still available.

    Thanks Amos Dumas

  6. say Kid did you get those nice looking birdsheads sold?

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