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  1. As a former LEO, I carried a Glock 22 on duty yet I carried S&W M&Ps off duty of various sizes.  All carry pieces operate similarly as all are striker models with no external safeties.  As such, there is no appreciable difference between the firearms when it's time to deploy them.  On the odd chance I carry something different, there is a slight learning curve that a bit of practice overcomes.

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  2. Many of the smiths around do not work on originals so beware.  I run an original 38WCF born in 1892.  I found new links and springs years ago but haven't seen links in a while.  The springs all needed lightened but now it runs smoothly.   Larsen has given you the best advice to get those plates off.  You can use CLP to spray lube into the guts to keep things lubed.


    Have a great time with your grandpa's rifle.

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  3. Inmates in California are allowed to have medically necessary appliances like braces and crutches among other things.  I imagine other states allow them too as an ADA accomodation. Yes, on occasion, they will use those appliances as a weapon on another inmate.  They get charged with battery on an inmate with a weapon when that happens.

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  4. I buy my gas checked bullets from Quality Cast bullets. 


    My Lyman 46th Edition shows a range of 8.0-12.0grs of Unique so I'm a bit over that at 13 grs.  I have also loaded it at 11.0 grs of Unique with good results.

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  5. 5 hours ago, Hoss said:

    Just acquired an original Win 95 in 30-40 Krag. Got my dies & brass in. Looking for cast Bullet load data. Not a lot out there.  I’d like to use Red Dot or Unique, looking for any “pet loads” using those powders. 

    I shoot a 170gr gas checked pill with 13grs of Unique.  It's a sweet shooting load for the old iron.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, Colorado Coffinmaker said:

    Ranger Dan,


    You're missing an important design difference.  The original Winchester One Piece firing pin included a "retractor" that was activated by the Toggle Link.

    Chaparral uses the original design with the retractor as well.

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  7. 8 hours ago, Springfield Slim SASS #24733 said:

    I just bought 75 boxes of mostly factory loaded shells at an estate sale. It is mostly duck and goose ammo but it has lead shot so no go for hunting in California. I was going to break it down for the shot, be nice to save the powder too but difficult to tell what it is exactly.

    Most any shotgun powder would work nicely at SASS loading levels.  Nowhere near as good as BP but keeps a guy shooting.

  8. 30 minutes ago, Tuolumne Lawman 6127 said:

    Me at Rail Road Flat this weekend.  MY brace of Richards Type II conversions and my HRA "New Original Henry" (their copy of the original 1860 Henry.  Out of 120 rounds Pistol and 120 rounds rifle, I missed a couple with rifle, when the steel turned sidewise after my 7th hit, and dropped one round with the pistol, which screwed my chances of a main match pin!  The rifle misses were actually with my Marlin 1894 Century Limited .44-40, so the Henry shot shot its stages clean!

    RR Flat 22.jpeg

    Lookin' good Lawman 

  9. Shorty, you are an icon from the earlier days of SASS and still a wealth of information on Colts.  This is a perfect place for you and others from the Early Days of SASS to reminisce and catch up on current activities.   Keep doing what you are doing.


    Jailhouse Jim

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  10. Some years ago before there was a DNF designation, I shot only 8 stages of a 12 stage match and still beat several folks in my category who shot the whole match simply because of rank points.  Another shooter at the same match won her category under the same circumstances.  Had the match been TT, that would not have happened.  


    There's something about crossing the finish line behind a faster shooter and still winning the category that just rubs me wrong.  


    If it was a gunfight at High Noon, just because you put down the first three gunmen fastest doesn't mean you are the winner when you get killed by the fourth when your gun jams.

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