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  1. If it helps CGB, I use mine on a MEC 600 JR.  After loading each shell, I measured the taper from base to end at between .003 and .005.  I am away from home on a fire so I can't give you actual dimensions but it isn't a huge difference.


    I am most pleased with the fact the shell is "Trued" so they pass the shell checker every time and drop nicely into the chambers.

  2. 41 minutes ago, Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217 said:

    Hey Jim,


    Thank you for working on it.


    Here's the CalFire map from this am. We are six miles S. of it. That dozer line on the SW is making things look hopeful.


    May be an image of map

    Hopefully the wind stays with us to keep the fire from pushing against the dozer line.  This fire will travel 1.5 mph if it is wind driven so stay alert and safe.

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  3. I'm working on this fire Allie and it is a monster.  It's been kind of a sleeper where it behaves like a fire all day then just when they think they can work with it, it rears its ugly head and gobbles up land like it was nothing.  If there's even a suggestion of evacuation, don't wait.  The Sheriff has folks out there to watch your home so get to safety and worry about yourself/husband first.  

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  4. 10 minutes ago, Wileymontana said:

    I am new here  and i only have one pistol i shoot blackpowder. Colt saa made in 1890. I will say i love shooting it over any other gun. That being said,   I would like to compete with BP but so i need to huy guns mare for BP or can i use 73 for BP specific and my uberti 45 colt for bp as well?    Im sure im gonna get blasted for this but like i said im new 

    You don't need BP specific guns, what you have will work fine using the right loading technique and components.  45 Colt will generate more blowback so you will be lubing more often if you don't anneal your cases.  Some handguns need a bit more cylinder clearance for BP but most run fine.  Us Big Lube bullets for the extra lube in the barrels.  Don't use dino oil, use Ballistol or Break Free for lube.

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  5. 22 minutes ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    I can easily shoot 12 stages (did it last weekend), without cleaning...38 Spl.



    45 Colt has a lot more blowback than a 38 because of the thicker case.  I have to spray Moosemilk every 2nd or 3rd stage or so to keep the lifter free.  When I anneal, I can run a whole match without lubing.  35grs of FFG Shuetzen under a 200 gr Big Lube.

  6. 7 minutes ago, Joke 'um said:

    Does anyone have a 'spare parts list' for the Rossi Overland SxS hammered coach gun you'd care to share?  What, if anything, breaks frequently?

              Thanx.  Just got one.

    @Cliff Hanger #3720LR might can give you the information you want.  He's a Rossi shooter.

  7. 11 hours ago, Singin' Sue 71615 said:

    Thanks for that info.

    I was not sure they had hook ups.

    Oh yes, they have water and electric.  Nice clean showers, walking trails, and fairly spread out sites.  It was something like $30/day.  Several cowboy shooters stay there.  My wife had the pups out walking while I was shooting.  Can get busy on the weekends at times but we enjoyed it.

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  8. There is a simple solution to the OP's question that has been exhaustively discussed.  Get the offending firearm to the owner's car under the observation of a match official and in California's situation, locked in it's case.  It's unlikely, even under CA law, that any LEO will pursue charges of possession of a loaded firearm if the firearm is broken and unable to fire in its storage container.  Unless there is probable cause to open the case, there is no reason to discuss the firearm's condition with a LEO.  At that point, it's up to them to get it fixed in an appropriate manner.

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  9. I didn't quit shooting but I stopped shooting SASS matches for about 7 years due to the actions of a MD.  I rarely shoot at that club some 20+ years later even though it's fairly close.  Don't get me wrong, it's a fine club with good folks but once you get a bad taste in your mouth, it never seems to totally go away.  


    Boredom, bad calls, and splatter are my biggest complaints at the moment.  10-10-4 on every stage with the same old sweeps are getting old.  AND, it seems of late, more and more bad calls are being made so debate has to happen to get things right.  Target splatter irritates me to no end so I am less enthusiastic about even attending. 


    I shoot for fun and right now, it's not as much fun as it used to be.  Could it be made more fun?  Sure, but no one wants to deviate from the rut they've dug themselves into.  It may be time for me to go on the road again.  

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  10. 1 minute ago, Hoss said:

    But you are correct, some are very adept at messing around with gear at their carts. I swear I saw one guy just move Bullets around f in a box once! 

    Exactly!  Taking 5 minutes at the beginning of each stage to get everyone ready is a better plan but everyone has a routine that is hard to break.

  11. 2 minutes ago, Hoss said:

    I’d rather shoot cold than in 100+ temps. I can put on a coat, but I’ll be shooting by myself if I start taking off enough clothes to be cool!!!!

    I've on shot a lot of 9-10 cowboy posses that become a PITA because there are always a couple who neglect posse chores and have to be hunted down to relieve the ones working.  And yes, I live in a hot area.  A couple more on a posse makes or breaks an enjoyable time.

    Just now, Jailhouse Jim, SASS #13104 said:

    I've on shot a lot of 9-10 cowboy posses that become a PITA because there are always a couple who neglect posse chores and have to be hunted down to relieve the ones working.  And yes, I live in a hot area.  A couple more on a posse makes or breaks an enjoyable time.

    Didn't mean to quote you Hoss

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