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  1. The majority of shooters are free to wear lugged sole boots. There are some restrictions for those in costume categories against it. As far as clothing goes... Personally, I like dressing up like a politician! Drats.... @Randy Saint Eagle, SASS # 64903 beat me to it!
  2. You know who I used to love watching lean into the next move? Papa Dave On a rifle string when he got around eight off, he would start leaning into the direction he was going to go. By the time he got the finger to the trigger of the 10th round, his feet were moving.
  3. I have found pan lubing comes down to having the correct lube recipe, and getting the cake and bullets popped out at just the right temp. Too hot, and it's a mess. Too cold, or a lube too hard, the wax just shatters or doesn't stay in the groove. I can tell you the secret to getting it right... And not end up tearing your hair out... But you might not like it...
  4. You know how much I got to practice just to shoot in the traditional style? And now you want me to do that and lean at the same time? You think I'm better than I am!
  5. We've only been on the air year so. There's a whole lot of these calls that we haven't covered yet
  6. I got a lot of people interested in firefly a couple years ago after we used it as the theme to a state match
  7. Do NOT get lead from old car batteries. The acids and noxious byproducts that will come from smelting it is not worth the increased health risk. And, the alloys are not great, either.
  8. Currently, Walnut, dry. Although, I am contemplating to upgrading to stainless steel
  9. You've never played Monopoly at our house. The term blood sport is usually a pretty good descriptor for how the game usually ends up going...
  10. I once dated a girl in college that had one of those. It was about 1995. I just asked her, and she said that she had it since early '93.
  11. One of the Walmarts here just did a remodel. In their remodel, there are no cashiers left. Everything is self-service. Got a couple people just walking around helping.
  12. I have never been failed by a 7/8 oz load. The load we have worked up was very comfortable to shoot for the entire family.
  13. This whole Russian deal is going to dry up the world's supply of tubes. Solid state and modeling amps are quickly going to become the only amps available.
  14. I think a lot of the answer to that question come from the badge numbers of the people that are answering the thread here. You want to see a possible correlation of the impact of social media on recruitment, you need to start talking with people with badge numbers over 95,000. Some of the badge numbers represented here predate the internet.
  15. Now you got me wondering, what kind of amp?
  16. I bet you might even find a picture of somebody that looks like me cleaning the bathrooms that morning, too. I remember the story of an old farmer who was going out to look at a snowmobile. He was contemplating buying his first one. He was telling the story to his good friend, who really didn't think it was a good idea. The friend asked him, "Man, you got a house, you got a wife, you got cows, you got chickens. What the heck do you need a snowmobile for? Don't you got enough troubles already?"
  17. I never really gave it that much thought, but do you know how many sports they compete in at the Olympic games?
  18. @Rance - SASS # 54090 points out something that should not be ignored. In order to be enjoyable, everyone needs long guns that fit them. I know my wife loves and appreciates that all of her long guns are cut to fit her. She would not enjoy shooting my long guns. They just would not fit her.
  19. How much out of the holster or, how much off the prop? Part of the reasons why these definitions get so long is to answer all these questions. But to your point, if we remove the term "Revolver in Hand" and, anywhere the term "revolver in hand" is used in the SHB, replace that term with "revolver in a condition where the muzzle of the revolver has cleared the mouth of the holster, or the revolver is no longer in contact with the prop where it was initially staged," these rules will get little long-winded. Or, to @Creeker, SASS #43022 point, just redone to better identify the objective.
  20. Would you also allow anyone to have as many loaded revolvers as they want to have out of the holster at any time as they wanted?
  21. So, following the rest of the rules and instances when we talk about dropped firearms, in our case, if you were to let go of a firearm two feet off the table, you've lost control of it, regardless of where it landed or where you intended it for land. And, we don't need to belabor this point anymore, because the rule or the definitions isn't going to change anytime soon. However, even this little discussion between a couple people illustrates the problems that can arise when several hundred people are trying to hash out a rule change. It also illustrates why you may have several different understandings of what was voted on even though they're all reading from the same hymnal.
  22. Hey @Tennessee williams What if we just change the name from "revolvers in hand" to "revolvers in play"? Would that help the word problem?
  23. Asking the question, "what is a dropped firearm," wouldn't "the lowest IQ wal-mart redneck in the country as well as the highest paid professor" all simply say, "duh, that's when you've dropped it!"? Dictionary speaking, dropped is defined as "having fallen or been allowed to fall vertically" or "made low or lower than is usual." As you point out with the simple question of what is dropped... some simple terms we use have a very complex definition. And, some times, that definition has words beyond the simplest dictionary definition that people would expect.
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