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  1. I've heard great things about this shoot and have shot with T-bone.  What should I expect regarding targets, vendors, weather, and overall experience.  I'm headed down with 3 other vet's for the shoot this year. We all have been to Winter Range, Large State Shoots, and lots of different local shoots.  I know the reputation is excellent and have shot with T-Bone at WR and Illinois State Match in Sparta. some years ago. He's a Hoot.

    Tell me what to expect. I'm really looking forward to it. 


    Regards... RT

  2. I have a bag of parts for a model 24. Sold the one I had to a collector but kept all the extra parts I collected. If you hear of some one that wants them I have spare parts. Used one early on in SASS.  Great gun but went to 97's for about 10 years, now shoot both 97's and SKB's  RT.

  3. I only wore these for matches. They are Justin Boots 10 D.    Still have many years left in them. Wife bought me new boots for Birthday. Only need 1 set. 

     $60+ free shipping priority flat rate box.  


    Thamks  RT





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  4. Hey TBBandito, I have one with large bag storage, new hard rubber tires and wheels, umbrella mount, spare break gear and brake pedal, and 1 spare old style spoked wheel.  In great shape. No rips, tears or stains.  $325. It is too heavy to be cost effective to ship so F to F is best.  If you are coming to ILL State shoot in Milan, ILL you could pick it up.  

    Best wishes.... RT

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