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  1. I've had this pin style bolt as a backup for 5 years and have never needed it.  It came out of one of my 73's after the extractor broke. I bought a new bolt assy complete from Jim Boie and had him repair this one, as a spare.  Jim Bowe repaired it with one of his new extractors, and it has a solid tab on the lower part of the bolt so no more breaking shell tabs on extraction.  $175 shipped to you


    Thanks  RT





  2.  I had a couple of OM Vaquero's fitted by my local gunsmith with 7 1/2 inch Blackhawk barrels to play around with outlaw class.  After a couple of years playing with these, I decided I needed more practice than I was willing to invest.  I had the barrels removed and went back to 4 3/4. 


    I have 2 - 7 1/2 Ruger barrels (Blued) for sale that were fitted to 2-OMV for sale.  No front site's.  Both $150 shipped.




  3. I have a Chales Daily, single trigger, double 12 guage, model 306 for parts only.  $300.... obo

    Has 1 bad hammer (firing pin broke) and the nipple on the breach lock is broke. Barrels in great shape and cut to 20inch, wood has the normal dings and a small crack starting on the stock wrist. 


    I will sell the Barrels and wood separately and can strip the receiver if you want the guts.  Everything present except the firing pin on one hammer is broke..


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