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  1. Years ago I was thinking about octagon barrels for a couple of original Vaquero's. Never did them but thinking bout it again.  Slick McClade was doing them then.  Who is doing them now?  Thanks  RT

  2. Thank you to all.  I assumed the answer was yes but before I start buying more guns I wanted to be sure.  I've seen lots of changes since joining SASS back in 97 and after reading the shooters manual again and reviewing my RO1 and RO 2 material I thought I'd put the question out there for confirmation and as an informative question for other Duelist style shooters thinking about an aged based categories.  

  3. If I shoot Duelist style as a Cattle Baron can I use adjustable sight pistols?  Book says any shooting style except GF and any approved guns. I'm getting older and many events I attend only offer Silver Senior Duelist or Elder Statesman Duelist.  I'm approaching 80  and been shooting Duelist for almost 25 years and not wanting to become a 2 handed shooter.  

    Thanks   RT

  4. I recently purchased an IAC 97 but can't find a tear down procedure on line and they cowboy I bought it from didin't have any info. I want to inspect bolt, receiver, and carrier for wear and clean them as well. Also are there an issues I should be looking for when I take it apart.   It's a Coyote Cap CB.   Thanks   RT

  5. Has anyone heard of these and what are they like. I'm familiar with the IAC 97 but never heard of the HAWK.  I have found pics but can't find any info on reliability. Thanks  RT

  6. Randy, good to hear from you.  Did you ever get your stuff back. I remember shooting with you and all your stuff was stolen when we were at the banquet a couple  years ago.  About the shotgun  What price range are we looking at and dose it have chokes? 

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