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  1. 1. Did this problem recently start?  


    2.  And did it previously cycle correctly without any problems?


    3.  Have you recently changed the OAL of the ammo?


    If its a timing issue, answering these questions will help to determine that.


    EDIT:  and as our good friend and Wire Pard Lumpy would remind us....."Check

    your screws".





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  2. Heyya Phantom.


    A few years back, in my prime, we had a stage with two KD's and bird launchers, one on each side of the

    stage, about 25 ft apart.

    When the scenario stated to 'shoot KD and then bird',  I ask if I could shoot KD, KD and then bird, bird.

    "SURE" laughed the posse marshal.   He thought I was joking.


    I hit both KD's and then went for the birds.   They were both still in the air when I fired at them, but I MISSED

    them both.   I've always been a bad aerial shooter.   I doubt I could manage that now..... but I would try

    again if given the chance.    I love the challenge and ain't afraid to miss.


    No doubt, Badlands Bud and Lead Dispenser were two of the fastest with the 97.   And too bad they

    still don't shoot.


    Hope you had a peaceful Thanksgiving.




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  3. Opinion only:

    On any given day or time, about ANY of a dozen or so 97 shooters could claim the fastest.


    Put all of them together for a week, with daily competition, and here are my top choices to

    run the fastest 4 and 6 shots...... with the shooters choice of starting position and not touching shells.

    They can start with gun on table, port up or down.   Or, they can start holding SG in Hand(s).

    Don't restrict the shooter to position the SG in a particular, 'restrictive' manner but allow them to

    start at their preference.   This is the only way to determine their real speed.

    ALL shells in belt, hand NOT touching shells.


    AND, included in that guideline, another Cowboy will work the timer.  It should not be started by the shooter

    because this would restrict their preferred starting position.


    My 97 favorites over the years are, in no particular order:

    Deuce - 4 or 6 shots

    Santa Fe River Stan - consistently a Master at the 97

    Arcadia Outlaw - tough and fast

    The Outlaw Travis James - I wouldn't bet against him anytime.

    Midwest Hale - surprisingly Awesome.

    Missouri Traveler - Lefty's dad.  And on good runs, I think he can best Lefty on 4 or 6.

    Copperhead Joe - One of the original 97 shooters that inspired me..... and still does.

    SideKick - his 4 shots will make you nervous and envious.

    Prestidigitator - Don't know if he is still shooting, but his speed is Awesome.

    Phantom - He's a Borg.

    Hell's Coming - His reputation speaks for itself with the 97.  I've seen his videos.   He's GOOD....Real Good!


    And last but definitely not the least:  

    Red Knee - his left handed style may actually be the fastest 4 shots I've ever seen.


    AND, on top of all that, Chicken George has 2 young sons that are burning up the 97

    and whooping up on any and all competition.   Watch out for them.


    Hope I didn't leave anyone out.   My apologies if I did.


    ..........Widder (and somewhere during all that competition, I might get in the  top 10,

    assuming I can get a good tail wind).  :lol:





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  4. There are nice gifts that are Christmas worthy.   BUT, not for every year, birthday, etc.....


    So, what is 'The Gift' that you prefer NOT to get ..... again.


    Mine is:   another FLANNEL SHIRT.     I got enough flannel shirts to dress up a Cowboy posse.





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  5. Well, me being a wisea$$ like I am, I would tell them that if I were gonna shoot someone......... I wouldn't use

    my lowly .38, I would use my shotgun and blast em.

    And seeing that I ain't a people killer, I ain't done it.


    Now Mr. interrogator....... ya got any cold Pepsi I can drink?





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  6. I was in the 7th grade, CIVICS class.   Mrs Harville was the teacher and came into the class

    to tell us there had been an assassination 'attempt' on Kennedy.   But that is all she knew

    at the time.

    I didn't know what 'assassination' meant at the time till another student told some of us

    in the class.




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  7. Another thing to watch out for is a business name 'similar' to another legitimate business name.


    For example, my business is Widdermajik........... Not Widdermagic, or Widder LLC, or Widderstoooopid, etc.....


    So be cautious.    And about the best advice given above might be about how that company requires

    payment.   If they won't take a legitimate credit card, be VERY CAUTIOUS.


    Sorry to hear about your SCAM situation but we all appreciate your sharing that info with us.




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  8. I don't think this will help you (but maybe it will) but on most of those rear sights,

    when that blade is removed it leaves a nice 'U' shape sight that works great with some

    of the larger front sights.


    And personally, I took my rear sight off because I didn't think we need em for SASS target distances.

    Just ask yeowndangself........ "What would Ben Cartwright do"?




  9. 59 minutes ago, Colorado Coffinmaker said:


    PLUS ONE for Widder (With a CAVEAT)


    PLUS ONE for Phantom


    The CAVEAT:

     Adirondack Jack never actually intended for the Cowboy 45 Special to be run in rifles.  He did however, have a Marlin modified to do so.  Accuracy wasn't impressive.  The cartridge was specifically designed to enable the .45 to compete with the 38 Special with regard to recoil and muzzle flip.  AJ completed the "package" with the .45 BARNSTORMER 130Gr bullet.  I communed extensively with AJ as we were both chasing the same sort of cartridge at the same time.  When he convinced Starline to make the C45S commercially available, I quit work on mine and switched to the C45S.


    YEP....... I agree CC.


    And until I was able to make the 'Widdermajik', supposedly the Marlin had to be short stroked.

    I remember talking to AJ and telling him I was able to make the Marlin run his C45S without being

    short stroked........AND, could also still run the .45 Colt at the same time because I had put a

    'timing curve' in the carrier timing ramp.    And although very few people know this (AJ does),

    that is one of the reasons I named that rifle the 'Widdermajik' and using the letters 'aj' in majik

    instead of 'magic'.     And now you know the rest of the story..... ;)




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  10. Well, if its someone you suspect and they are still local, AND if he is nutty....... he probably left a 

    handful of fingerprints.     Get his prints taken by the local law, compare then to

    any prints on your truck, and have him checked out.




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  11. Kid,

    additional info, based on the creator of the C45S cartridge.

    Its not a good idea to cut down .45 Colt brass to C45S lengths due to the wall thickness

    of the Colt brass in the area of the cut.   Apparently, the case mouth brass will

    be thicker and seating bullets can be a little tricky AND..... cause an ugly bulge in your

    reloaded C45S ammo.


    Best regards




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  12. All that info above is great info.....really good solid info.


    But I will share my accuracy results from a .45 Colt caliber rifle.   It sucked.

    The bullet jump from the C45S casing to the rifling in the rifle gave me horrible accuracy.

    At our Cowboy distances, you might not have a problem but if you are an edger type shooter,

    you'll start getting some misses with the rifle.


    You probably won't notice any accuracy problems with our revolvers.


    The C45S cartridge is a good cartridge.

    I had a Ruger .45 revolver that I used and for some home protection stuff, I would load up

    some C45S cases using some .45 acp Super load data and 185 grain JHP bullets.  Great

    personal protection load.





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  13. Well, atleast you read the Saloon and didn't miss any of that 'squaller' stuff that TN Williams is always

    posting and making up lies about folks.


    Did you know that he (TW) stores his gun oil in biodegradable plastic bottles........ :lol:

    Then he calls me on the phone and wonder why there is always oil on his workshop floor.




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  14. I've either got them or had them done by:

    Lassiter (Ohio)

    Three Cut (N.Caroline)

    Boomstick Jay (Texas)


    I've handled a couple sets of Jimmy Spur pistols and indeed, they are superb.  BUT, I wasn't 

    aware that he did short strokes on them.


    All have served me perfectly...... no failures, no breakages, etc......

    Excellent work by all of them.




  15. 29 minutes ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    More like the "other" 50% :rolleyes:


    I've got one of those 32's...in the vault...somewhere...




    I have 2 of them (I sold my 3rd one after I did a Widdermatic on it).

    I've been offered a pretty penny for one of mine but it ain't for sale.




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  16. 1 hour ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    I believe all were manufactured before the Freedom Group purchased Marlin...so they would all have JM stamped barrels.




    As always, you are 100% correct.   And the other 15% we won't discuss.... :lol:


    Supposedly, Marlin only made approx 600 of the .32 H&R caliber 1894 'COWBOY' models.

    They are rare and EXPENSIVE.    I know of 2 folks who have paid $2500 and $2600+ for one of them.




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