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  1. 2 hours ago, Tennessee williams said:

      Sometimes I "run out of gas", sometimes I get lost or see something scary on the passenger side of the car. 


    Atleast I don't cut a hole in the bottom of the popcorn bucket....anymore.


    Oh...... so you're the one.

    She sometimes mentions something about 'Little Man Popcorn' and nobody knew

    what she meant.   Now we know.

    EDIT:  'LMP' will become your new nickname for 'Little Man Popcorn'.



    You may have lost cousin Martha, but remember you always got Ashia.  She is an

    admirer of yours.





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  2. No problem, TW.   

    But I don't understand why you want those hemi's in a jar unless you plan to

    substitute them for a chickens foot for Capt BB.


    Cousin Martha joined the Convent.   She said to tell you 'HI'.

    She ask if you still run out of gas every time you drive down a country road

    at night..... :o




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  3. 8 minutes ago, Still hand Bill said:

    Any pictures of your mod?   I had two of them and no luck.  I do like the design and think it should be an improvement, but my gun didn’t like them. Would jam regularly just like the OP.  


    Sorri, I don't have any RPP extractors.   My mod was at the 'hook' area.   I slightly beveled it inward on the bottom portion

    to help in the 'Angle/Slant' feeding of the modified carrier (Widdermatic).


    But to keep this in perspective, I only saw a FEW Marlins that were using the RPP Extractor and even fewer owners that

    requested me to put one in their rifles.   Basically, a slightly smoothed up factory extractor worked better in Widdermatics

    than the RPP extractor.   I quit working on Marlins nearly 4 years ago and I probably hadn't seen any RPP Extractors in

    6-7 years.




  4. TN State application information:


    Its rumored (and I don't know where this rumor started) that the original

    application for the TN State had a "Please don't put me on a Posse with.........."

    space but when TW found out about it, he had them remove it because he

    didn't want to be the only one on his Posse.   He hates picking up his own brass.


    I wish folks wouldn't start these kind of rumors.   Everybody knows that TW has

    good friends....... and BOTH of them would be on his Posse!




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  5. A little RPP history (to the best of my memory)


    When RPP created their Extractor, they ask both me and Lumpy to test their Extractor and give them our opinions.

    Unknown to each of us at the time, BOTH of us came to the same conclusion about the spring situation and RPP was

    delighted to accommodate with the better (stronger) spring setup.


    IF AFTER THAT, RPP could have made another change to their spring by making it a tad longer OR a tad stronger without

    our knowledge.  They could have done this based on their own testing and/or other comments from owners.


    Springs will weaken, especially small springs.   And manufacturers can also temper springs that make em softer or stronger.


    I welcome Lumpy's comment on this to make sure I remember the beginning history of the RPP Extractor.


    Although I was not part of its design, RPP contacted me early on about its creation due to my comments about the factory

    Marlin EXTRACTOR in the 1894 that I posted on the 'Marlin Owners' forum.  The owners of RPP read my comments and

    suggestion and created that Extractor.   I was glad to see it, help test it, and happy it helped a lot of 1894 owners.


    On a side note:  I found it VERY GOOD in unmodified Marlin 1894's, but when I tried to use it in a Widdermatic, I also had to

    modify the front portion of the Extractor.


    Ain't history interesting?





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  6. YUL,

    Thanks for posting this well deserved recognition to the Family of Chicken George.


    And yes, they are planning to be at the TN State this summer and I have requested to be on a Posse with them.

    I'm excited and looking forward to hanging out with them for a few days.


    Obviously, the side match speed SG event will be a spectators delight watching Gut C. and Skrap P run them 97's wild.


    Wishing them all the best.




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  7. I now have a few that Korupt Karl thought were missing from his inventory.


    Email me:  widder1894@icloud.com


    PLEASE:  I need to also know your Cowboy Alias.    thanks!





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  8. Hey Chicken George,


    When are you gonna get your sons a couple SxS shotguns.   Its only fair for them to have

    a good SxS.    If they start practicing now with their SxS, they should be pretty good at the

    TN State and maybe whoop up on TN Williams.





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  9. 53 minutes ago, Tn Tombstone said:

    Just dont get him talking about what he plans to do when we blew up the bridge going into North Alabama range mostly to be able to move up in the ranks.


    AND..... he likes to brag about his fishing expertise, etc........ BUT what he don't tell you is that the small pond is stocked before

    he gets there but the owner don't tell him.   The pond owner wants Capt BB to feel good about his fishing, especially after

    he's had a bad day getting whooped by TW and other lesser known miscreants.


    As always..... A feller just can't make this stuff up.




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  10. Sorry Randy.

    Instead of category Elder Statesman GF or Senior/Silver Senior GF....... I just signed up for

    regular ole GF and plan to stick with that category.


    Normally,  the TN State has a bunch of folks in ALL the GF categories because its a super

    GF friendly match.  Its reputation has been high on GFer's list for many a year.

    I'd bet you get more to sign up in each area of the GF categories.


    See ya soon.




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  11. Do you get a feeling that TW is somehow involved in the creation of this thread..... and is setting Capt BB up for

    a big surprise?:D


    I don't want to make Capt BB suspicious of anything...... BUT, everybody knows he's already paranoid, especially

    with TO's and Spotters.;)


    And just because he hires the neighborhood kid to unlock and start his Camaro every morning doesn't mean

    he thinks someone is out to get him..... :o


    TW told me that THE ONLY reason Capt BB brings his family with him to shoot is to make sure he has enough

    posse members to shoot with.    Of course, I would never think of such a thing..... :ph34r:





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  12. Capt BB and his family are indeed great folks.


    We get to shoot with them at the Ocoee Rangers match and they are also hard workers........ all of them.


    You left out that Capt BB is also a Black Pin.


    AND......... Capt BB is also a regular recipient of TW chicken foot curse at the TN State..... :lol:




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  13. Some officers find a high rafter and hang upside down to sleep..... :lol:


    When watching NCIS, you'll notice that GIBBS is always drinking coffee.    Well, that's about what most of the CHIEFS do

    in the NAVY and some never seem to sleep.



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  14. Thanks EVERYONE.   Of course, TW has to always 'stir the pot'.  


    I might look my age but right now, I don't feel my age.   Of course, I'm not really sure how my age is suppose to feel..... :lol:


    I have some longevity in my family blood line.   Mom turned 96 a few months back.  And she has a couple older sisters still living. 

    I have an older brother and sister, all of us now retired.


    Life has been good and the Good Lord's blessings have come with fairly good health and basically sound of mind.

    Even Mom has a pretty good recollection of things.


    About the only detriment in my life is my lack of having good trustworthy and honest friends who pay me back my money 

    in a timely manner......... :lol:




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  15. Jackrabbit Joe,

    I think you did a great job.


    Skidsteer mentioned that his feeding from the tube onto the carrier problem was solved but he now

    has an issue with the rounds feeding 'smoothly' into the chamber.


    Those good ramps is what solved his initial jamming issues because it corrected the slow timing of his worn carrier.


    I still think some of his feeding into the chamber problems are due to an overly stiff EXTRACTOR.   But without actually

    checking out the rifle, its hard to always give an accurate remedy.


    Take care my friends.




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  16. 8 hours ago, PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L said:

    aka TRIFECTA


    Yep, I was thinking the same thing.

    I actually earned one of these last summer.  It was the only TRI I've earned since joining SASS back in 2004.




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  17. 6 hours ago, Tennessee williams said:

    Cap'n BB wants to know what's a Hinway?


    Well, the little ones usually come in about 1 pound or so. Their meat is real tender.

    BUT, some bigger, healthy ones usually weight a lot more.


    He'd knowd that ifn he was from Tennessee.





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  18. 9 minutes ago, Abilene, SASS # 27489 said:

    Well Hoss, sometimes you just have to get discombobulated before you can get combobulated.


    This should become a famous quote.   Well stated.




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