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  1. There are 5 targets each for both pistol and rifle


    Instructions:   with first 5 shots..... sweep the 5 targets.   With remaining 5 shots, Nevada Sweep the 3 INSIDE targets.


    My question:  Unless specified in the instructions as to which target the Nevada Sweep begins, can the shooter

    rightfully start their Nevada Sweep on the CENTER target?


    Basically, this would mean the sweep would be 3-4-3-2-3.  (or, 3-2-3-4-3). depending upon which direction the shooter chooses.


    I would say 'YES',   but some folks have told me in the past that a Nevada Sweep 'HAS' to start on an end target.


    Remember, the instructions didn't declare which of those 3 inside targets the sweep started.   BUT, the instructions did

    refer to the sweep as 'NEVADA'.    





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  2. Christmas,


    here is a video I did a few years back.   The belt being used is a single loop, canvas by Doc Noper.


    Which ever kind of belt you choose, it can be good for you if you practice a good technique that works for you.


    Good luck.    


    I have 3 of these videos if you decide to view them.   They are titled:  Widowmaker dry fire practice #1,  #2.  and  #3.


    Hope you enjoy.





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  3. I would take a colored marking pen and color in ALL the area around the numbers, with the numbers included.


    THEN, I could take some steel wool and lightly buff it.   This might help give you a clearer indication

    of those numbers.





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  4. Have any of you heard the rumor that TW is gonna have a 'vendor spot' this year

    at the TN State.   Apparently his new business is gonna have a vendor trailer set up

    representing his new business "Pet Traders, Inc."

    Although not a special 'Cowboy Match Special', he'll have his normal deals of trading

    a Banty Rooster for a few young chicks.    He claims his 'Banty's can crow better than

    any Banty out of Alabama or Georgia.     I'll have to see it to believe it.


    BUT, to get approval to set up a vendor spot, he was required to have a couple special

    deals. Sooooo, TW has decided to give 1/2 price deals on Chicken toenail clippers and

    Possum Dentures, for those whose pet Possum has lost its teeth.

    TW has his own brand of Chicken Nail Clippers (CNC).


    His vending hours will vary, depending on when he's not hugging babies and kissing



    I have not been compensated for this advertisement but rather do it as a free

    public service.     Your Welcome!


    EDIT:   and don't buy his 'Ivory Toothpicks', regardless of price.






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  5. I'm so old that when I was a kid, AL GORE hadn't invented anything yet.


    When I was a kid, we had ice delivered to our house 2 or 3 times a week to put in the ice box and help keep stuff 'cool'.

    Bologna was sliced fresh at the local grocery store.    Small bottles of coke were 6-cents and came from a machine

    that had a swivel handle to turn downward after you put your money in it.


    3 packs of gum (5 pieces per pack) were only 10-cents.

    3 nickel candy bars were also 10-cents if you bought 3 of them at the same time.


    EDIT:  only problem was......... we rarely ever had a dime.




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  6. 32 minutes ago, The Rainmaker, SASS #11631 said:

    Widder ain't never been wrong about nuthin! We are! :P


    Well, I hate to dispute this, BUT....... TN Williams is a friend of mine.  :o


    RAINMAKER:  sure hope that Marlin is still running great.





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  7. 23 minutes ago, Creeker, SASS #43022 said:



    Draw both - cock both - fire 1st - fire 2nd (while cocking 1st) - fire 2nd (while cocking 1st)




    Thats how I do it.

    My left thumb and right index finger work simultaneously.

    AND... my right thumb and left index finger work simultaneously.


    My other 6 fingers on each hand grip the pistol while my 3rd hand grabs shotgun shells, etc....... :lol:




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  8. I ain't a Ruger pistol smith, BUT...... I would check to make sure the Hammer 'PLUNGER' and the 'BOLT'

    are making correct contact.   The plunger might have a chip on the edge or worn.


    Not likely, but check out the plunger spring also to make sure it still has its integrity.


    Just a thought.


    Best regards




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  9. Are your Ruger's set up for the BOLT to lock in the cylinder from "ENERTIA"?


    In other words, does the PAWL (hand) push the cylinder completely into proper lock up or has the revolver(s) been

    set up for the cylinder to spin from inertia the las few .000's in rotation for the bolt to securely fall into its cylinder notch?


    If the bolt isn't locking the cylinder each time, the cartridge isn't completely centered to the firing pin, and therefore,

    the firing pin will hit off center of the primer.


    When another person has 100% reliability with the same revolvers(s), they are probably cocking the hammer with more forceful

    energy.....which will ensure the cylinder rotates that little extra movement for the bolt to lock up correctly.




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  10. One of Wartrace favorite sons and World Champion Duelist,

    TN Williams, got injured this morning.   You won't believe it, but he was injured while

    drinking milk.   The cow stepped on him.


    Another true story.   Just ask Krazy Kajun..... ya just can't make this stuff up!





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  11. 2 hours ago, Hells Comin said:

    U can call me red knee just had it replaced. Maybe next year!


    Hope you have a quick and complete healing and recovery.


    Of course, you might also have had your bionics upgraded..... ;)




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  12. 29 minutes ago, Hells Comin said:

    There's a reason they start  kids out with doubles. 


    I wish Chicken George would have realized that a few years ago..... :lol:


    EDIT:  Hey HC, looks like you and Red Knee are gonna hide out

    somewhere else during this TN 'brew-haa'.    Its gonna be a good one.

    I plan to bring my 5 gallon bucket of shells.

    Red Knee can verify its a real bucket.




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  13. Blackwater would be acting kind to me if he said:  Ole Widder sings and plays the guitar almost as good as Dr. Bottlestopper and his

    Unicorn Midnite Band.    But that don't necessarily mean I can pick and sing.






  14. 1 hour ago, Tennessee williams said:

    When you're .3 splits that's forever. If I couldn't run a 97 faster than that, I wouldn't even run one.


    -TW. One what runs a side by side


    I don't think I've seen a .3+ split since I dreamed about my timer breaking........ :lol:


    And we are all glad you shoot the SxS........ you'd just be tooooooo fast with a good 97.





  15. 18 minutes ago, Tennessee williams said:

    I wouldn't worry about Widder winning any speed shotgun this year. He said he's barely getting the 5th shell in by the 3 second mark. 




    I bet this comment even made PWB laugh and spill his blue ink.




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  16. HOWDY CG.


    Honestly, I try to practice a little and basically stay in tuned for matches without fumbling

    too much (as you know how easy it is to fumble shells using the 97).


    I'm trying to gain some of my speed back, but for now, I'm off a few .000's.


    I don't expect to be like I was before my heart surgery 4 years ago, but I do feel good now

    and have my strength back.   There will be NO EXCUSES from me.   If for some reason I

    can muster some of my speed back, I'll be competitive.  But right now, I'm not dreaming

    of any glory win at the side matches.


    I do look forward to shooting with Gut C and Skrap P with great anticipation.

    I love events such as this and I think Whiskey is gonna allow us all the lee way he can

    to have a super fun shotgun side match..... for the SxS, 87's and 97 shooters.


    NOW..... if I can only convince TN Williams to prepare a couple specially prepared

    Chicken Feet to lay on your gun cart, I might have a chance..... :lol:


    On a side note, I plan to travel on Wednesday and be able to be there early on Thursday

    morning.  And weather permitting, I plan to play all day.

    I'm looking forward to meeting you and your family.


    EDIT:  I really did turn 73 last month.


    Safe travels.




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  17. 3 hours ago, Cyrus Cassidy #45437 said:

    Liquor, apparently.  I don't even know what he's talking about.


    You would if you drank the water......... :lol:


    Most of us live in an area that gives those "EMERGENCY ALERT"  warning test on the T.V. every month.   The law

    requires it as a monthly test.


    Where TN Williams lives, they run those 'monthly' test every 6 weeks.    Go figure!




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  18. I think she was trying to teach you a new language.   In Chinese, TN Williams is pronounced.......... "Wong Ho".


    You were 'Wong' when you was little......... and you still is 'WONG'.




    ..........Widder  (translated in Chinese:  Maskulinum)







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  19. TW's questionable reputation as having any kind of wisdom or power comes from 3 sources:


    1. he reads and believes in fortune cookies that he gets at Sun Wong's Chinese restaurant.

    2.  he impresses little kids when teaching them how to ride a bicycle when he puts balloons or baseball cards

    on the spokes to make it sound like a motorcycle.

    3.  he tells people who don't know him, that he is wise.




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