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  1. 3 hours ago, Rye Miles #13621 said:


    Funny I bought one used a few years ago for $750, didn't like it and sold it to a friend for the same. I'm not or ever was a Marlin fan.


    Now I feel like a  wooden spike has been stuck thru meowndangheart.

    May your guardian Angels cover their ears when you speak of such things... ;)




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  2. 31 minutes ago, Blackwater 53393 said:

    Widder and Tennessee Williams are both highly educated!!  The both have BSA degrees!!


    If anyone should ask, BSA stands for Bull S*** Artist!! :lol:


    Well, all I can truthfully say is..... if TW were to have the number 97 tattooed to his jaw, he would be the

    fastest 97 shooter of all time.




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  3. I can tell ya sumthin about ole TW that very few folks know nor have ever noticed....

    If he's outdoors and starts tellin ya a story,  his shadow will disappear on a sunny day.

    Now that's  the mark of a purrfeshanel 'fabricator'.   But mostly here in TN, we just call em

    'forked tongue.   :lol:

     When he enters a 'story tellin contest', all the other folks drop out. 




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  4. I've fumbled many.  I've even managed to throw some in backwards.

    I can chuck a shell over the top further than Ernest T. Bass can heave a rock.


    But one thing I can't do............ tell a bigger whopper than ole TW.   He can spin the

    biggest yarn in TN.   Even his friends, both of them, know about his tall tales.




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  5. You get the BIG Picture, CG............ TN Williams is all part of Red Knee's plan.

    Everybody that knows TW also knows he greatly exaggerates and sometimes outright tells tall tales.


    TW is a world champ duelist and world class story teller.   If ya hear TW tell it, he can cut a rope

    at 20 paces with a small pistol.   Put a cape on him and he'll tell you he can fly off his 4' high front

    porch..... :lol:





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  6. On 12/1/2023 at 4:35 PM, Red Knee said:


    Sorry, but there are no videos of Red Knee shooting the 97, because Red Knee is simply a figment of Widders imagination.......Widder tells tall tales of yesteryear of how he whooped up on the speed demon 97 shooter Red Knee with one awe inspiring 97 run after another.......Red Knee is but one of many imaginary friends that exist only in Widder's world.  Just laugh and play along with him when he tells his tales.


    Actually, someone needs to tell Chicken George that Widder is a fictional character in SASS that Red Knee

    created and really doesn't exist.   Just think about it..... WHO in their right mind would want an alias of



    Widder is just an imaginary person that was created as a Red Knee 'wannabe'.

    Have you ever seen Red Knee and Widder at the same time?   NO

    Are their any pictures of Red Knee and Widder together?   NO

    And, why does this character 'Widder' always embellish the skills of Red Knee?   BECAUSE that's

    what 'Widder' was created to do...... brag about his creator.   The character of Widder was

    created by Red Knee.


    Just ask TN Williams.   He knows all about it.




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  7. Indeed....... shortly before my heart surgery 3 years back, I decided to also get away from Marlin work AND

    the Henry .22 mod work.   I kept my FFL just in case someone needed to send me their rifle for 'warranty'

    work, etc...... or the occasional 'emergency' specialty work.


    Its been a relief, although I still take dozens of calls to help folks over the phone and to also answer A LOT

    of questions about the Henry .22 lever mods.   The short stroke part of those mods are super easy and

    I steer folks to my video on how to set up the short stroke ("Soft Stroke") mod that they should be able

    to do at home.


    I just got a little tired and wanted more free time in my retirement years.   I shoot more now and ride my ATV

    more often.




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  8. Howdy Kid Rich.

    One of the secrets of becoming fast is bacause of all the 'make ups' that become part of the game..... :lol:


    Hope you are doing well.




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  9. Cholla,

    At last months match, JM expressed to me that he had to stop taking NEW orders in order

    to help catch up on existing orders........and also in retirement years, he's wanting to spend more

    time with family and less time in the work shop.


    He's still alive and a great feller to talk with, shoot with, etc.....

    Personally, I don't know if he will stay active in the leather work business or not....... but my 

    guess is that he won't decide until next spring or summer as to how active he plans to

    be in the business...... AFTER he catches up with his backlog orders.




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  10. The alias 'Red Knee' is also a very appropriate name because of his Native American heritage.


    The first time I ever saw him run a 97 was down in Louisiana at a 'Hell Fire' match.

    With his left hand supporting his 97 and sitting on his left shoulder with his right hand loading

    technique, I was amazed.......... and still am.


    He pulls 4 with his right hand and runs 4 thru it like it was preloaded.

    Very unique, skillful, and fast.   Did I say fast?


    He's become a good friend over the years and traveled to TN a couple times and I went to 

    Oklahoma once.

    Now that I've seemingly 'taken up the rocker',  he's put another 'bounty' on my head

    and recruited probably the best there is to collect the bounty.

    I guess if I have to stand on one leg to face the onslaught, I'll do it with no fear.

    I'm game!




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  11. Hey Pards.

    Those 'cracks' seem like stress fractures to me.


    I'm gonna try to get some pictures, assuming he still has the lever.

    He did call Ruger (or Marlin) and told him the issue.   They ask for the rifle SN and then complied that they

    would send him a new lever.   I don't know if he returned the split lever yetThe Dealer is 'Slater'.  He is also a SASS Merchant and an active Cowboy shooter.





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  12. 1 minute ago, Hoss said:

    I’ve never noticed scoring the bonus to be that much of an issue. And it never bothers me to have a “bonus” target. Just shoot it.  Don’t worry about what it’s called. If you hit it you are in good shape. If you miss it then yes, you likely gave up the 5 seconds, just like if you missed a regular target. 


    But Hoss, that type scoring just doesn't penalize your score 5 seconds for the miss, it now puts

    a 10 second time ADVANTAGE difference between the misser and the hitter.


    Thats one of the reasons why these type bonuses aren't used much.




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  13. I have a friend who is a dealer and he just received a model 1895 that wasn't very good in

    its functioning.

    AND, on top of being hard and rough to work the action, he noticed numerous 'cracks' in the

    lever.   He sent me a couple pictures and YES, there were numerous hair line cracks (splits) in

    areas of the lever.




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  14. 28 minutes ago, Hells Comin said:

    Gee who would that be!


    Rumors and Rumblings is that some Cowboys out west will be riding the trail and wearing out

    horses headin towards TN next summer.   It won't be a place for the faint of heart or rude behavior... :D


    HC:  pack up that lightning rod you compete with and bring it over.   The welcoming committee will

    be hanging around the Speed SG stage on side match day.



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  15. 1 hour ago, Totes Magoats said:

    I watched those boys from Florida and Cobra Cat at Land Run, they'd get my vote.  




    Have ya ever seen Red Knee from Oklahoma?

    When he was a little more active (before Covid) he was Oklahoma State speed 97 champ, 

    Regional Speed 97 champ, and when he went to the Natl's, he was the National Speed 97 champ.


    He's got nerves of steel and eyes like lasers.   He could probably leap a tall building if you put

    a cape on him..... ;)


    If you order up 4 hamburgers and 2 hotdogs, he'll have those burgers done before you can blink

    ye eyeball.   The 2 hotdogs take a little longer..... (4 shots or 6).




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  16. Hey Capt BB.

    By the way..... Congratulations from last Saturday.


    Anyhow, about those bonuses.   If ya think about it, it takes 2-3 seconds for a rifle reload for some folks.

    and that's kinda quick.   So basically, it becomes a 2 second bonus when everything is over.


    And fin ya incurre a slight bobble or rifle glitch..... OOPS!

    AND..... you mentioned that the target had to be 'engaged'.   Does that mean it had to be shot at for the bonus,

    or hit for the bonus?




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  17. Personally,  I think Bonuses belong on 'Wheel of Fortune',  not in a SASS/CAS match.


    And certain type 'bonus' activities can be designed to enhance someones score or

    penalize someones score....i.e.... throwing a hatchet or knife.   Stick it in the stump for 5 second bonus.

    Bounce off the stump, no bonus.




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  18. Y'all got it all wrong.


    Ya don't build an Igloo from the ground up.

    You start by building a round wall with a bottom to it....... kinda like a big bowl.


    Then when its the size ya want, you flip it upside down and there ya go....... an Igloo.


    Polar Bears know that.......... they just don't like to bowl.





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  19. I have a nice Streamlight flash lite that operates on 2 rechargeable batteries.

    PLUS, an AirSoft rifle that operates on rechargeable batteries.


    Is there a particular 'life span' to rechargeable batteries?

    Or a better question would be..... just how many times can rechargeable batteries be recharged

    to be considered 'full power'?






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