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  1. This is my UNOFFICIAL historical memory concerning target

    sizes and distances.


    Back in 2004, when I first joined SASS, stage writers seem to 'brag'

    about the number of folks who got 'P's or misses on their stages.

    Targets were smaller and a tad further back then and there didn't

    seem to be many CLEAN shooters at the matches.


    Then, somewhere between then and now, MD's started wanting

    to brag about the number of CLEAN shooters they were getting

    at their matches, which seem to coincide with bigger and closer



    And also during that time, our lovely ladies became more

    prominent at our matches AND..... were beginning to hit more

    targets with better time results.


    All of this only seem to enhance the BIG & CLOSE faction of which

    we seem to enjoy today, atleast for the most part.  AND WHY?

    Well, because we all enjoy hearing the steel ring more than we

    like seeing dirt fly.   And it seems our stage writers and MD's

    started enjoying the smiles and compliments from shooters

    who fork out good money for guns, vehicles, clothes, and match



    Like I stated above...... this is just my unofficial take on our

    present situation.   I have no pole that proves anything I've said.

    BUT, I wouldn't be surprised if some of my thinking isn't

    on target.    Do I hear another 'Ding'?





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  2. I don't have the answer but you might want to let us know exactly what might be the problem, such as:


    1. are you putting numerous rounds up the tube and exactly how many are giving you a problem?


    2.  will just one in the tube give you a problem?


    3.  will one or two feed fine and them you have a problem?


    4.  and this may be the most important question:  are you able to put any rounds in the tube.

    Do you know if it is plugged or not.


    Best regards




  3. If I were KING WIDDER for only 5 minutes, I would tell

    everyone to stop taking your Saturday 'fun days' so serious

    and enjoy the game where you are at.   And if some little

    tweaking of targets is required, get involved in the club



    If better steel is needed, then get involved in some

    fund raiser activities and dish out some gold for those targets.


    So, for today,  I DEGREE everyone to relax, enjoy, don't take

    some of these things so serious.  Besides, if you don't win

    the Cadillac this weekend, its o.k.......... they'll sell you one 

    down at the dealership.  :D   That's where I got mine..... ;)


    ..........King Widder


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  4. 13 minutes ago, largo casey #19191 said:

    Sometimes I'm sorry that I post on some of these Discussions.



    Don't feel to bad....... Sometime EVERYONE is sorry that I posted

    on some of these discussions..... ;)

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  5. Nobody ask, but here is my take on this 'remembrance 'P' penalty.


    I don't get up on Saturday morning, travel anywhere from 1 or 2 hours

    to enjoy the day with some friends in a 'SHOOTING' competition

    just so somebody that aint got nothing better to do than hand out

    20 second penalties for not remembering some phrase or line

    that they made up.


    Heck, at 72, I even forget my Bday sometimes and tell folks I'm

    60 something.

    I'll stay home before I let someone shove that in my face.




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  6. Folks behind the 1st vehicle have to go places also and some might be in a hurry.

    Maybe even an emergency.


    Mash on the gas and get going.   Move out of the way.

    Somebody might be having a bathroom emergency.  Some maybe heading to school to pick up a child that could

    be standing alone waiting for Mom or Dad.


    And understand this........ ONE of the reasons Mom and Dad are late is because too many folks won't

    'GO' when the light turns green and it causes a ripple effect.


    A few years back, I started having some serious chest pains while driving to my doctors appt.

    When I arrived, I barely made it in the office.  It turned out to be a bad blockage which prompted

    a stenting.


    Get out of folks way cause you just don't know what might be actually happening with them.






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  7. 49 minutes ago, PaleWolf Brunelle, #2495L said:


    They ARE allowed to do that.

    It's the same "revolver sequence"/shooting string.

    REF: SHB p.44



    Thank You, PWB.


    Folks miss the complete wording in that rule and especially the word 'INTENT' to engage.


    SASS Handbook, PG. 7


    o A Gunfighter may not holster revolvers with the intent to engage another revolver sequence.

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  8. Based on my understanding of your post.....  NO CALL.


    EDIT: Heck, this one is so easy, even TN Williams probably knows the answer... :D





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  9. CLAY,

    Back in 2015, we faced the same situation with our 5 yr old Yorkie.   He was a jewel.   He loved to fight my

    hand under a blanket and seem to never run out of energy.   A couple of expensive surgeries and more

    health issues prompted Me and BJ to make the same decision you are faced with.


    I held little 'Benji' in my lap during his last moments.   He went quietly to sleep and he suffered no more.


    Still miss the little feller.    My wife said she would never want another dog.......... and then ole Bandit comes

    along and my wife seem to get a new life in herself.     I no longer exist cause Bandit gets all the attention.

    But that's o.k.      All is well again.


    A lot of us Wire Pards know what you are going thru because we've experienced it also.

    And we will experience it again with our present furry friends.

    All we can do is hope and pray you know your decision is the correct one and its the best decision for





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  10. 16 minutes ago, Chicken Rustler, SASS #26680 said:

    Last couple of posts made my point better than I could. Be careful not to become what you fight. 


    Atleast DDD didn't include 'chicken rustlers'

    or 'widders in his extermination

    list..... :lol:




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  11. A squib is a squib is a squib.   Was it a squib?


    What if it were a pistol round and the first bullet got lodged at the very end of the barrel?


    Down Range means.....'down range'.


    I say... RESHOOT.    Heck, the occurrence could be defined as a RESTART, maybe.




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  12. 53 minutes ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

    I’m curious what changes in shotgun belts this would prompt. Using a three gun technique four shells could be loaded very quickly if the belt presented them the correct way.


    I could see double shooters getting left in the dust if the ‘97 shooter had the appropriate rig.




    John Wick would be dead loading up his fancy auto if he's facing a fast SxS shooter.

    I think it would take a dandy of a fast loader to get the 97 loaded up before a good SxS shooter gets

    off their shots.    Just my opinion.


    BUT..... why preload or stoke the 97?   its still faster than the SxS when loading on the clock.




  13. I would probably consider eliminating the penalty for an EMPTY on the carrier   (but not in the chamber).


    To me, if the lever is OPEN, that empty on a carrier is no greater a safety issue than empties in the revolver.

    BUT..... the lever MUST be open if there is an empty in the rifle.

    If the lever is closed, it better be empty, period.

    This is because if the lever is closed, its closed with a cocked hammer....... which aint good.




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  14. Thanks for the info.


    I've used Streamlite for years and they seem to work great also.

    I have them for handheld and I also have them for pistols and one of their newer models on my 

    Beretta 1301.   It totes a nice 2000 lumens.


    BUT.... I will check out nitecore.




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  15. If big, unfriendly animals are not an issue, I would consider a good .22 semi auto, maybe from

    Ruger or find a good Marlin model 60.   I really like my Model 60's for light carry and reliability.

    Plus, they hold 15 rounds in the mag tube.


    Ruger can also be loaded up with high cap mags for lots of plinking fun.




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  16. Lankyframe,


    I misread your OT and my post was more in reference to cleaning out chambers in



    As for the 'forcing cone', I think J-Bar has a good solution.




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  17. 2 hours ago, Frederick Jackson Turner said:

    1.  Dry fire.  A lot.  You have to be able to work the mechanism rapidly, to shoot fast.  So, do so.  Except for the time spent, and the reasonable wear on your rifle, this is free.

    2.  Practice at the range.  A lot.  You have to put lead on steel, to find your limits, and then stretch them.  This is where you make the dry firing pay off.

    3.  Shoot matches.  A lot.  Practice is essential, but consequence free.  You need to find your match speed, where you run your guns hard, but rope it in enough to make the steel ring.  Practice ain't the same as this.


    Commit.  Get back to us in a year, and let us know how it goes.





    I like this ^^^.


    There are A LOT of good post here and many of them agree on many of the aspects.


    One thing is for such.....  printing these post and putting a copy of them under your pillow won't

    make speed come to you in a dream.   Ya gotta PRACTICE.     Ya dry fire/live practice a little, you might

    gain a little speed.     Ya dry fire/live practice a lot, you'll start to see positive results.    And your competition

    will also start to see the results.




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  18. I chuck a brass brush into my drill with a good cleaning product, such as a lead remover or good CLP 

    product.   I prefer a .25 caliber brass bit because it fits tight.


    Run your drill about 30 seconds in each chamber........... depending upon how much lead you have to 

    scrub out.   Mileage varies.




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  19. WELL, I'll spill the beans on TW and his Bunkhouse Boss.


    After nearly 24 years of marriage, she still thinks he is sexy.

    Every time he walks by her, she says......... "what an A$$".


    and ifn ya dont believe me...... just ask TW.




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