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  1. I've never owned that particular brand, BUT..... I have owned and used 2 different belts with canvas loops.


    The best canvas looped belt I owned was made by Doc Noper.  Fantastic quality and super durable.   I never could

    wear it out and trust me, I tried.   It was also a Single Loop belt design like your picture.


    My present belt is leather loops.  Actually, the loops are for double shells and I really like it, as I prefer to grab 2.


    But in my opinion, if you want one of the fastest SG belts, check out the elastic loop belts.   They can be as fast as you want to run.




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  2. AHHHH, the ole 'make a gun jam' and take more than 3:20 to clear, erase all Misses and any 'P' acquired and get

    a reshoot BECAUSE......... the shooter has to have a legitimate RECORDED time.


    That is an interesting thought, TW.


    I once shot with a person who always seem to have a SG problem but only after they had a miss or a 'P' in the stage.

    I couldn't prove it, but I suspected the shooter carried some oversized SG hulls (non-resized brass) in his belt and

    would insert them into his chambers of the SxS, close the action hard to JAM those brass bases in tight, and then

    requested a reshoot because of equipment malfunction.

    At the time, our club was offering reshoots for gun or ammo malfunctions.


    I couldn't prove that shooter was manipulating his gun in such a manner, but it did seem that when a Miss or 'P' 

    occurred during the pistol or rifle run, he always seem to have a SG lockup.


    Soooooooo, what do we do when there isn't a legitimate recorded time?    I personally think a shooter has all the right

    to achieve his/her clean match, regardless of excessive time.   I love to compete....... but our game/sport isn't all about

    the competition.


    Just my .02



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  3. 14 minutes ago, Abe E.S. Corpus SASS #87667 said:


    If you don’t already load your own ammo you may be taking up another hobby.  Factory .45 Colt ammo can be expensive.  For now check out “Cowboy Cartridges” available from Bullets by Scarlett.


    +1 for Scarlett's bullets.   She also has a lot of various stuff to enhance our game, even gun carts.


    PLUS...... she gives hugs.  :wub:




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  4. SLATER (slaters in house guns @ 865-591-5129) got 4 of them in recently and they are very nice.   Although I ain't an 87 shooter,

    they were nicely blued and had beautiful wood.


    Slater uses an 87 and is darn fast with it....... especially after he also does a drop-2 mod on them.

    He is also a SASS Merchant.


    Give him a call..... and tell him Widder said so.




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  5. 40 minutes ago, Quiet Burp said:

    How long has a shooter got on the line to try and fix a gun breakdown or malfunction on the line before the T.O calls enough?


    Just remember that at some point, your delays on the timer will exceed any 'MISS' penalties that you would have accrued should you not

    finish the stage.




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  6. 2 hours ago, Tennessee williams said:


    Hey, I don't make this stuff up.:ph34r:


    He makes EVERYTHING up!    Don't be mislead by a Duelist wannabe.

    TW is jealous of Deacon KFC because Deacon won't give him a discount on chicken feet or other chicken parts that TW uses

    in his VooDoo stuff.   


    And if you have a pet Possum, keep it away from TW.


    EDIT:  why did the Possum cross the road?   to get away from TW!




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  7. 11 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:

    A 38 special Marlin would be the easiest action to make work..  You would have to do the Widder mod to the carrier so that it would feed the short cases.


    As for the barrel, the easiest is to have it rebored. Trick will be finding someone that has the tools to do that caliber. 



    Would be an awfully expensive white elephant.


    The Marlin 1894 might be a reasonable choice to also consider and here are my initial thoughts on it.


    You WON'T need to do any mods to the bolt or bolt face that I'm aware of.

    The CARRIER should be modified for proper positioning of the shorter cartridge AND..... the timing should be advanced

    a few .000's on the timing ramp to prevent the 'Marlin Jam'.


    Either a new barrel with correct chamber size and bore will be needed, OR... a competent smith SHORTEN and OPEN UP

    the chamber and barrel to proper dimensions.   The Case body size is slightly bigger than the .38 Special brass.


    The EJECTOR would need to be moved forward..... or atleast I would highly advise it.


    NOW for the meat of my thinking:  If you proceed with this project, you might want to talk with Cowboy Carty and get

    him to set you up with a short stroked 1894 to complete this job.   Or maybe, have him build it for you.   He's good with

    short strokes and he understands the timing issues you will encounter going to such a short cartridge in the 1894.

    More than that, he might also know of some things that would prevent it becoming a reality.


    BUT...in my opinion, the modification might be possible and work well in the 1894, with or without a short stroke mod.


    A few years back, I modified an 1894 Marlin for Randy St. Eagle to feed the .357, .38 Special and .38 Long in the same

    rifle with good results.   But I really don't know if he used it enough to know if it was a good mod or not.


    Good Luck.


    P.S. - I would love to hear some Pro's and Cons from LongHunter.  He's got as much experience with the 1894's as





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  8. 3 hours ago, sarcasmn said:

    Thanks everyone.  I wanted to try the truncated cone bullets.  Somehow I got it in my head that they didn’t feed well.  

    I tell ya,  the people I have met at matches and here on line are some of the best people.  


    The manner in which you are learning these things is the same manner in which most of us have learned....... from each other.


    So always feel free to pass it along to others and help out whenever and wherever you can.


    Best wishes for some good shooting this summer.   And being down in Georgia, if you make it to Mystery Dog Ranch in Ringgold 

    this summer, we might cross paths and ring some steel.





  9. Dang Brother Blackwater, I just now saw this thread, and its Feb 23rd.    So sorry for the

    late response.


    Matters like this concern me and for sure, Schoolmarm and you will be in my thoughts and

    at the top of the prayer list.    Ifn ya need anything, just holler..... I'm just down the highway.


    Love Y'all Brother.




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  10. 52 minutes ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

    Yep.  I heard @Widder, SASS #59054volunteered for one of those Neuralink implants Elon Musk is making. I'm think of George Segal in Terminal Man.


    Actually, I will need all the help I can get, mechanical or bionic, at the TN State this summer.


    Rumor is that Chicken George and his son, Gut C Gunman, are coming to whoop up on me

    at the side match speed SG.   And Gut C holds the Cowboy World Record speed 97 in.both

    4 shots and 6 shots.   The kid has incredible speed and ability with all his guns, especially

    the 97.    AND.....  along with that, there are quite a few super speedsters that could possibly show up

    like The Outlaw Travis James, Copperhead Joe, Missouri Traveler, etc....... Maybe even 

    Hells Comin.


    Heck, on a good day, I might could finish in the top 5 or 6 on the side match event.


    All that being stated, I don't think TW has enough chicken feet or Possum penis bones

    to give me that much luck.    Any and all Neuralink implants might not even be enough.

    AND... since open heart surgery back in 2020, my practice and usage of the 97 ain't

    exactly close to what it once was..... and at 73, ya just don't get it back with a couple

    months of practice.


    And now you know the rest of the story.

    Come by the SG side match event and witness the onslaught.  Watching those folks I

    mentioned above will be worth the cost of admission..... :D




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  11. 1 hour ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

    Why do I feel I'm being set up?  All this talk about TW's handicaps makes me suspicious....


    YYY, Capt BB, what do you mean?

    Does this mean we can't be friend anymore?


    Do you really think TW is gonna show up at the TN State as a Huckleberry?

    And worse than that...... do you think a Southern Gentleman would stoop so low as to conspire with him?

    Never.   Well, almost never.





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  12. 2 hours ago, Tennessee williams said:

      I just tole someone today I wasn't above taking these splits off long enough to whoop their azz. I hated to get angry, but I think she learned her lesson.

      I should be out of these splits in plenty time to get ready for THE TN State match.  


    Well, I guess that showed Mrs. Williams who's really the boss.  She'll realized those stints aren't a big handicap.




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  13. 21 minutes ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

    Iron Cowboy is having surgery for a torn labrum so he may be out too.


    OUCH.  I hate to hear about that.   Make sure he heals right and get him back on the firing line

    in tip top shape.   He's a top shooter.




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  14. Theres a slight chance that TW won't be shooting the TN State ifn his arm tendons, etc..... don't heal up.


    I hate talking about someones medical issues, BUT..... the Doc has him wearing splints on his arms right now to

    see if that will help heal his issues.


    As for me..... I ain't skeeeert of nobody what shoots a SxS..... :lol:




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  15. For years, whenever I have S&B cases that have gotten into my brass of any caliber........ I throw them away for the

    same reason as you mentioned....... tight primer pockets.


    I've never liked S&B head stamped brass.




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  16. Now you know NOT to trust TW, especially when he tells ya that He'll 'sponsor' you in the Speed SG side match.


    BUT, here's what really happened, beyond the mission trip story.

    I was going up against Red Knee and Missouri Traveler.  Those two hombres had teamed up and were putting a whooping on me

    with their 97's.

    Then it happened.   The shot heard clear around the dance hall stage.   Red Knee and Traveler started laughing so much they were

    unable to run their 97's the rest of the day and I ended up winning Speed 97.  


    Hey, shooting fast ain't all skill.  Sometimes, a little LUCK helps!   :lol: :lol: :lol:


    P.S. - I no longer shoot ANYTHING that is loaded up by TW.




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  17. The OAL given to you by Longhunter is a GOOD (very good) OAL to use in the 1894.

    Regardless of length, the timing on our 1894's will wear somewhat and create that little feed gremlin.


    Right now, you can possibly help your situation by using a LONGER OAL, but the fact remains that your timing

    is wearing and should be fixed.


    Three good options:

    1. as offered, get one of those modified carriers from Jackrabbit Joe.

    2. Send your present carrier to Gunner Gatlin and have him give you a .005 lift in your timing ramp (and no higher).

    3. TIG weld the timing ramp up slightly.   Your TIG weld might still wear but Gunner Gatlin's mod won't wear.  Its my favorite.


    EDIT:  Some folks have slightly bent the carrier upwards.  This is not a good remedy because it could allow

    the tongue portion of the carrier (the part that hangs down on the front) to rise too high and prevent it

    from keeping the next round in the portal.   When that tongue rises higher than needed, your next round

    will come out UNDER the carrier.   Then you have a bad jam.




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