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  1. Just wondering:

    While holstering pistol(s),  how much 'grace' is allowed when putting the pistol(s) back into the holsters

    vertical that creates violating the 170 rule?


    In other words, holstering a pistol pointed straight down BEFORE the muzzle enters the mouth of the holster.






  2. 10 minutes ago, Utah Bob #35998 said:

    I do not write poems. That would take a poet, which I yam not. Hence, I call my scribbles Pomes. Always have. ;)


    You're a poet

    and don't know it

    but your feet show it.....

    because they are long fellers.


    Roses are Red

    Violets are blue

    I bet you thought this pome would rhyme,

    but it don't.






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  3. Howdy Bgavin.

    From my personal experience.....

    .....There is no disadvantage in the brass itself.   AND, actually the small primer pockets

    on 'some'  .45 ACP brass allows for a stronger/thicker web of the brass which enhances

    the ability of loading it hotter assuming the pistol is capable of handling it.  The brass

    itself will probably be stronger.

    (example: .45 Colt brass has Large Primer pockets.    .454 Casull brass has small primer pockets

    which can use both small pistol or small rifle primers.)


    I have a small amount of .45 ACP brass with Small Primer Pockets and I normally load it up

    to .45 +P or .45 Super performance, assuming my pistols are strong enough and proper springs

    have been installed.


    BUT, for your standard loads, it good brass and probably stronger brass to handle slightly higher

    pressures.   The ONE THING to check before loading to higher than standard pressures is

    to make sure your Flash Hole is correctly sized.




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  4. "POME" ?     I think you mean ... 'POEM'.


    nice poem.


    EDIT:  now, if you had said something about an apple, pear, etc..... then you

    could have correctly called it a POME alert.





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  5. Howdy JEDI Creeker.


    I'm going on faint memory, but I think when I turned 60, I shot

    Silver Senior GF at the TN State and won that category.


    Then when I turned 61, I decided to shoot just regular GF

    just for the fun of it.   Dang, if I didn't win that category that

    year also and some of those 'young guns' kidded me about

    being a 'Cherry Picker' when I walked up to get my 1st place 

    award.    I just 'humbly' laughed.


    But that ain't always been the norm for me cause I've been

    whooped a few times by Lassiter and Max Montana, who are

    two of my SASS heroes.


    If we ever get a chance to shoot together, I'll give it my best

    cause I know you will be pushing me to the limit.

    I also love the competition...... just ask Red Knee..... ;)




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  6. Rolling pins, swatters and wooden spoons are ALL formidable weapons in a Mothers hand.


    Us kids also spent time on the back porch, at night, DARK, with no light, ..."where the

    Boogie Man" can get ya.


    The Boogie Man is alive and well at nightime in Knoxville, TN.   I've heard him make noises

    under the back porch just before Momma let us back in the house.

    WHEW..... some of those were close.   We could hear the Boogie Man at the bottom of the steps.




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  7. 17 minutes ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    Oh hell no!!!!!!


    Unless...we went to Wax bullets...




    Ah, come on Phantom.   What better way for you to spend

    your Saturday morning being a witness to someone blowing

    their toe or foot off trying to show everyone how much fun

    fanning can be with LIVE AMMO..... ;)


    Oh yea, and don't forget about all the MDQ's for 'round over the





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  8. 1 hour ago, Muggins said:

    Here we go... seven pages and no one mentioned the "No alibi/reshoot/restart" rule; I'll say it.  


    Eliminate the rule that permits re-shoots for folks that haven't fired a round down range.





    If.a round has not gone down range, there is no "re-shoots".

    Its a 'Re-start'.


    Anyhow, too many factors to consider for eliminating Restarts:

    1. often, the shooter doesn't hear the beep.

    2. if the shooter gets distracted at the moment of the beep,

    restart considerations should be allowed.

    3. shooter picks up long gun and suddenly gets something

    in the eye.

    4. TO bumps the shooters hat with timer.  But TO doesn't 

    know he bumped the hat because the timer aint got any


    5.  and lastly, one of my pep peeves, the TO breaks their

    start rhythm and when they say..... "Stand By", it sounds like

    "Stand ByEEEP".    No pause given.


    Lightin up fellers.   We aint soldiers in boot camp.   As Creeker

    respectfully stated......... we are in the entertainment business.





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  9. Howdy Bgavin.


    Sorri, I haven't looked at my email lately but I will post on this topic.


    My EDC are basically two, 357 sig caliber pistols.   A SIG P229 Legend and a P320.

    BUT..... in my truck are a couple more 'items' that should help me stay safe until reinforcements arrive.


    One item most folks overlook:  carry a few packs of firecrackers with ya.   Ya never know

    when the appearance of 'suppress fire' might help you.


    My home is protected with a Mossberg 930 AND Beretta 1301.  Godzilla loads are the norm for these shotguns.

    Also at my disposal are some Magnum pistols and of course, my favorite..... three .460 Rowlands.

    The Rowlands are a beast.


    If the unwanted show up at my house unarmed with nothing but their load mouth and rocks, I have a

    nice chain saw that should put them on the run when I go out to 'talk' with them.

    I'm just a little too old to carry on any lengthy conversations.......... ;)


    EDIT:   Bgavin, take a good look at the H&K P30.  Highly rated pistol, 9mm, high





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