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  1. If the carrier is not moving, you've got a problem with either the carrier and / or a section of the lever the carrier interfaces with.


    My guess, the carrier is the old style and the pivoting arm on the left side is the culprit.   Its either broken, cruded up, or a spring

    has lost its 'stuff'.   And certain styles also used a small ball bearing to help make them work.  If its missing, that's also part of

    the problem.


    A good, knowledgeable Marlin smith should be able to look at it and tell you exactly what's going wrong with it.

    Its slightly possible the carrier may have been replaced with a newer style carrier and the plunger stud has broken off

    its security washer.




  2. 'Reline'????????


    Don't both use .313/.314 bullets?



    Ain't no gunsmith, but I would think you would cut off  the rear of the barrel (chamber portion), Re-cut the chamber for .32 H&R specs, 

    and that would do it as far as the barrel is concerned.


    BUT..... you might have to modify the bolt face, depending upon the rifle you have.

    And, depending upon the rifle and model, you might have to correct the timing depending upon your ammo length.




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  3. 3 minutes ago, Tennessee williams said:

    My favorite factory rifle is the Winchester 9422. My favorite souped up go fast whoop your pards' 22 is my Henry that Widder worked on for me. He did it early on and asked for it back a year or two later. When I asked him why, he said he's always finding new stuff to do on them and wanted to update it. You can't beat that with a stick.


    Don't you have 2 of them?

    I appreciate the kind words..... but I've never seen you whoop up on anyone.   :lol:




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  4. 19 minutes ago, Painted Mohawk SASS 77785 said:

    Hey TW........Widder said he ain't bringin' no nanner puddin' cos there's nothing worse than seeing a not so grown man slobberin' on his food & went on to say  he'd give you a whoopin' anyway , without no 5 sec bonus



    If I ever bring TW any nanner puddin, it'll be laced with a special combination mixture of X-lax and Alum.





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  5. 1 hour ago, H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619 said:

    Anyway...   I am surprised by all the votes the Henry is getting.   Or maybe not.  By all accounts, their .22 is a fine rifle.  


    Actually, if some of those other rifles you mentioned were readily available and 'cost friendly',  my guess is that some of them would

    also be popular among Cowboys.     The Win 9422 is probably the Cadillac of lever .22's but is no longer available.  And, if you find one in good

    condition, you'll pay dearly for it.   Same with the Marlin 39.

    The Browning .22 lever is costly, even though its has a short stroke.   Its not exactly a fast shooting .22


    As for the Henry, one that is properly tuned and set up can run 10 shots in under 2 seconds, assuming the shooter can shoot it

    that fast.     Missouri Lefty is on a video shooting the "Widder Soft Stroke" for 10 shots in 1.81 seconds during his first time of

    being introduced to it at Black Gold a few years back.   


    Henry's are good rifles, they are available in MANY configurations (round barrel, octagon barrel, short, long, brassy looking or black looking, and

    some even look silvery and shiny)....... and they are priced so that many of us can afford one or two of them and have money left over

    to buy some ammo.


    These things are probably the reason a lot of Cowboys own and shoot them with favorable comments.

    Henry is also VERY REPUTABLE in their customer service.   


    Best regards




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  6. I wouldn't.   For basically the same reasons PR stated above.


    You don't know all the circumstances that prompted the incident.


    Although drastic, it could be a planned Security Check.    Barney Fife did "Trouble Checks" on the diner a few times when he

    called Juanita.  :lol:



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  7. 16 minutes ago, Possum Skinner, SASS#60697 said:

    Henry.  Can be made very slick.  (Send it to Slater)  And it's inexpensive. 


    THIS. ^^^^^.


    He does the 'Widder Soft Stroke' on the Henry .22 and also sets up one of the nicest trigger jobs you'll ever feel.

    He's a Top Notch Cowboy to deal with.   PLUS..... he is a dealer, so you can also order and buy your rifle directly from him.





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  8. 3 hours ago, Trailrider #896 said:

     They ought to be expelled and no money given back!


    The only problem with this is that the money they paid was probably thru government 'Student Loans', in which the Prez has

    forgiven their payback.




  9. Well, for now, I don't think WE have much to worry about.   Neither of them know how to read.

    Funny how they know how to read...McDonalds,  Wendy's,  DQ, etc............




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  10. Howdy Deacon.


    TW was searching thru his file cabinet over the weekend.   He and his Bunkhouse Boss keep their important papers in it

    such as Marriage License, Birth Certificate, his rental property info, and all the typical things most of us keep in our home

    filing cabinets.


    Anyhow, he noticed this folder that the Bunkhouse Boss labeled...... "Home Improvement".


    Soooooooo, TW was wonder what future plans she has to spend his money and change up their house.

    He opens the folder and finds a small book on ...'25 ways to get rid of your husband and enjoy life more'.


    TW couldn't figure out why that book was in a "Home Improvement" folder.    Go figure!


    Another fascinating true story cause ya just can't make this stuff up.  :lol:




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  11. 12 minutes ago, Perro Del Diablo said:

    That part is fun, its when they give details


    Here's the details:     IF and whenever I hit under 4 seconds on my timer, I take the TIMER apart and clean the dust, dirt, lint, etc..... out of it.



    I called TW yesterday and ask..."whatcha doin?"


    TW says..... "Nothin.   And it looks like its gonna take me the rest of the day to finish it".





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  12. PAT,

    I think if you buy a good CZ, you won't have any regrets.


    If you buy the Savage, You'll probably wish you got a CZ after your competition beats ya.


    The accuracy 'potential', smoothness of action, magazine, trigger, etc..... seem to favor the CZ.


    Just my thinking!




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  13. Like CC stated, its up to the TO to make a final call on the 'P'.


    But, a spotter can let the TO know that he/she saw the 'P' and tell the TO what exactly caused the 'P'.

    Its still up to the TO of make the 'P' official.


    And also as CC stated, the ...."I think" should never precede a penalty call.




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  14. Howdy Pat.


    I own a CZ 457.   Its in .17 HMR w/ their heavy barrel.   It shoots real good.


    Slaters owns the .22 and its very accurate.   As with most .22's, even my KIDD models, the ammo will be a BIG

    deciding factor in the accuracy you can get.


    Ironically, some of the cheaper, bulk stuff shoots darn good .... most of the time.


    As with most of the SAVAGE .22's, you get a lot of performance for your money.   You might even get one as accurate as the CZ,

    depending upon ammo you use.

    I also own the Savage.   Its the 'B' model, which has the better magazine.....in my opinion.


    Both have GREAT triggers.   My CZ has an aftermarket trigger that is super sweet.

    IF your competition rules allow semi auto .22's, you should also look at KIDD.   Their triggers are about as good as you can find.




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  15. 41 minutes ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

    Good shooting with you today @Widder, SASS #59054! It’s always fun to watch you run that ‘97! If it will help get you to Alabama State I can offer you a bunk close to the range, no charge! If not, I’ll see you at the Reckoning!!


    BUT..... in the end, ya got me by 2.49 seconds.   If we only had another stage with 6 KD's..... :lol:


    Actually, it was great to shoot with you and Shootin Sharon today.  We both were clean and

    sub 100.   I'll take that anytime.


    I hope to be a tad more gamey at the Reckoning...... but I suppose you will be also.


    Congrats on your #1 today.   There were some fast competitors there that shot pretty good.


    Thanks for the offer but I won't be able to make Alabama St.


    See ya soon.




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  16. Regretably, I won't be there.

    That club is one of the nicest clubs I've ever visited and during the winter months, TW and I

    were actually planning to be there for the Alabama State.    BUT, his arm injury (actually both

    of them) and my having to pay taxes a couple weeks back, hinders making the trip.


    Slater and I are planning to make the Regional again.   Great match, venue, folks, etc.....

    and we have a lot of fun down there.   If TW's arms improve, my guess is that he'll 

    try to make the Regional also.    


    One other item of importance:   TW has to notify the Alabama State Police approx 30 days

    prior to any visits he makes to Alabama.   I think it has something to do with warning all

    the lovely Moms and College girls..... :lol:




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  17. 2 hours ago, Tennessee williams said:

    Yall been dealing with NIAA every time yall talk to Widder, so I don't see why AI is much differnt


    The weather tomorrow will be loud and partially smoky.


    The weather tomorrow will be smokey and kinda loud.


    The weather tomorrow will be ..... 'tomorrow'.   I've not been programmed past midnight.  Sorri Partner.






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  18. 6 hours ago, Creeker, SASS #43022 said:


    A number of folks on this forum have years of experience; boxes of trophies and many a story of trainwreck - the scars of which we wear just as proudly as the buckles on our belts.

    These are the folks whose "opinions" I seek out when I am exploring improvement.


    And don't forget the REAL scars from cuts on thumbs and fingers from sharp edge 97 bolts.


    And calasis and sometimes a small blister from hard practice with pistols and SG.


    I now put a bandaid on my thumb and finger when I dry fire practice to help eliminate some cuts when I 'bump' the edge

    of the bolt.   The cuts don't hurt so much but its hard to practice with blood running down your hand (I take blood thinners).




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  19. 1 hour ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

    TW can breathe a sigh of relief. The speed demon of the Burt Bunch will be on the sidelines for this match. TW should have no problem beating up on an old two handed shooter. 


    Let him know WE ALL hope he has a complete and quick recovery.   


    As for TW, ya gotta remember that he's a little hindered hisowndangself with those 2 bad

    forearms.   He's still wearing splints a few hours a day and I doubt he'll do much practicing

    before the match.   I think his 'Chicken Feet' curse has backfired on him..... :lol:


    CAPT:  hope to see you at the Ocoee Rangers tomorrow.




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