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  1. 2 hours ago, Coyote Kid, SASS#54714 said:


    Got home and tore the rifle apart to clean it and found my one piece left ejector was broke in two pieces.

    I tried to find one on-line and everyone was sold out.

    Anyone have a source or an idea where I can buy one??????

    Thanks, Coyote Kid


    The Ejector that Warden posted on Ebay is a two piece and will work real good in your Marlin.


    You quoted 'one piece' which are some of the very OLD Ejectors.  Assuming your 1894 has the

    Ejector plug 'hole' on the left side of the receiver, the 2 piece will work great.


    If not, let us know.





  2. 45 minutes ago, J-BAR #18287 said:


    You need a ceremony.  Get a bottle of your finest, shoot the hell out of that Colt, clean it and pour yourself a drink.


    You will feel better.




    Actually, I have 2 of them but only 1 has been determined as unfired.

    So when I get the urge, I shoot the other one.  

    I've thought about selling both of them because I shoot my Volquartsen Scorpions and my S&W model 41 

    a lot.




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  3. Snuffy,

    If you're gonna use the trickler with BP, you gotta have it facing East, with the rotating handle on the West.


    For 'regular' powder, you can have it facing any direction and it will still work great.   

    Also, when using BP, it won't work during holidays or Sundays.   That's how BP is.





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  4. I got only ONE.   Its an unfired, Colt Woodsman Match Target, 6".    No box or papers......just the pistol

    and one magazine.


    All the others get shot during the year, depending on my mood.




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  5. Because NOW..... you are focused on guns and such.


    Back in school, WE (myself included) was focused on the girl with pretty legs sitting next to you.

    Or maybe if Linda Gale or Billie Sue would go to the game with you on Friday night.


    OR...maybe you were focused on which of your buddies was gonna sneak a six-pack out of the

    house Saturday night when you and your friends meet at the local 1/8 or 1/4 mile strip of road

    and 'race'.   Drag Queen and Drag King had a whole different meaning back then.  




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  6. 7 minutes ago, Tennessee williams said:


    Who wouldn't put sugar in their cornbread? Yankees?


    Don't be insulting cornbread.


    For all we know, manna from Heaven could have been:

    1. beans and cornbread

    2. chili and cornbread

    3. milk and cornbread

    4. cornbread and cornbread




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  7. 2 hours ago, Renegade Roper said:

    This!  I have one that we finally got to run right (and now with the rule changes it will probably become a safe queen).  It would cost way too much to convert it back to 45lc.  Wish I had just went with the 45 cowboy special carrier as those worked fine when we used to shoot 45's as our CAS guns and they are easy to convert back to 45lc.



    Hey Roper,

    you should have got me to set you up a 'Widdermajik' a few years back before I retired.  It would have

    served you nicely.


    Check out the video below.





  8. 38 minutes ago, Sawed-Off said:

     We haven't met in person - do you have a bad stutter and struggle to say a line? :o


    Stutter...... only when I pass gas..... :P


    Actually,  since I was a little kid, and even to this day..... I have a

    problem with my 'R's and 'W's.

    But, I am deaf thanks to my military service and without hearing

    aids, I would not be able to hear the beep even when the timer

    is in my ear.   


    I do try to say a line, usually I try to mimic The Duke's voice, Pilgrim.




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  9. Ah, proper sights.   They can be a mystery of sorts because we all have different eye sights which

    either love all black, greet glow or green dot, or red glow/red dot.


    And rear sights can be had in various looks also.


    Find out if your eyeballs prefer black, green, red, etc...... and start from there.


    As you probably already know, just as important as your sighting system will be a GOOD trigger set up with

    consistent pull, etc........  


    One thing to consider is to make sure the width of the rear sight and front sight accommodate each other

    correctly.   Basically, I like my front sight to fit between the opening of the rear sight with just a tad of light

    on each side.   The light on each side of the front tells me I am aiming straight and true when the light

    appears equal on each side.


    P.S. - I prefer green dot on my front sight post and basically, an all black rear leaf to look thru.


    Good luck




  10. Lots of good mags on the market..... and some iffy ones also.


    By my own experience, I like Wilson Combat.  They have worked great in

    my Springfield Armory 1911's, Kimber 1911's, Magnum Research 1911's, BUL 1911's,

    RIA 1911's and my 2 new Savage 1911's.


    Also from my own personal experience, the factory Kimber mags just didn't seem to feed as

    well as the Wilson Combat in my Kimbers.


    Although I haven't tried them yet, the TRIPP COBRA mags seem to have a growing reputation

    for being top notch.   I hope to try them soon.




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  11. Sawed-Off,

    Although rare in our game, whatcha gonna do when

    you have a shooter that has a bad studder:


    da,da....red,rid,red da dee. (meaning 'Ready')


    Gonna give him a SOG because he didn't say the line..... "You're a Low Down Yankee Liar".


    Hey.... Don't make exceptions..... Even if he drove 2 hours to the

    match, ..... according to your quote: "Lets not drop our standards".

    AND according to you, no one gets a pass.


    Before you start digging yeowndangself in a hole, ya need to make sure you have a plan to get out.

    If not, leave your shovel in the barn.



    2 hours ago, Sawed-Off said:


     I just wanted to highlight that words are part and parcel of our game and "driving 1 or 2 hours" or threatening not to return because they have say some words doesn't give anyone a pass. Let's not drop our standards. :)


    Respectfully, as always. :):):)


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  12. Hey Waimea,



    There is little village in the middle of France that is very popular with social activities.

    Its got a bright red roof and the owner of the house is name Ms. Shaka


    Well, any how, you said you and the wife will be over there so never mind about that house and MS Shaka.




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  13. 9 minutes ago, Tennessee williams said:

       My 100% accurate guess, because it definitely did not happen today is if a person looked real hard at exactly what we're talking about at a match he was TO'ing. If he TO'd for say half of the 17 shooters on the hypothetical posse for 5 stages. He would definitely probably have seen only 2 legal draws and 2 legal reholsters THE ENTIRE MATCH. The 2 shooters he probably seen do it correctly was on 2 separate stages. That would mean every single shooter would have received a MATCH DQ. 


    And the sad part is that some TO, somewhere at some big match,

    is gonna try to strut his stuff and give one of those SDQ's to a 

    shooter, just to make a statement that diminishes the

    competition and enhances a friends chance of winning.


    Of course, it will be protested and end up with the MD 

    and/or a group of TG's having a pow-wow for the sole

    purpose of disregarding the 'reholstering rule/guideline'.


    If TN Williams is my TO,  I'll request the TO stand on my left side..... :P


    EDIT:  and if the penalty is ever successfully

    awarded, then probably everyone will get it because the 1st recipient will make sure all

    following violations are also called on it.




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  14. 1 hour ago, Hells Comin said:

    Starting Next October combine all  categories age 75 and younger into one category. Then add 1 year for each year there after . Then the awards ceremony will be only 10 minutes long.


    Hells Comin 


    Actually, we need only 3 categories in ages above Young Gun.

    The  3 adult categories should be defined by only

    the style SG they use:  87 category, 97 category, and SxS category.





  15. 1 hour ago, Presidio said:

    Refresh my memory on that "Cone of Safety" will ya'.


    Getting so that I can't hardly remember having dinner last or not.;)


    1 hour ago, Presidio said:


    Figure Widder ought to be more'n ready to eat cactus sandwiches about now.


    You not only forgot having dinner, but you forgot my sammich and cold Pepsi.

    While you at it, get one for my friend Phantom also.

    He works up a good thirst trying to keep everydangbody straight on the Wire.


    Eating a cactus sammich keeps me from having to use a toothpick afterwards..... :lol:




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  16. 1 hour ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

    You can tell when someone has blocked you??


    Oh yea.

    Go ahead and say something negative about TN Williams or

    bad mouth Dairy Queen nanner splits.   If TW don't reply,

    you'll know he has you blocked.


    If he replies, you know you are not blocked.  PLUS, TW 

    don't like you.  :lol:


    And if you say something stoopid, you can tell if

    Phantomborg has you blocked or not.




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  17. WOW............. I'm in trouble, based on this picture above.


    After reading all the post above, I pulled out my holsters and pistols and checked meowndangself.


    Strangely, when I reholster my LEFT pistol, my muzzle never breaks the 170 until the muzzle has

    entered the holster.  Apparently, the way my left arm angles backwards during the reholstering

    keeps the muzzle of my left pistol pointed approx. FOUR FEET in front of me.  Should a live round

    be fired during this position, it would hit approx 4 feet in front of me.


    BUT..... with my right pistol, its pointed pretty much exactly like the picture above.    Apparently, 

    the way my RIGHT arm angles backwards during the reholstering is somewhat different than my

    left arm.   I will also say that when the muzzle is pointed in this position, its about 1/2 to 1" from

    entering the holster......but it had not actually entered the holster.


    But at this point of reholstering, other than a picture, can anyone detect such a small infraction?

    I don't mean to imply the rule........ but rather a small infraction of being in the 170 or 180.

    Our pistols are reholstered with eye blinking speeds.


    EDIT:  I might add that my holsters have a slight muzzle forward cant, similar to most

    holsters we use in CAS.






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  18. 1 minute ago, Presidio said:

    Think I'll go and check the back forty fence line.  I'll check in later with you folks.;)


    Bring me a sammich and cold Pepsi....... that's where I'll be also... ;)


    Actually, I ask this question because a fellow shooter recently told me that

    when a person is holstering their revolver, if the revolver is a couple inches ABOVE the holster

    entrance and the muzzle is pointed strait down........ SDQ.


    BUT, if the shooter keeps the muzzle within the 170 and SWIVELS (pivotal motion) the muzzle

    downward into the holster, its considered o.k.


    I expressed that at the moment some of these actions are going on, its so instantaneous that

    its hard to tell unless the shooter is being closely watched.


    Admittedly, there are some holstering violations of the 170 that are obvious.

    But to distinguish between a 2" drop into the holster from a vertical drop

    and a pivotal vertical drop can be hard to judge, especially if a SDQ is involved.


    Just my thoughts.




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  19. When I was in the Navy, I worked directly with an E9,  Radioman.

    I never met nor heard of any E9's that desired to become a Warrant Officer.


    Master Chiefs (E9) seem to carry more clout than Warrant Officers and in some cases,

    those E9's were respected as much, if not more than, some of the Ensigns and Lt.


    My E9, Master Chief Stockstill, was highly respected by ALL the officers on the ship (USS SIMON LAKE)

    and the Commanders of all the subs in ComSubRon-18.


    I was honored to work for him and with him in our radio office.




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  20. Howdy Griff.


    My understanding of reholstering 'safely' is when the pistol is kept within the 170 and only when

    the muzzle can 'SWIVEL' (my word, not the rule) downward and enter the holster, basically at the

    entrance to the holster.......... and not 6" higher, etc............ (6" is just an example).






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