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  1. Here it is, 7:45 on Tuesday morning, and Capt BB has already put a post about 1 hour

    EARLIER today.


    I guess 'trouble' never sleeps.    I heard a rumor he gets up early to 'dry fire practice' just

    to whoop up on some Tennessee boys.   Well, that's a worthy cause, for sure..... :lol:


    CAPT..... I guess I'll see you at Cleveland this weekend.   Bring your 'A' game again.

    The 'Enchantress' is looking for revenge!




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  2. I was talking with TN Williams this afternoon and I told him that I was trying

    to think of EXCUSES as to why I might not have a good match.


    So I ask him if I could borrow his 'Book Of Excuses'.


    He said he already loaned it to Capt BB.


    Go figure!




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  3. JBar and LINN:


    my bullets were Sierra 124 gr. JHP and with BOTH powder charges, my OAL was 1.095


    NOTABLE Other Info:

    with 5.5 grains of BE-86, my minimal OAL would have been 1.045 before creating a compressed load.

    with 5.8 grains of BE-86, my minimal OAL would have been 1.075 before creating a compressed load.


    Using this bullet, the OAL of 1.095 allowed the loaded round to fully chamber and the slide to lockup correctly.

    Any OAL greater than 1.100 didn't seem to allow proper chambering UNLESS the slide jammed the bullet into

    the lands.

    Personally, I don't set up my reloads to 'jam' into the lands.....


    Best Regards,




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  4. I only got a couple 9mm pistols.   BUT, recently I was able to get some BE-86 powder to check out in  9mm reloads.




    I only used it for 124/125 grain JHP bullets.

    Using 5.5 and 5.8 grains, the powder charge left me approx 1/4+ inch space in the case to seat the bullets without

    having a compressed load.  Functioning was perfect.

    Velocities in the 4" barrel 9mm averaged approx 1190 fps. (H&K P30-L)

    Velocities in the 5" barrel 9mm averaged approx 1215 fps.  (S&W Competitor - performance center model)

    There were no discernible pressure signs.


    Accuracy was as good or better than my previous favorites of Blue Dot or CFE.

    And based on my previous testing of Power Pistol, it appears that BE-86 might yield slightly

    higher velocities when compared 'grain to grain'.


    My Chronograph is set about 8 feet from muzzle.


    I might add that BE-86 also metered great in my RCBS powder charger.

    My new favorite 9mm powder for loading up 124/125 JHP bullets will be BE-86.






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    if you are coming to the TN State and don't already have a place to stay,

    a real nice B&B in Bell Buckle has TWO rooms available at this time.


    A few of us have already made our reservations.

    Its a nice place, right next to the small town of Bell Buckle and that great

    restaurant there.   AND... a short drive to the range.


    Call Marie or Anita (sisters) at:  615 / 971-9365. (printed with permission).


    See you there!




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  6. For all you 'newbie' visitors to Wartrace, there ain't no small nor distant targets..... trust me.


    As a GF, the target placements, scenarios, etc..... could not be better to allow middle of the

    pack shooters to have some good runs and shoot clean.


    This is one of those matches where Mr. & Mrs. Sloberknocker are driving back home

    to Bucksnort and Mrs Sloberknocker tells the hubby that she shot one of her best 

    matches ever and loved the target setup.   That's just how it is.


    Big Whiskey and the Moonshine Regulators do a tremendous job in every respect.

    And you'll love the Friday night giveaways.


    Side matches have no limit and best run of the day wins.   And don't forget the RIMFIRE

    Speed Side Match..  I'm sponsoring that again.   Bring your favorite lever or pump

    .22 and wear those targets out.   And if you've never handled a Widder Soft Stroke,

    track me down and check out mine.

    And don't forget the 'Cut The Rope' challenge.


    and of course, you'll get to meet TN Williams as he kisses all the women and hugs all 

    the babies...... :lol:

    Just don't get in a liars contest with him........ and don't loan him any money..... :lol:






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  7. I had ONE miss last year.  It was at the Wells Fargo stage.

    3 targets, side by side.  The one in the middle was a 24x24....... and it was close, real close.

    Maybe 5 yards or less.


    Guess which target I missed on the wholeblamematch?

    12 stages of 'Burn em down, run and gun' bang-n-clangin.   And I miss the

    biggest, closest piece of steel on the whole blame range.


    The 'TN Williams' curse is real.  :lol:




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  8. I think we need to find out if Capt BB is color blind..... then paint all the targets green and red.


    BUT.... its just like Capt BB to pick on a cripple like TW, whose arms are only 1/2 useful,

    in pain, misaligned, and weakened by his injury trying to save a little child from being

    run over by a bus.  Or was it a war injury from the big war.   


    On a side note, I really like the border colors you've added to the targets each year.

    It really helps to keep the lead hitting the targets more often.





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  9. 31 minutes ago, Hells Comin said:

    I can't find Tennessee on the map is it State or what ? 


    Ya gotta have a map that shows places EAST of the Mississippi.

    We are this side of the world.




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  10. 11 hours ago, Hells Comin said:

    Will I need a rain jacket?


    You might need a fork.  Just yesterday, I got a 'fork' in the mail from Red Knee.

    So, I call him on the phone and ask why he sent me a fork.


    He says.....'You're gonna need it to eat that humble pie the Dynamic Duo from

    New Mexico will be dishing out'. :o


    What a friend!  Always respectful of the ole man.   But he is cheap..... its a plastic

    fork.  :lol:




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  11. 4 hours ago, Hells Comin said:

    Will I need a rain jacket?


    I ain't familiar with the cowboy matches in Arizona, but in the TN State match,

    you'll need 2 pistols, 1 rifle, 1 shotgun,

    120 pistol rounds, 120 rifle rounds, and approx 48 Shotgun shells, and a few bucks.

    Randy St Eagle will supply a couple of your meals, Whiskey will supply your Jack

    Daniels, and TN Williams will supply you a toilet.... and I'll buy you a cold Pepsi.


    Rain jackets are optional.




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  12. 1 hour ago, Tennessee williams said:

    The thing I'm gonna miss most is the hamburgers.:o



    Such wisdom eludes most of us.  Maybe you should stock up on burger patties

    and put them in the freezer before the pig shortages..... :P




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  13. One-Arm Duelist..... isn't that kinda one of them OxyMorons?   :lol:


    EDIT:  TW loves a good 'Sausage Biscuit' for breakfast.  He 

    usually gets one or two from Hardy's.

    Anyhow, I told him a couple months ago that he needed to 

    get use to eating bacon because when there gets to be

    a shortage of pigs, there won't be anymore sausage.

    ANYHOW, ole TW believed me and has started eating

    bacon biscuits.   :lol:




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  14. 1 hour ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

    I’m coming to TN to kick a$$ and chew bubblegum and I’m all out of bubblegum.


    After a statement like that..... you could just chew on your cud!

    (now that's funny right there)




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  15. CG:

    Ole TN Williams has many alias and my guess is that 'Silkies' is probably him also.


    He collects chicken feet and Raccoon/Possum penis bones.   You'll quickly see that

    the ole boy ain't right.   He ain't left either..... :lol:


    He's lucky to have Randy St Eagle and the Wartrace Regulators to help guide him

    thru life.   As for me, well I guess you could say that I try to 'Mis-guide' him.





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  16. SLATER is making the buckles, plaques, and name badges for the

    match again this year.   Basically, he will be a gun vendor at the match,

    although I don't know what he is bringing this year.


    BUT ...   ifn any of you Pards are looking for a new Cimmaron 87,  ya might

    want to get in touch with SLATER to bring you one to the TN State.

    He just got a batch in today and they will probably get reserved fast.




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  17. There really ain't nothing wrong with TW's arms.   He's 'goldbrickin', hoping to catch

    those other Duelist off guard at the big match.

    And he's especially hoping to catch Capt BB off guard and put what we call...

    ..... 'A Tennessee Dawg Whoopin' on him.    


    Few folks know it, but TW has 'Blue Tick Hound' in his blood and ole Capt BB will

    feel like a mouse in a cat house no sooner than the 'Amen' from the morning Prayer.





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  18. 51 minutes ago, Creeker, SASS #43022 said:

    Hey, I'm still awake.

    Planning our trip to Texas - can't quite make it to Tennessee.


    I'd love to shoot a match in Texas.   I've always figured that if you're gonna

    shoot Cowboy, ya gotta atleast go to a western Cowboy state to a big match.

    Maybe someday soon..... I'll muster up the gumption and head that way.


    I have shoot in Oklahoma.  Great place.

    Good luck in Texas.




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  19. I just got one question for those who are following this Thread.


    Have any of you noticed that every time somebody takes a video of Gut C Gunman

    shooting (rifle, pistols and SG), they speed up the video?


    I wish they'd show us those videos at regular speeds.





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