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  1. I checked out YouTube and there are a handful of John Denver Christmas shows.


    One of those specials is titled something like: John Denver Christmas Montana Skies. The particular video shows a Christmas tree decorated with 'candles' and folks sitting around on hay bales. Clint Black is also featured.

    I didn't catch the date of that show.



    BUT, John's 1975/1976 Christmas special has a similar setting where he sings Silent Night at the end of the show.

    Here is one of those videos:



    I could not get the Silent Night video to post.

    But if you get on Youtube, type in "Silent Night, John Denver 1975/1976" and you should be able to view another video.





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  2. Ya all should come up here for some great matches .... And a visit to Cow Country , my "Trading Area" has 10,000 people and 1.7 million Cows ....


    Ya might even meet some real Cowboys ....




    Jabez Cowboy


    Hey Jabez,

    I figured that a feller from Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, Wyoming, etc... coming up to Canada to meet some 'real Cowboys' is like some feller from Tennessee or Kentucky traveling up to downtown Manhattan to learn about moonshine..... :D


    P.S. - I'm getting a nice Browning Buckmark Field Target .22 pistol for Christmas. Right now, its all packaged up and wrapped in pretty paper sitting inside the safe. I haven't even got to look or touch it yet..... but I know its there.


    MERRY CHRISTMAS my Friend!



    ,,,,,,,,,,Widder (Walkin in a WidderWonderLand)

  3. Myself and snake oil George can get that done for you !! We can also do pistol barrels whether octagon or whatever you want ! We even have made a stainless barrel for a 1873 we can pretty much take care of whatever you need.



    Barrel will run about $225, 55 for the tube, 45 for blueing and about 3 hours of labor.


    There are several companies that have pre-made octagon barrels. all that needs to be done is threading, setting the headspace and cutting the dovetails.


    An I love the henry big boys. My only gripe is the extractor is a 97 Shotgun style.


    WELL, here are your answers.


    Both of these folks have good reputations in their work.


    I've handled some of Broomsticks work and wouldn't hesitate to use him.


    ALSO, I have owned 3 sets of Ruger pistols that Snake Oil George & Creek County Kid put Octagon barrels on and their work is impeccable. My 3.5" OCTAGON barrel Ruger .32 H&R pistols are a thing of beauty.

    PLUS, the Kid is gonna put me a nice 20" custom BULL barrel on my Ruger model 77/.17 Hornet soon.


    Good luck in your efforts.




  4. Some years ago I offered to help the factory get the BB to run better for this game, they rebuffed me quite rudely ,stating that their guns were USA made and ran as intended....

    This moment of weakness was brought on by trying to help a very fine older Gentleman on a limited budget stay in the game with-out the constant struggle with his gun...

    The good news was he found a Rancher to buy the BB for a knock-about gun and I found him a lightly used 92 to which I added a little free smoothing.... He shot that 92 for 4 years before his passing ...



    Jabez Cowboy


    Your a fine Pard, Jabez....... even if you shoot that nasty BP..... :lol::lol::lol:


    I never made any offers to Henry but I did try to slightly modify one of their new HBB Steel's. I made the rifle function smoother and a little more efficient. But the time and effort wasn't worth the results.

    It would run about 9 rounds with no glitches at good speeds but there was always that odd round that disrupted the flow of the rifle.


    I won't try to work on any other Henry BB's because I seem to stay busy with Marlin's and .22 Henry rifles.






  5. A barrel maker like Shilen might make a special one for you with one of their barrels.


    They made a special barrel for me a few years back AND they also attached it to the receiver.


    There are some gunsmiths who produce octagon barrels, but mostly for pistols, due to length restrictions of their machinery.


    My first step would be call Henry firearms and ask who makes their barrels, or even produces the blanks. That might help you somewhat.




  6. Widder, I sure wish Marlin would hire you to straighten out their 1894 production problems.


    Remington contacted me about my 1894 work but so far, the communications have been limited.


    One of their employees have one of my Widdermatics, which I modified on a new 1894 in .38/.357.

    When I returned that rifle back to their employee (fully modified), I documented 9 QA issues in that rifle.


    They are aware of this rifle and of those QA issues I found.


    As for any other communications, they have indicated a desire to talk with me again.


    This contact was initiated by Remington, not me.


    I did express my willingness to help them, basically with problems they seem to have with feeding and timing issues.


    Quite frankly, I doubt anything will become of it.




  7. LARSEN,


    You and I are just alike in that WE BOTH are in charge of our house.


    Anytime I want to scrub my floors, my wife knows better than to try and stop me or discourage me..... :lol::lol::lol:




  8. ANY powder usable for the .45 ACP for an appropriate 160-180 grain LEAD bullet is good for the C45S cartridge.


    I used 160-180 grain bullets with Clays and Red Dot for 3+ years and loved it.


    I have recently tried Clean Shot and also found it a good powder choice.


    And these powders were used in my Ruger 3.5" barrel pistols.


    I haven't tried any of those powders you listed, so therefore, I don't have much to say about them in the C45S case.




  9. Lost Vaquero,


    The carrier in the CBC is basically the same as the carrier in non CBC models, respective of caliber of course.


    The problem that may occur is that some carriers have bad timing, even when new from the factory, and will give erratic performance with shorter OAL ammo.




  10. The Marlin 1894 does not have to be short stroked in order to handle the C45S cartridge, nor does a separate carrier need to be utilized.


    The 'impossible' function of the Widdermajik (not Widdermatic) allows the rifle to function with the C45S, 45 Schofield and the .45 Colt cartridge lengths interchangeably.


    p.s. - I have been told by a couple gunsmiths and numerous Marlin owners that the function of the WIddermajik is suppose to be impossible..... until those same folks actually operate one.




  11. J.Frank,


    in reference to your last question, case length does not matter. BUT, OAL of your ammo does matter because your initial timing is critical when loading shorter ammo.


    Hope this helps.




  12. BAMAKID,


    I've owned about 6 model 41's since the mid 70's.


    Wish I had kept a couple of them.


    Ten's of thousands of rounds and none of them ever failed.


    I could buy a new one thru the S&W Performance Center but I honestly think my Buckmarks will more than keep me happy.




  13. WOW, Congratulations to both Seamus and Sue on their new family members.


    Seamus, this Saturday, my daughter will open the original box with a Winchester 9422 inside. As pristine as when I bought it in April 1993....... at her birth.





    ..........Widder (Walkin in a WidderWonderLand)

  14. Mongo,


    You will probably really like the Victory with that option.


    Volquartsen is also making aftermarket barrels for the Victory, which give you even more options.


    See you in the spring time... when the weather is warmer..... :)




  15. 25 replies, 18 powders. Seems like a pretty forgiving round!



    Howby CR.


    Pretty much.


    Available load data and components are numerous.


    And because a lot of Pards own, shoot and reload for the 9mm, a lot of good info is from experience shooters.


    Hope You and Yours have a Merry Christmas.




  16. MONGO,


    I've heard a couple good comments about the Victory .22 pistol. I haven't heard anything bad.


    Slater and I both own Browning Buckmarks.

    He has the Contour URX in both 7.25" and 5.5"


    I own the Buckmark Carbon Fiber with 4.0" and the Buckmark Firld Target in 5.5"


    The Buckmark is an outstanding .22 pistol.


    Get into YouTube and check out all the videos on all types of .22 pistols and those videos might help you decide before you buy.




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