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  1. My orders for primers have always been thru GRAF & Sons.


    I've never had an issue with them.


    You might want to give them a shout and see if they can help.




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  2. More info:


    There are few (VERY few) post on this forum that discuss this type mod, which is understandable.


    But, as some of our Marlin owners are aware, there are some good topics on this type mod (and the company) on the Marlinowners website.

    And the company owner (or rep) also visits the Marlinowners website to discuss his company and help answer a lot of questions from forum members.


    Hope this helps.




  3. At present, that is the only 'company' I am aware of who is doing such mods.


    BUT, there are a handful of individuals in SASS/CAS who work on their own Marlins and are presently making the conversions.


    More than that, there are also quite a few who have modified their Marlins to shoot the Cowboy 45 Special, which is basically a rimmed .45 ACP size cartridge that works very well in the 1894 with PROPER modifications.


    Marauder's website shows this type modification.


    There has also been a few 1894's modified by SPUR a few years back that were short stroked and handled the C45S cartridge.




  4. This conversion on the 1894 model is nothing new.


    The great news is that Ranger Precision (it might be named Ranger Point Precision) is working on some good mods (conversions) with the Marlin 1894 model.


    The Marlin can be modified to function with MANY cartridges.




  5. I'm in the 'Minimalist' posse also.


    Ruger pistols: about once a year.

    SG 97: I swab the bore with an oily patch every 75-100 rounds

    Marlin rifle: whenever it starts to feel sluggish, or a couple times a year.


    In my opinion, the type of powder residue and your lubricants can create hardened crud OR prevent it.

    Try to use relatively clean burning powder and good lubes and you may discover a lot of your cleaning methods can be reduced to just a good wiping off of your guns.




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  6. Santa Fe River Stan pulls 3 with left hand & 1 with right hand.


    He goes over the top with the left hand ammo for first 3 shots and then finishes the 4th shot with the 1 round in his right hand.


    He's mighty good. I sure somebody can post a video of him shooting.




  7. JEDI Calico Mary,


    All those states you mentioned are top notch when it comes to clubs and the Cowboys/Cowgirls that shoot in those areas.


    The ONLY drawback to moving to Indiana is that you will have to put up with Purty Boy (ShyAnnie)... :lol:


    Also, a good deal of the clubs in those states are VERY GF indoctrinated. In other words, there are PLENTY of top notch GFer's at many of the clubs in those areas you are considering.


    Its not uncommon for the Ocoee Rangers (in Cleveland TN) or the Oak Ridge Outlaws (in Oak Ridge TN) to have 60+ shooters at a match with many GFer's, who also occupy about 50% of the Top 10 every month.


    And those clubs also have a few Cowgirl GFer's like Last Kiss and Anita Margarita.


    And as a bonus, you would get to see and shoot with some of those ornery OUTLAWS, who do it from the hip. Those folks (Cowboys & Cowgirls) are awesome.


    I wish you well in your search. I doubt you would be disappointed in any of those listed states, PLUS most areas of the South.


    And just think, in the warm weather months, you could get on a posse and be entertained by Slater, Purly and Widder..... :lol::lol::lol:




  8. USC 52

    PENN ST. 49



    WHEW, this game was a real donnybrook.

    When Penn St came out in the 3rd qtr and put 21 on the board in 5 minutes, I thought..."Katie Bar The Door'.


    But USC wasn't finished strutting 'their stuff' and prevailed.......... despite some terrible Ref calls.


    The USC player that was thrown out of the game deserves an apology from those refs. From the replay I saw, he dove over the quarterback and didn't even touch him.


    Great game.




  9. CHILI,


    I've owned P229 in .40 cal. It functioned flawless. A shooting friend bought it from me.


    I presently own 2 full size P320 models in 9mm and .357 SIG. That SIG is a romper-stomper on the muzzle end, but its VERY controllable on the shooting side. I really like it as it is my main carry pistol.


    I'm considering buying another in P220 10mm cal. Thats a powerhouse round.




  10. Hey Ridgerunner, I live on the other side of the 'Hill' here in E.TN.


    Welcome and I'm sure our paths will cross someday. I normally shoot the NC State match. Lots of GREAT Pards in NC.


    And thanks for your service.



    ..........Widder (USN)

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