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  1. Howdy Rooster.


    The details of modifying the 1894 into the 'Widdermatic' is covered on Marauders website, along with some other GREAT stuff for many types of rifles and pistols.


    There are quite a few Cowboys who have modified their Marlins to be like this.


    Cheyenne Culpepper has modified one of his Marlins for the .38 and one of our Wire Pards, Warden Callaway, has modified one of his Marlins into the C45S cartridge.


    Billy The Avenger also modified his .38 Marlin and it is super slick. I think his wife,TACO, uses it but not sure. With Billy, you never know what he's gonna pull out of the gun case..... ;)


    Have a great day.


    P.S. - sent you a PM




  2. I would probably give St.Judes some of it.


    And I would give the Shriners hospital some.


    And some would go to the local Childrens hospital.


    No doubt I would try to help relatives with unexpected medical bills and NEEDS.

    But I doubt I would start buying trucks and homes for everyone.


    I would move out to a more secluded place with some good land, to shoot on of course.


    Quite frankly, I'm happy with what I have. No doubt I would buy a couple new 'toys', but I think one of my priorities would be to hire a maid to help my wife with house chores, etc.


    And of course, I would have to donate a few bucks to the Geisha society. Ashia and Kadisha are members..... ;)




  3. Do any of you have a 'pet' load you prefer in your 10mm.


    I plan to get a SIG P220 in 10mm. There is plenty data in the manuals but I'm wondering if any Wire Pards might have a good PET load to share.


    If my PM box is full, feel free to email me at:





    Much thanks,



  4. Good Post, J Bar.


    I was wondering why the OP had ruled out a Marlin.


    Its not like they can't run 10 shots in under 2 seconds, with proper mods and tuning.


    And its not like the Marlin can't run thousands of rounds and still be tough as an anvil.


    I like the 73's and 92's. But if a person is looking for a rifle, ya owe it to yeself to also check out a couple Marlins.




  5. If I remember correctly:


    2 years ago, Ohio State lost a home game and finished the season with a Natl Championship


    Last year, Alabama lost a home game and finished the season with a Natl Championship.


    This year, Clemson lost a home game and finished the season with a Natl Championship.



    Vegas will probably post odds on this happening, or not happening, again.




  6. Congrats to Clemson and all their fans, supporters, etc...


    Bama played a good game but they seem kinda 'lack luster'.


    I'm not any kinda football wizard, but I felt like their offence was missing Kiffin (and I'm not a Kiffin fan).




  7. Thanks EVERYONE.


    I checked out the website info and although it appears that their specialty is 'engraving and checkering', I will probably contact them about 'stippling'.


    Thanks again.




  8. I'm with Rooster on this one. I own the DVDs and have watched it several times.


    My own family is part of a famous feud. If you go to certain parts of the southern highlands of Scotland some folks will say, "Feuding like the [my name] and Colquhouns." We feuded for 400 years and killed a lot more of each other than did the Hatfields and McCoys! The king even had to step in between us several times.


    Was your feud over something worthwhile like a pig?




  9. So.......you want laser cut precision irregularities


    Howdy Wyatt.


    I couldn't think of a better description although stippling does have a specific 'design'.


    Anyhow, there is a difference between stippling and checkering.




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