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  1. I've never met any that I can think of.


    BUT, I once received a Hand Written letter from Bill Jordan. It was in reply to a question I had based on an article in the American Rifleman and Shooting Times.

    I still have that letter.

    It was very friendly and cordial, almost like he knew me as a good friend.




  2. Once again, Starline brass has delivered me good, clean pieces of new brass.


    Last years order of .32 H&R brass required NO pre-preparations. No deburring/chamfering required. I started the reloading process by 'belling' the case mouth and everything worked great.


    TODAY, I received my latest order of 10mm brass. No deburring/chamfering required. Just 'bell' the case mouth and start reloading.


    These guys sure know their business.





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  3. I've been shooting .22 centerfires for 60 years. I actually built a rifle and chambered it for a "newfangled" wildcat .22 centerfire that later became the factory .22/250. In the last 10 years or so, there have been a bunch of new centerfire cartridges developed and as always they are touted by the gunwriters as the best thing next to sex! We have so many new powders available now, that it is possible to really get the maximum potential from many old and new cartridges.


    Many years ago the .220 Swift was written off as a "barrel burner" because it was loaded to the maximum with powder that was very inefficient. I shoot a custom rifle chambered for .220 Ackley Improved that will shoot faster than 4,ooo fps with a new powder. The accuracy in unbelievable. I recently shat a shot group @ 100 yards that measures less than 1/2 inch. I have shot several thousand rounds thru it and there is no barrel wear.


    I love .22 centerfires because they are really fun to shoot, pretty cheap to reload and little noticeable recoil. Bring on any new ones, just hope in 10 years you can still get brass!


    Big Sage, you are a man after my own heart.


    Although I am presently without a good .22 centerfire, I love the 22-250 and .220 Swift. But I must admit that your 220 Ackley Improved has to put a smile on a varmint hunters face.


    My most accurate firearm to date was actually a pistol.

    XP100 frame and bolt.

    McMillan black pebble grain XP 100 style stock

    Shilen match grade stainless heavy barrel, 15", chambered for..... 6mm BR with a tight next chamber.

    Leopold 6 x 20 (or 24) power scope


    I have one 100 yard target where I have LESS THAN a 1/4", 5 shot group. And I have a 4 shot group that measures LESS THAN .2

    Bassically, its a 1 hole group. The 5th shot was never fired because I only had 4 shells when I shot it.


    I traded it off about 8 years ago when I got into Cowboy shooting. It would nail mud turtles on the edge of the pond at 150+ yards.

    Crows and Groundhogs were not safe within 200-250 yards with it shooting 70 grain Nosler BT. It was Awesome.


    Now, I have a close range varminter in .17 Hornet. Hope to have a nice heavier weight barrel put on it this spring and start my annual spring conversations with Mr Crow and Mr Groundhog again.


    Thanks for posting your 220 AI info.




  4. The Sure Hit sights are very popular and there is a probability that you shoot with some folks who have both sizes for you to check out.


    Either way, I think you will be happy.


    I don't use a rear sight so therefore, all I want on my rifle is the larger Sure Hit sight. I have them on both my competition Marlins.




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  5. Redwood, I like walnut also. Here are Altamont "Smith and Wesson J Square Fingergroove Super Walnut Checkered Fleur-de-Lis" grip stocks on my S&W model 34-1 "Kit Gun." The original Magna stocks were too small and these stocks were a big improvement to shooting this .22LR revolver.






    Uncle Quail,


    That's my favorite pistol..... :D


    I hope my favorite Uncle is doing well..... ;)



  6. Some companies perform classified work.


    In so doing, once an employee is going to leave the company, the company gets them out the door quickly.


    Your dismissal should warrant your unemployment benefits so take advantage of them, plain and simple.


    Congratulations on your retirement. I think you will enjoy it just as well on Feb 3 as you would on April 17.




  7. Years back, when I was much younger and starting to get into Varmint hunting here in E.TN (varmints are groundhogs and crows), I bought a 22-250.


    I was learning A Lot from an experienced shooter about reloading, etc.


    I was telling him about such and such powders that would give me 3600-3800 fps velocities from my 22-250.


    He was explaining to me a more important aspect of good shooting wasn't velocities as much as it is ACCURACY.


    Then he says..... "Mike, that groundhog out at 200 yards don't really care if that bullet is traveling 3000 fps or 3800 fps when he gets hit...it will still be the same".


    That stuck with me. Velocity is nice, but that projectile still has to be able to HIT the target before that velocity can be appreciated.


    What will this NEW cartridge have that is gonna make it any better than whats already available on the market?


    Just curious.



  8. My apologies to the OP if this gets too far off the topic, but I wanted to add one more thing about the Marlin 1894.


    These are good rifles... period. Strong and reliable.


    From the factory, some of them need some special attention to help them function better. BUT, a good many of them will function much better with just some minor smoothing and spring changes.


    EXAMPLE: if your lever is hard to open and close, this can be remedied by polishing the plunger hole in the lever with about 1500-2000 grit paper. And then polish up the plunger to slide easy in and out of that hole. Then add a LongHunter or Slick McClade lever plunger spring and your lever will feel much better. Personally, I use a spring designed for medical equipment usage. Sometimes, even a good, proper cut ink pen spring works better than the factory.

    Change out the hammer spring (LongHunter or Slick) and trim the mag tube spring to be about 3-4 inches longer than the mag tube. Plus, LongHunter and Slick both have excellent Stainless springs to replace your factory magtube.

    Polish the inside of your mag tube to help keep rust out also.


    'Tweak' your Extractor and Ejector springs, as shown on Marauders website, and these will help.


    Just these few little things help a lot.


    Most Marlins don't need to be highly modified in order to run well. In my opinion, they do need some special mods in order to run real fast, smooth and RELIABLE.


    Hope this info helps somewhat, especially if the OP might be considering an 1894 Marlin.




  9. Howdy Rooster.


    The details of modifying the 1894 into the 'Widdermatic' is covered on Marauders website, along with some other GREAT stuff for many types of rifles and pistols.


    There are quite a few Cowboys who have modified their Marlins to be like this.


    Cheyenne Culpepper has modified one of his Marlins for the .38 and one of our Wire Pards, Warden Callaway, has modified one of his Marlins into the C45S cartridge.


    Billy The Avenger also modified his .38 Marlin and it is super slick. I think his wife,TACO, uses it but not sure. With Billy, you never know what he's gonna pull out of the gun case..... ;)


    Have a great day.


    P.S. - sent you a PM




  10. I would probably give St.Judes some of it.


    And I would give the Shriners hospital some.


    And some would go to the local Childrens hospital.


    No doubt I would try to help relatives with unexpected medical bills and NEEDS.

    But I doubt I would start buying trucks and homes for everyone.


    I would move out to a more secluded place with some good land, to shoot on of course.


    Quite frankly, I'm happy with what I have. No doubt I would buy a couple new 'toys', but I think one of my priorities would be to hire a maid to help my wife with house chores, etc.


    And of course, I would have to donate a few bucks to the Geisha society. Ashia and Kadisha are members..... ;)




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