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  1. I wanna THANK everyone who has posted on this thread.


    For the record, I get as many phone calls on Sunday afternoon and Monday about 'WTC' as

    there are posted on this Wire.   Don't know why.... I guess some just want to hear the sound

    of my voice... :lol:


    But anyhow, when I got this call about starting position, I was ask to post it on the Wire

    because some folks in some clubs seem to deem this type movement before the 'BEEP'

    as a 'P'.   And the Cowboy asking me didn't want to be identified nor the club.


    Anyhow, I just think this was not a trivial or trifle 'WTC' and needed some 'official' comment

    that will stop useless and unwarranted penalties.  


    And a hearty "THANK YOU" to Creeker who posted some very good thoughts and comments, in which

    being answered has hopefully clarified some 'default' questions for all of us.


    And although I don't speak for PWB, I'm sure he would like for all of us to be on the same

    page concerning our rules/guidelines, and the manner which we award penalties, especially

    those not warranted.


    Again..... Thanks!



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  2. 27 minutes ago, Tn Tombstone said:

    I think Widders question is, if the stage instructions say gun in hand, shooters discretion, can the gun be in motion at the beep.


    Exactly.   Thanks Tombstone.


    My posted scenario was basically how a fellow shooter ask me to present the situation.


    As most have stated, I also said it was a 'No Call'.




  3. First and foremost, this did not happen to me nor at a shoot I was attending.


    Anyhow, a fellow Cowboy shooter and I were discussing 'start positions' and being 'set' for the Beep.


    The written instructions state that the starting position is ..... "With pistol(s) in hand".


    The shooter holds the pistol close to his/her body approximately chest high, safely pointed down range.

    Shooter then give the appropriate line and the TO gives the 'STANDBYE'.


    At the TO's verbal "STANDBYE", the shooter pushes the pistol outward into their shooting position and

    then at the 'BEEP',  immediately cocks the pistol and starts the shooting sequence.


    Question:  is the shooter required to hold their 'close to body' position once they indicate they are set and ready, 

    OR..... can he/she react to the 'STANDBYE' command and push their pistol further outward and be ready

    to shoot at the 'BEEP' without incurring any penalty.


    To me, this would be akin to "starting with rifle in hand" and having the muzzle resting on a table top.

    Then at the 'Standbye', lifts the rifle up to start shooting but does not lever the first round until the 'Beep'.


    If this body movement between the 'Standbye' and 'Beep' is a penalty, please share the rule.


    Thanks pards.






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  4. I was watching a video a couple weeks back where a Colt representative actually

    referred to the .45 Colt as a .... ".45 Long Colt".

    And then he stated that although the "LONG COLT" name wasn't official, it was used to

    distinguish between it and other .45 type ammo.


    So right or wrong, that name apparently has been used a long time by those in the



    Just thought I would pass along that 'useless' information.   ;)

    Wish I had copied that video to share.




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  5. Thanks for posting, Possum.


    The JEDI Council had no trouble at all in her selection.   As Possum mentioned, 

    she is well known even in places outside our normal boarders.


    Congratulations Scarlett Darlin....... one of my favorite SASS friends.


    I want to also thank Tommy Gun for sending me a nicely detailed resume about Scarlett.

    Very impressive achievements.


    She can now create her own special belt buckle,  Lady JEDI GF of the Year 2023.

    Let Tommy pay for a few nice stones on it (emeralds, diamonds, Rubys, torquois, etc.........



    I'm sorry I couldn't be there Scarlett, but Louisiana seem to be the most appropriate

    place to make this recognition.


    Luv ya!




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  6. Congratulations GUS.

    I had a slight feeling that it had something to do with the pivoting arm on the carrier, BUT....its so darn

    hard to recommend some things without looking at the rifle.


    BUT, glad you caught the problem and solved it.  The pivoting arm can be a key part in smooth 

    functioning of the rifle or give some bad mo-jo if it aint right.


    Ya dun gud.   And THANKS for sharing.




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  7. Bingo Montana is now JEDI GF #345.


    Bingo is a Frontier Cartridge GF in Virginia and has a very impressive resume


    ROI and ROII certified

    2021 & 2023 VA State Black Powder Shootout FC GF winner (clean match in 2021)

    2022 & 2023 VA State FC GF Champion. (2022 clean match)

    2023  NC State FC GF winner (1st place and clean match)


    He has served as Asst Match Director for the Cavalier Cowboys.

    He TO's, run matches, helps in set-up and tear down, and write stages for matches.


    The JEDI Council is proud to have Bingo in the JEDI ranks.

    And SASS should be proud to have members that involve themselves with good work ethics and support.





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  8. Gus,

    Another thought:   If you have a 1975 made Marlin, your carrier is probably the model

    that has the 'pivoting arm' in the side of it.

    If you've taken that carrier apart and put it back together, its possible the pivot arm

    can't pivot when the lever moves across it and it will hang up.


    If this is the issue, the reason it works upside down is because the carrier will FREELY move

    and allow the lever to move across it without any problem.


    I'll await your reply before I have anymore crazy ideas.




  9. GUS,

    Before you do anything else, try this little test and then let us know how it works.


    1. remove your 'locking lug'.  Thats what I call it.   Its the U shape piece that moves up and down

    as you work the lever open and close.

    After you remove it, put the rifle back together and see if the action works correctly.


    You results will tell me what might be the issue.


    EDIT:  make sure the two screws that look alike are in their correct holes.

    the shorter screw goes on the left side of the receiver and the longer screw goes

    on the bottom front floor plate.




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  10. 33 minutes ago, Coyote Kid, SASS#54714 said:

    Would that modification put you in the steampunk category?

    I did order the part from Ruger shop. We'll see how it works.

    Coyote Kid


    'punked out Marlin'........ that's funny.


    I could put a 'Riot' gauge on it.

    Maybe add a 'Callawaymatter'.

    And for sure, a 'Lumpyometer'.

    And how about a 'Coyotestunner' on my sights.

    And lets not forget the 'Horgeye feeding system'.


    Should work out great.




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  11. 1 hour ago, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

    Get 3, and send one to pour old Widder:lol:


    I don't use the Ejector.   My Ejection system is built into the bottom of the bolt

    and when the bolt comes back, it compresses air into an internal gas tube system.

    At the rearward most movement of the bolt, the compressed air releases at a

    valve located on the left front section of the bolt and 'blows' the empty case out

    of the action.   Its basically a 'fail-safe' system.


    Now, you have to guess if I really modified my ejection system to work in this manner,

    OR..... did I not.  :D




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  12. Declining numbers are probably a combination of a few things

    already mentioned:

    In no particular order........

    1. economy.   Cost has sky rocketed since covid.

    2. AGE and incurring health issues.  I'm still a perky old feller, but

    I gotta watch my activities a little and not over do it.

    3. with age, travel is a little harder for many.

    4. death


    I really don't buy into the belief that the game changing has

    diminished that many shooters.   Remember, those 'old timers'

    are the first to acknowledge that they basically enjoy the

    friendship and commorodery and social environment.

    If that is true,  then shooting at big and close targets would

    not be a reason to leave.


    And if you look at it from a reasonable perspective, our targets

    aren't really that Big or Close.   It just seems that way because

    of the old way of shooting smaller targets a little further away.


    After all, how many of you actually shoot CLEAN all the time?

    They can't be that big and that close if we still miss them.


    Just my thinking.




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  13. The spring USUALLY has a small 'hump' on them that make them VERY tight.

    You shouldn't be able to push it in with finger pressure but rather have to use a small brass hammer

    to 'tap' it in.


    I have seen a couple without the hump and those wriggle around too much.


    Call me if ya want..... 865 /696-1996


    You would be wise to buy the complete unit for the $14 bucks.    Heck, Lumpy got enough money

    to buy that for ya........ :D




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  14. 3 hours ago, Sixgun Seamus said:

    Look at Silver Stag. Reasonably priced and made in USA. I have the Pacific Bowie.




    If someone were to get me a nice knife, this one posted by SS would be a good choice.

    I love that handle.

    Your daughters boyfriend should be VERY proud to receive that as a gift.


    EDIT:  Last year for Christmas, my son-in-law got a nice gun safe from me.

    This year...... he'll get a Kimber .45 and a set of reloading dies.

    He's been wanting a .45 ACP for a few years so this one should 'make his day'.




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  15. 1 hour ago, Warden Callaway said:

    There is one on ebay but cost as much as a complete part.


    Howdy Warden.    You put a good video above.


    Years back, I ordered a complete unit (Ejector and spring) for about $8 from Brownells.

    Right before Marlin sold out to Remington, I order a couple and they charged me $8 for

    the Ejector body and $8 more for the spring.   I don't know why they got so greedy.




  16. Coyote Kid,

    Places to check for these type parts are..... in no specific order:

    Numrich Arms

    Jack First




    Its slightly possible that if you call Marlin and explain your dilemma, they might send you a spring.


    Hope this helps.




  17. 1 hour ago, Eyesa Horg said:

    Sorry I don't remember where, but recently saw a one piece machined ejector, looked like a normal Marlin part. I'll come back if I can find it again. 


    Well that turned out to be easy!



    Just noticed that it's for Remlins.:( Maybe it can be fitted to a JM.?!?


    Those Bear Proof ejectors have a reputation of being very stiff, which makes the bolt harder to slide

    across it.  But on the good side, if his receiver has the Ejector plug hole, it will work.


    Coyote Kid:  if by chance your Ejector was a 2-piece (ejector body with spring squeezed in a slot), its possible

    just to order yourself the 'Ejector SPRING'.   Of course, its only a small piece of steel, probably with a slight bend

    in it.   You'll have to tap the 'bend end' into the slot at the bottom of the ejector body.




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  18. 2 hours ago, Coyote Kid, SASS#54714 said:


    Got home and tore the rifle apart to clean it and found my one piece left ejector was broke in two pieces.

    I tried to find one on-line and everyone was sold out.

    Anyone have a source or an idea where I can buy one??????

    Thanks, Coyote Kid


    The Ejector that Warden posted on Ebay is a two piece and will work real good in your Marlin.


    You quoted 'one piece' which are some of the very OLD Ejectors.  Assuming your 1894 has the

    Ejector plug 'hole' on the left side of the receiver, the 2 piece will work great.


    If not, let us know.





  19. 45 minutes ago, J-BAR #18287 said:


    You need a ceremony.  Get a bottle of your finest, shoot the hell out of that Colt, clean it and pour yourself a drink.


    You will feel better.




    Actually, I have 2 of them but only 1 has been determined as unfired.

    So when I get the urge, I shoot the other one.  

    I've thought about selling both of them because I shoot my Volquartsen Scorpions and my S&W model 41 

    a lot.




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  20. Snuffy,

    If you're gonna use the trickler with BP, you gotta have it facing East, with the rotating handle on the West.


    For 'regular' powder, you can have it facing any direction and it will still work great.   

    Also, when using BP, it won't work during holidays or Sundays.   That's how BP is.





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