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  1. Some clubs have 'Sister' clubs.   They are usually a couple hours from one another and the

    attendees usually shoot at those 'Sister' clubs.   And the verbiage used in the stage writing

    is understood by the regular shooters.


    Here in lies some verbiage difference:

    Sister clubs may write the stage to say......."Shotgun staged on left table".   BUT..... the shooter can

    determine WHERE they prefer to shoot from although its not stated in the

    stage instructions.  The shooter may prefer to shoot from, the right table.   The only requirement

    was to 'STAGE' the shotgun, not necessarily shoot from that position.   Shooter has options.


    THEN..... you visit a Non-Sister club, and the stage writer says...... "Shotgun staged on left table" and

    it means that is also the location you are mandated to shoot from.   The shooter has no option.






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  2. I dont have Facebook...... BUT, the a copy of the booklet

    is posted on page 6 of this thread, and it shows only ONE stage

    with 6 KD's and stage 10 with only 2.


    All others are 4+.    Check it out.


    P.S. - I like the 6+ KD's on a stage.   Makes it fun,

    especially when things are going well with the





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  3. Capt BB,

    I haven't counted the KD's on each stage, but

    according to the stage instructions posted, I counted

    only 40 also.   EIGHT stages with 4 KD's, ONE with 6,

    and ONE with only 2.


    What am I missing?


    EDIT:   TW says YOU will need 44 for those 






  4. Special Notice to Capt BB:


    Last night, while talking with TW on the phone, he told me

    he was all loaded up and ready to go.   Ammo loaded, guns cleaned, chicken fee and

    pecker bones packed, etc.......


    THEN..... he says he got ALL 40 of his SG shells loaded.

    I ask the significance of '40' and he said there will only be

    40 KD's in the match.


    I do believe the ole boy is ready!  

    I'm on his Posse and it should be interesting.






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  5. I just got the final Posse listings.


    I noticed that Missouri Lefty is shooting the same flight

    as I am, BUT..... on a different posse.

    I think they did this in order to keep him from spying on me

    and trying to learn new GF tricks and techniques.


    I been waiting for him to give up on his slow SxS and start

    shooting a fast 97..... :lol:




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  6. TW invites me to go with him to a 'yard sale'.


    Then, when we get there, he wants to 'borrow' some

    money from me.   He's tapped out........ broke.

    Then when he finds out how much money I have in my 

    pocket, he starts dealing with the owner with counter offers..........

    on MY money.


    To top that off, he starts charging ME interest on the

    depreciation of those items that he used MY money to buy.

    In other words, if those items depreciated 3% over the next

    6 months, ole TW figures he owes me 3% less than what

    'I' paid to buy them.


    Gotta watch out for that ole boy!




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  7. 10 hours ago, Tn Tombstone said:

    So Jiffy in the shotgun, does Skippy in the pistols help with the slip hammer?:rolleyes:


    That is a known and proven fact.   BUT, as a dedicated GF, I 

    didn't want to share that secret with those Trad style shooters.

    But, now that the secret is out, looks like there will be a run

    on Skippy Pnut Butter.  

    P.S.- Hey boys, smooooooooth is better!  ;)


    8 hours ago, Tennessee williams said:

    I haven't shot in so long I can't even find my pistols! I think I left them at the range. Or the back of my truck.


    If any of Y'all have seen the back of TW's truck, you could 

    understand why those pistols are lost.  




  8. 49 minutes ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

    You should probably just have @Widder, SASS #59054load some up for you.  I'm sure he would be happy to and be extra special careful while loading it.


    Oh yea..... be glad to assist.    And, I already got pre-tested primers

    that work.


    36 minutes ago, Barkeep Casey said:

    TW don't let @Widder, SASS #59054 loan you any gun oil either. I swear it was Jiffy Peanut Butter.


    Red Knee says the same thing.   Ya just can't make some folks

    happy with trying to help them.... :D






  9. Capt BB,

    3+ years ago (August 2020). , I had my open heart surgery.

    Although I shot SE Regional last year, it was only my

    3rd match since surgery in 2020. and quite honestly,

    I had a super good time but my enthusiasm was not like

    it was before surgery.   It seems I had lost my excitement

    and energy and basically, I was still feeling like I was in

    recovery mode.


    FINALLY........ I got my enthusiasm back this summer and really looking

    forward again for some fun Cowboy shooting.


    It was good to see you and Shootin Sharon on Saturday and

    being on the same Posse.    See Y'all again on Friday.


    Slater and I plan to be there early on Thursday because he

    wants to shoot some side matches.    ME..... I plan to sit around

    and visit and relax.


    Safe travels.




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  10. I would burn them.


    Keep their money, sell their unwanted horses, guns etc....... and

    use the money to rebuild the town they shot up.

    And of course, reward the remaining 'good guys' appropriately.


    That is exactly what I would do.





  11. Its possible to use a previous picture and later, included the written address with zip.


    No comment about the hair.

    I grew up in the 50's (born in 51).   And some of my friends had a shaggy style hair cut while some

    of us had a crew cut or flat top style.    And don't forget the 'greasers' who used Wildroot and carried

    a comb in their pocket.




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  12. I think TN Williams might have a table at the Yard Sale.

    I will probably be there while he is giving an RO class.


    Drop bye and say 'Howdy'.    I look forward to meeting 



    And because I'm close friends with TW, I'll be glad to

    forge his autograph for you......... :lol:




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  13. I think TN Williams might have a table at the Thursday Yard Sale.  If he does, I will probably

    be there while he is involved giving an RO Class.


    Drop by and say 'Howdy'.   I look forward to meeting everyone that I don't find time

    to visit with during the match.




  14. From my experience, your bullet needs to be heavier and the SWC might be slightly tooooo soft.


    Try a hard cast bullet, maybe with a gas check.   And change powders to up your velocity.

    And there are some good 240 grain Jacketed bullets available also.


    Remember, its a .44 Magnum,  not a .44 plinker.


    Those 629's are made to perform with magnum performance.





  15. As we get older,  2 things begin to happen:

    Our eye sight diminishes AND most everything gets smaller.     Its only natural that when we have

    control over 'some' things, we make em bigger and closer........... ;)


    My varmint rifle use to tote a 10X scope.  Then it bumped up to a 6-20X.

    NOW..... it totes a real nice 8-32X with all the parallax adjustments and a lighted reticle.





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