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  1. 1 hour ago, Snakebite said:

    If you are happy with the stock throw of the gun and it doesn't need any repair, then it might be a project that you would enjoy doing yourself. IMO the Marlin 94 is a much easier gun to work on than the 73. The big gains in a Marlin come up front with some simple polishing and spring replacements. It's that last little bit that takes some "fine" tuning that you need a Guru for. You might be happy with what you can do yourself. Just a thought.




    YEP.   ^^^

    Check out Marauders website.  Lots of info on tuning various Cowboy guns, especially the Marlin 1894.




  2. Howdy again, Creeker.

    Naw, I didn't take anything personal or insulting, etc.....  Being an acquaintance of TN Williams (notice I didn't say friend),

    nothing insults or bothers me.... :lol:


    You are correct in that Lassiter is a great guy.  And he is a good friend.


    I had not known about your leg injuries, but any accommodations you might need should be granted.   Sure hope

    things stay well with you.

    And of course, I hope Creeker's wrist and arms continue to heal well and he is able to shoot more, even with help from

    his braces, etc.....

    Even a feller with Bionics will sometimes need recalibration..... ;)




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  3. Its all in perspective.     These rivalry teams pour out their guts and sometimes, some guts get fed a dose of

    humble pie that becomes hard to digest.


    It is what it is.   Thats why they play the game.


    Auburns play yesterday would probably beat 99.9% of the college teams.

    Michigans play yesterday would have probably whooped 100% of the teams.    They were ready, no doubt about it.


    As for Cincy, they got a good team.   They jell together as a group and seem to enjoy the game.  They've

    earned a spot in the TOP group.    Time will tell how it pans out.


    YES, I do think Bama will have a hard time against the Dawgs, and probably not make the final 4.


    My pick:  Georgia, Cincy, Michigan, Oklahoma State.





  4. Wow, JEDI Creeker.


    You must have seen me shoot using my wrist support a couple years back.


    By the time I was 11, I had broken my left wrist TWICE..... right in the same place.

    Real breaks.  Bones totally dislodged and one piece angled downward, the other pieces angled up on top of it.


    Forward to CAS evens, shooting GF and the '97.   

    There are times when I HAVE to use a wrist brace in order to help hold my left pistol.... and particularly when I running

    my '97.

    I can't say that it gives me any advantage but without the brace, I wouldn't be able to compete without some discomfort.

    BUT..... the brace does help me be competitive,  but no more so than my normal abilities.


    In my opinion, any kind of handicap 'help' that a person might have can not exceed their regular performances.

    And if anything..... wearing a wrist brace or other helpful item, can actually hinder a shooters performance unless

    they wear it all the time and get use to it.  




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  5. Perry Mason refused to represent him a few years back.

    Perry Mason no longer represents anyone now.   Wonder why?


    Jimmy Hoffa refused to give him a ride across town once.

    It was reportedly Mr. Hoffa's last ride.





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  6. 8 minutes ago, Forty Rod SASS 3935 said:

    I don't know TN Williams, but is it true that he's so rough he wears his clothes out from the inside?


    So true.


    Superman and Batman wear TN Williams brand undies.


    The Joker has nightmares about TN Williams.


    Clint Eastwood once ask TN Williams how many push-ups he could do.

    TN relied.... 'All of em".





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  7. I went to the hospital this morning and ran into Mr. Flu Virus.

    I said... 'What are you doing here at the hospital'?


    Mr Flu Virus replied.... 'I'm getting my annual TN Williams shot'.



    TN got employee of the year for companies he don't work for.



    TN visited one of them 'Feminist' rallys last week and came home with a plate of sammiches and an ironed T-shirt.


    He's so tough he uses burlap sacks for handkerchiefs.


    Big Foot claims he once saw TN Williams in the woods.





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  8. 4 hours ago, The Aggie Rifleman, SASS#55213 said:

    I want Ruger to get the Marlin 1917 Machine Gun (product improved Potato Digger) back into production!


    Also, remake the Marlin Model 62 so it could feed from 30 Carbine mags.  When I get a 30 Carbine Blackhawk it needs a non-semiauto compadre.


    However, any support for Marlin 22's is gone.  Ruger bought Marlin to finally kill off any domestic competition to the 10-22.




    Strong rumor is the Marlin model 60 is on Ruger's list of future production.




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  9. 11 hours ago, Major E A Sterner #12916 said:

    Do you mean a Marlin Model 39 .22 rifle?


    Howdy Major.

    I 'think' Marlin produced an 1897 'Texan'  or something like that, during their latter years before selling out to Remington.


    It was basically a nice model 39 with straight stock and OCTAGON barrel.   It resembled our 'Cowboy' model 1894's.


    I hope my memory serves me correctly..... ;)




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