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  1. Really looking forward to meeting you RCD.   Its a long haul from Oklahoma (land of Red Knee fame).


    If possible, we'll have to visit Bell Buckle Cafe.


    RCD:  I just got one quesiton.   You are just as famous as Red Knee with that 97 of your'n.   He

    wasn't able to get the job done when he was at Wartrace last time so I was just wonderin if he has

    recruited one of the 'big boys' to come here and do his dirty work for him?





  2. Capt,

    you might be better off keeping Iron Cowboy away from TW.    Remember, TW is the guy

    what put chicken feet and raccoon pecker bone on Purly's gun cart last summer and

    jinks the whole blame posse.


    And if any of you Wire Pards think I'm joking or trying to be funny, ain't so.

    TN really does stuff like that at some local matches.   He's one of them 'black magic'

    type back woods folk.   He and Krazy Kajun have that Louisiana swamp water running

    in their veins, instead of normal red blood.




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  3. Recent military pistols:

    Beretta 9mm

    SIG P320


    Would those be considered usable?


    Personally, if a club could host it, I also think it would be a fun side match.

    It would be fun to watch folks shoot some military issued pistols like those mentioned above.




  4. 4 hours ago, Equanimous Phil said:


    I have to admit that targets actually triggered me more, looking at those chairs, I see children sitting there. If that (or any other) posting seemed to be sanctimonious to anyone I can live with that. 


    First you saw a house..... but some of us didn't see a house.


    Now your seeing children sitting in those chairs.   I've looked over and over again and I don't see nobody

    in those chairs. 

    I have no intent to label you Sanctimonious or anything.   I just wish I could see the same picture that

    you're looking at.




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  5. I didn't see any house either in my pix, so X-cuuuuuuuuuuse me for complimenting the guy

    on his creativity of targets.

    Besides, he lives in Tennessee and for all we know, he could be 'feuding' with those

    neighbors.   If you noticed, he is wearing an official 'feudin' hat.




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  6. 2 minutes ago, Badlands Bob #61228 said:

    It looks like the extractor on the bolt released the spent shell before it reached the ejector.  That left the spent shell hanging out of the chamber.  The fresh shell was correctly released from the magazine onto the carrier.  Since the spent case was still in the gun, you have a jam.  


    You probably have a worn or weak extractor.  


    I'm not a gunsmith but I play one in my basement.


    ^   This   ^.

    OR, your Extractor wasn't correctly position in the bolt face, got loosened and released the rim

    to early.

    They can do that if the spring is too light or if to much wear has occurred, as B.Bob mentioned.




  7. 1 hour ago, The Rainmaker, SASS #11631 said:

    I'll probly try that. Maybe even in the back yard.

    Look out neighbors! :D



    Do you use the 97?     Do you slam fire?

    If you answer YES to both, call me at:  865 / 696-1996


    If you've won a big Lottery lately, you can also call me.

    If you are poor..... call TN Williams.





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  8. Hey Capt,

    just thought I would toss a word of warning into those

    proverbial 'Duelist Winds'.

    TN Williams has been doing some 'Hummingbird Wing'

    thumb exercises for the last 4 months.


    Ironically, he has the double joint in his thumbs that are required

    to thumb pistols fast but he never realized how to use that nor

    exercise with them until I showed him how to do it.


    He's gonna pick up noticeable speeds with the pistols, although

    I can't do much for his SG speeds because he refuses to use a 97. :D


    P.S. - I also can't help him with his mental state either.  He is a 

    bonified, certified, purified NUT.


    TN Williams: Hummingbird Fingers, Jr.




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  9. 37 minutes ago, The Rainmaker, SASS #11631 said:

    Where do you dry fire? And do you eject your rifle and SG (for 97s) snap caps?

    Hard to find a place where I can do it and not have stuff flyin under furniture or into the walls.

    Considered the back yard, just don't want to freak out the neighbors.


    On the 97, I use an OLD bed spread on the floor to catch the empties.

    That way, it really doesn't matter if I dry fire in the bed room, basement or garage.




  10. I can't speak for Lefty, but I plan to be there on Side Match day (Thursday) and

    I'm not planning to get involved in the SG side match this year.


    Soooooooooooo, if anyone needs any personal time with the 97, I'll be glad to help

    any way I can.

    I enjoy helping out when possible.   And again.... No Charge and No Gratuity accepted.




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  11. For the record, AFTER my original Vaquero's were properly tuned, I dry fired those babies

    1.5 million times each.

    One of the transfer bars broke at approx 250,000 cycles.  The replacement never did break.

    The transfer bar in the other Vaq broke at approx 350,000 cycles.  And that replacement bar never broke.


    Mileage varies, for sure.   But I can attest that dry firing Vaquero's, especially Original Vaq., ain't

    gonna do nothing but wear a callus on your thumbs.





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  12. 4 minutes ago, Branchwater Jack SASS #88854 said:


    No. Having two loaded revolvers in hand (not gunfighters or b-western) is correctable before either pistol is cocked.


    There is no call as long as either or both are empty.


    I knew this.  I was just curious as to why the question was ask about both revolvers being out of leather.




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  13. 1 hour ago, Possum Skinner, SASS#60697 said:

    J-Bar, perhaps not at the VERY beginning, but I agree, using a timer and trying to beat PAR time is an important and useful tool to improve shooting times.


    I use to set my PAR time at 1.5 seconds and with a delay 'beep'.


    I would draw at the beep, click the pistols 10 times (dry fire cycle)

    and be reholstering at the 2nd 'beep'.


    It was fun.    It helped a lot.  




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