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  1. Is the statement...... "I got nothing" a paradox or oxymoron?


    Is the statement...... "I have nothing" a correct statement?


    To imply you "got" or "have" indicates ownership or possession of 'something'.    If you 'got' nothing or if you 'have' nothing,

    contradicts the usage of "nothing".


    Our English language is strange...... yet fully understandable to those of us who speak it..... :lol:




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  2. I was taught:


    "The dog stood on the burning deck,

    a ring of fire was around his neck.....

    Hot Dog".


    I hated my English classes..... but I know the difference between There, They're, Their.

    And I kinda know the difference between TO, TOO and TWO.


    And I know a preposition is the worse word to end a sentence............ with.   (I had to do it).  :P




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  3. Since I was a kid (back in the 50's and 60's), Thunder Road and Robert Mitchum was always one of my favorite

    movies/songs.    WHY?


    Because I lived in Knoxville, right close to Kingston Pike, where the REAL character is 'rumored' to have

    died while running from them revenuers.   The story is told of a real person, BUT..... I'm not sure any actual

    death happed from a crash on Kingston Pike.   But those of us who lived close to there thought it must have

    because it was in the movies... ;)


    NOPE, I don't actually remember when/or if it happened, but I did live close to that spot, ....."Right outside of Knoxville".




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  4. Mad Major,

    In my 20+ years as a SASS member and Cowboy shooter, the 158 grain bullets are probably the least favorites for our 

    normal match setups.

    As mentioned in a previous post, the 105 and 125 grainers are the most popular in the .38/.357 caliber.


    Your loads don't have to kill the steel....... just 'ring' it.


    Go to the match.  Ask questions.   And be prepared to shoot a little because you may be invited to shoot a stage

    or two.   And if someone loans you their guns, feel free to use them....along with THEIR ammo.

    Most of us don't like 'unknown' ammo to be used in our firearms.




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  5. 15 hours ago, Mad Major said:

    yes, I was tracking its a full power load.  I was wanting to use the Hornady LSWCHP bullet for full power hunting or self defense cause it is cheaper than the XTP.


    Needless to say, but you've probably spent more time and money on all the stuff to remove lead buildup on your revolver

    then you would have spent on a box of some really good jacketed hunting bullets, or even some gas checked,

    hard cast bullets for hunting.




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  6. Some the the hardest work will be when somebody else tried to 'smith' a gun and failed.

    Then YOU get that 'reworked' gun to fix.


    Its one thing to fix a factory 'gremlin'.

    Its a totally other ballgame to fix an 'owner induced' gremlin.




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  7. No doubt, he will be missed.


    Writers such as he kept my interest in the monthly gun magazines.  Enjoyed his articles.


    Condolences to his family and close friends.




  8. 54 minutes ago, Santa Fe River Stan,36999L said:

    Hey Joe....contact Delta Glen......send me a PM if you don't have his info




    I would do THIS ^^^. first.




  9. 1 hour ago, Cheyenne Ranger, 48747L said:

    my Marlin .32 Mag has a really short stroke


    Yes, indeed.  And the SS is from the factory design.

    And those .32 H&R mag rifles are rare as a hen's tooth.


    Rumor has it that only about 600 were ever produced.

    Once set up right, smoothed, etc........ it can be one of the finest rifles to own and super fun for CAS.




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  10. 9 hours ago, Abilene, SASS # 27489 said:

    If there is no video then you hallucinated it.  Did you change your meds recently?  :)


    I don't know if anyone filmed it or not.......... but, I did blink once and almost missed the whole run.  ;)




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  11. Congratulations to TWO of the fastest and best 97 shooters these eyeballs have ever seen.


    At the TN STate side matches, Gut C Gunman and his younger brother, Skrap P.,  literally 'burned it down'.


    If I remember correctly, Gut C. kilt those 6 KD's in 3.79 seconds.

    Brother Skrap P. ran a beautiful 3.92 seconds.


    Both of these times are Phenomenal and I was tickled to witness it.   These 2 fellers are part of Chicken George family

    from New Mexico.   I also posse'd with them and their kindness, politeness and attitude made it an honor to shoot with

    them and get to know them for a few days.  They are a beautiful family.    Ain't sure they come any finer.




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  12. MAYBE.


    Allow me to qualify that, please.


    Sometimes, even a Marlin made carrier might need a little fitting or 'tweaking' to work well when substituting it

    with another Marlin made carrier.


    From what I have seen so far, the Ruger made carrier should work and fit in a JM Marlin made rifle, atleast in the 1894 models.

    I can't advise on the 336 or 1895 models.


    Ya gotta remember that even if the carrier 'fits', the timing could be questionable.




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  13. 4 hours ago, Tn Tombstone said:


    Hells Comin and Chicken George at the campground. That is starting to sound like a small party, now I just wonder if those pesky kids are going to show up.


    Red Knee has threatened me before.   Somehow, I get the gut feeling that

    with Sheriff Chicken George and his Posse of sharp shooters, camping out with Texas's top Deputy,

    Hell's Comin.......... I might have another 'bounty' on my head by the

    Oklahoma Tornado.


    Well, all I can say is..... ' don't place your bet too soon... Pilgrims'.   ;)


    EDIT:  I hope to drift into the Range midday before I head over

    to Bell Buckle where I'm staying.

    Slick McClade should be at Bell Buckle around 6ish.


    I'l see most of Y'all on Thursday.    








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  14. 12 hours ago, Kid Rich said:

    I heard there is a warrant issued for TW in TX. There was a 1 legged chicken spotted in Lockhart and HC told the authorities that he saw TW in the vicinity




    It wasn't just a chicken with a missing part.

    They also found a couple male Possums that had a missing part..... :lol:




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  15. It would not be right for me to not reply on this Thread, although I didn't expect such

    kind and thoughtful words from Creeker and others.


    Thank you kindly.


    I have only been able to be on the Wire during the evening hours the past few days because I was at the

    hospital during the day hours with my Moma.   Thats what we all called her..... Moma.

    Sadly, she passed this afternoon at the age of 96 without much suffering and ALL the kids were able to

    be at her side.   Actually, it was a very peaceful passing.


    My brothers and sister encouraged me to go on to the TN State because Moma kept talking about it for the 

    past couple of weeks.   She was as excited about me going as anyone.   Sooooo, I still plan to be there.


    Again, thanks everyone.   Trying to help others with Marlin issues is always a pleasure of mine and as long as I

    can help out, I will continue to encourage my Cowboy and Cowgirl family to always feel free to holler at me.


    God bless Y'all.




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  16. 3 minutes ago, Randy Saint Eagle, SASS # 64903 said:

    I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t run for at least a month after the match!:D




    IF TW wins his category, Senior COWGIRL DUELIST, he'll brag about it for

    atleast another month..... :P


    On a more serious note, TW is still wearing arm braces for his injury but plans to

    remove them long enough to shoot the match.   I suspect he will endure the

    pain and discomfort and try to have a respectable match.


    I still plan to have NO PITY on him and whoop up on him good.

    BUT..... he is still planning to digest Capt BB like a 3 course breakfast

    and spit him out before lunch time.  :o




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