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  1. Its seems like every video on YouTube about someones favorite semi-auto pistol

    makes a big deal out of the 'reset'.   Better known as 'trigger reset'.


    Yet I don't know a single person who can 'accurately' shoot one fast enough to

    take advantage of a short 'reset'.

    Heck, I don't even know anyone who can even 'Inaccurately' shoot one fast enough to

    take advantage of a short 'reset'.


    Any of you ever pay much attention to your 'reset' when shooting your semi-auto pistols?

    What's the big deal with having a short 'reset'?




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  2. 12 hours ago, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

    You sure, the cases I've seen are shortened 45 Colt with LP primer and a pleated/folded case mouth filled with 1F BP.

    IIRC-The cases are made by Starline Brass.



    Not real sure.   When I was given that brass, along with a box of 209 primers and wax bullets, I ask about the

    special brass and 209 primers and was told that some mounted shooters used them.   That's all I know.




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  3. 1 minute ago, Badger Mountain Charlie SASS #43172 said:

    Shooting a full hornet's nest from 7 feet sounds like a bad idea. But then again, some bad ideas are looked upon as a challenge by some. I know baking soda is good for bee stings, but not right sure about hornet stings. 



    if you ever want to learn to shoot faster than you thought you could, that's where 'Wasp Practice' comes in handy... :lol:


    I would go after a Wasp nest, but I wouldn't go after a Hornets nest with anything short of a open choked SG.




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  4. TN Williams has created a 'wasp' load for his .38 pistol and in conjunction, I have created a 'Wasp' load

    for my .45 Colt Ruger. 


    We both had .38 brass and .45 brass manufactured to hold the 209 Primers.

    We both had some paraffin bullets, of which we cut into 1/8" thick pieces, just enough to seal the case.

    We filled the respective cases about full with 'Walnut tumbling media'.   


    With just the power of the 209 primer, you would be surprised at the potent results.....enough power to decimate 

    a wasp nest and all the wasp on it.


    TN Williams will shortly add a post with pictures of results.


    Ya just never know what can happen when 2 greats minds start to thinking..... :D




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  5. 23 minutes ago, Noz said:

    Now, Three Foot. You know the bullet from a 270 will rise very gently until it gets about 300 yards out then it will flatten out a bit!


    And a lot of that is determined by how hard the shooter pulls the trigger..... :D


    Everybody knows the harder you pull the trigger the faster the bullet goes.




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  6. I have a semi auto Pistol with a very high front site and very high rear sight.

    BOTH sights are the same height.


    The Pistol shoots POA is also POI, which works good for me.


    QUESTION:  If BOTH of the HIGH sights are the same height, will the POA still produce POI if BOTH sights are lowered the same?


    To help with my inquiry, I use the sights basically recommended by manufacturers with the top of the front sight being level with the top

    of the rear sight.






  7. 12 minutes ago, Krazy Kajun said:

    You gotta watch ole TW, he’ll lie to ya straight faced. Shucks, last time I saw him he told me he was heading off to compete in a beauty contest and he fully expected to win the Humpty Dumpty fall face reconstruction contest, said he’s been working on his looks since ole Widder gave him a sideway glance and it skartem’ so bad he fell off his perch on the gut wagon. Ole TW is a notorious liar. 



    He IS the #1 liar in all of Tennessee.   And that says a lot!   :lol:




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  8. 3 hours ago, bgavin said:

    Dunno about moving there, but I would be humbled to spend some serious time with you learning Marlins and Henry 22s... and how to shoot Gunfighter style.
    Those are a couple more items in my wish bucket, before I get too old.


    And before I get to old also..... ;)

    I turn 70 in the spring.   Always glad to help someone learn the Marlin 1894 and Henry .22




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  9. 43 minutes ago, Kulshan 20262 said:

    On the .38 Marlins I have worked on I "hour glassed" the loading gate spring, that's the "tail" between the gate and the screw mount.


    I've seen that technique on a few Marlins.   Hour glassing or thinning the steel can effect the integrity and strength of the steel.


    BUT, if you take about 1/2 of the bend out of the loading gate spring, this keeps the integrity of the steel while also 'softening'

    its tension,  allowing easier manipulation of it while pushing ammo thru it.


    Just another thought to consider when working on the Marlin.




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  10. Krazy,

    If I were running for a political office, I would be incline to hire you for my Public Relations Officer.


    You have indeed secured your life long friendship status with Barkeep due to your care and concern for his


    Red Knee, of Oklahoma fame, uses my special lube on all of his original Winchester 97 shotguns, which has propelled

    him into probably the Top 5 97 shooters in the country.   In his own testimony, he states that he was a NOBODY until

    he started using the Widder's special lube.   After that, he won the Oklahoma speed SG event, the SW Regional speed

    SG event and then Winter Range (National) speed SG event.


    You have taken the first giant step into becoming a renown SKB smith when you use that special lube.


    P.S. - save the spoon for Barkeep.   He may want to lick it clean!   :P




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  11. Hey bgavin,

    move to TN, close to me.    I just got back from the field out behind my house where I spent the early noon hours

    blasting away with a couple 9mm pistols and a couple 460 Rowland 1911's.   And yes, I have neighbors but nobody

    complains.    And if shooting practice starts to bore you, we can spice it up by trying to get a coyote, groundhog or 



    Life is good in East Tennessee!




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  12. I've owned and shot so many .22 rifles and pistols in my life time, that I'm surprised some one doesn't manufacture a 

    'Widder .22' brand..... :lol:


    Howdy FJT.

    Just the history of the .22 should take up your whole show.   And in modern times, the .22 pistols/revolvers/rifles have never

    given the shooter more options to acquire their 'dream' .22, although some of our dreams still center around owning one of the

    classics from Marlin, Winchester, Remington, Mossberg, etc.....


    Take care of yeself.




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