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  1. Capt BB,

    Before I can properly judge your method in the riddance of mice, I gotta know if the chocolate was sweet, semi-sweet or

    dark chocolate.


    Was it the type of chocolate used on Nanner Splits?




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  2. I got a friend that carries 2 pistols and extra ammo in his truck, and sometimes he carries a long gun also.


    In the home, he has multiple placements of a gun.... I just don't know where nor how many.


    For me, I have one 'close', regardless of my whereabouts, including extra ammo.




  3. Fordyce,

    if you think that is fast and hard to count for, you oughta see some of the fastest Gunfighters

    in their practice runs for world record speeds.


    Example:  most of those speed demons can DRAW and dry fire their pistols for 10 simulated shots AND reholster in around

    1.5 seconds.   YES, 1 and 1/2 seconds for the DRAW and 10 separate audible clicks of their 2 revolvers and reholster in

    less than 1.5 seconds.   


    Best regards......... and don't blink.




  4. Congratulations to a couple new JEDI's, of which I am trying hard to update all the request and check out



    One of my favorites lives right here in Tennessee, and he is turning out to be a darn good GF.




    and from Genova, ITALY, JEDI GF #360 is FANNY McGIVER.   I think Fanny may be the 1st JEDI recognized in Italy.

    Her SASS # is:  112203.   I enjoy hearing from the other side of the world about their GF skills, etc.....

    SASS and CAS is enjoyed around the world.


    Some numbers are PENDING until official recognitions can be made.


    MAC and FANNY......... Congratulations.




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  5. On my personal 97's, I hired Slater to stipple my forearms using his very slow and unique method of using a particular

    Dremel bit and Dremel to actually hand 'cut' little 'stipple like' pattern in the forearms.


    Normally, he doesn't do the forearm in this manner because it is time consuming.   But considering the free time

    in teaching him about the Marlin 1894 and Henry .22, he was glad to do a couple of my forearms with this unique

    hand method.


    Slater also has a laser machine and can do some mighty fine patterns, checkering and stippling.




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  6. 12 minutes ago, Yul Lose said:

    I man the unload table because I can’t be a reliable spotter anymore, I can’t keep up with the fast shooters and me being a spotter isn’t fair to the shooter or the other shooters.



    sometimes it ain't a spotters fault.   Seems some of the problems come from folks not knowing the rules or misinterpreting them.


    You are correct in that some shooters are hard to spot for, depending up certain scenarios and if they are a super fast traditionalist

    or very good GF.


    The Wire, and PWB, are a great place to help us all understand things better and fairly.



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  7. My original post was in reference to the original thread by Fordyce Beals.   I see no target sequence mentioned.


    Where did the actual targets engagement come from that makes the original infraction become a Miss and a 'P'?







  8. TJB,   here are just a few of the best, atleast those I am aware.   Hopefully, you can find some YouTube videos on them.


    Red Knee

    Deuce Stevens

    Sante Fe River Stan

    Missouri Traveler


    Hells Comin

    Copperhead Joe

    The Outlaw Travis James

    Arcadia Outlaw

    Midwest Hale (fast Cowgirl)

    AND, the fastest I've had the pleasure of seeing..... Gut C Gunman and his brother, Scrap P.


    There may not be a video of him, but PHANTOM is pretty darn fast with his 97 also.


    I'll probably think of a few more after I finish my Nanner Split......... 😀





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  9. 2 hours ago, DeaconKC said:

    Don't remind him or he'll be licking old calendars!


    AND.... calendars were free back then.   Everybody offered free calendars.


    A good milkshake was 25 cents.   A good doughnut was  5 cents.

    I no longer drink many milkshakes nor eat a good doughnut.


    But I still shoot a lot of .22's.   😀




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  10. 17 hours ago, Creeker, SASS #43022 said:

    Come on up and shoot with us in Las Vegas; 117 Saturday (real feel 119) and 122 Sunday (real feel 125).


    Nice and cozy.


    Jedi Creeker,

    There are some on this Wire that have thought you were crazy......... and you may have just confirmed it... 😀



    Of course, I'm not one of them..... 😇


    I like summer and warm/hot weather..... but it sure can take its toll on some of us if we push our luck.

    Those temps are beyond my limits, unless I have a death wish.

    Have fun!




  11. PRIMERS........ I wish I could post a picture.


    I have a Brick of CCI large magnum pistol with a $7.95  price sticker on it.

    Actually, I have 2 of those bricks.  Yes... 1000 primers per brick.




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  12. Y'all be careful.   I find it a little hard to breathe in hot weather (95 and up).


    I love warm summer days, but it can be hard on ya and before ya know it........ you're zapped and bad things

    can happen.




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  13. WOW..... I love these stories.

    Here's another of mine:


    I was born in 51, so at around 1960 and visiting Grandpa's farm in the country, I fell in love shooting one of his boys .22 Remington.

    It was the semi-auto model and really a nice rifle.   


    Back then, Mr. Caton owned the local Mom/Pop neighbor store and he always stocked a few boxes of .22 ammo.

    I don't remember the price but some of us boys could always tell a 'yarn' about how good we could shoot a .22 rifle,

    especially with that ammo that could shoot.  "........ 1 Mile".

    I faintly remember he carried boy Remington-Peters and Winchester-Western brand.

    And I remember the potbelly stove he kept in his store for heating during the winter.   Such fond memories.


    Kinda funny how the topic of .22 ammo can bring back memories for many of us.

    My older brother's first .22 rifle was the Nylon 66.

    Mine was the Winchester 9422.   When my daughter was born in 93, I bought her a new 9422 that very week of birth.

    She's 31 now and that rifle is now sitting in her safe, along with the original box.

    Its been shot...... but its still in new condition.




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  14. I thought I would inventory some of my stash of .22 ammo.


    Some of it is old...... darn old.


    I found a 50 round box of CCI Blazers priced at .97-cents.

    AND... I found a 50 round box of Winchester-Western .22 LR priced at .89-cents.


    And I've got some CCI .22 LR in the 100 round packs with a sub $2 price sticker on em.


    Sure wish I had bought a few cases of those way back in those 'good ole days'.


    Back around the mid-80's, a friend of mine and I picked up a case (5000 rounds) of Winchester .22 LR at a gun show for

    $100 even.   Of course, back in the mid 80's, my friend and I were lucky to have $100 between us, especially after paying

    about $6 to get into the gun show in Knoxville.


    I still feel blessed to have $100 in my pocket.... But my friend has become a multi-millionaire and has been overly kind to

    me with a couple nice gifts thru the years.  He gave me a Like New Remington Nylon 66.   Really love that rifle.

    And, he gave me a darn nice Marlin model 101, which was a single shot .22 rifle that requires the bolt to be pulled back to

    manually cock the rifle.  What is neat about his rifle is that the cocking bolt is shaped like a 'T', which makes it easy to grasp

     to cock.


    P.S. - The friend I referenced IS NOT TN Williams.   He too tight to give ya anything, BUT..... he has offered me my money back

    on those .22 ammo.    Mighty kind of him, don't ya think?




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  15. 9 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:

    I'll bet if you kept the stats that misses also increase when it is really hot.


    Howdy SD.

    Some of those 'Misses' are probably missed because the spotters are also getting hot and having attentive issues.  😀




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  16. Just curious.

    In today's match, it was hot.  


    The stages were relatively simple and no obvious 'P traps' or shooter ambushes.


    BUT........ it seemed that thru-out the match (and not just one particular stage) there seem to be an unusual amount

    of 'P's earned.


    Just wondering if at your hot weather matches if the 'P's increase in relation to rising temps.


    And yea..... I earned one also.  😊




  17. 9 hours ago, DeaconKC said:

    Best rumor I heard lately was that Widder and Tennessee Williams actually like each other!


    He is a likable feller................AS LONG AS HE STAYS IN HIS PART OF TENNESSEE and don't come over into my part.   😀




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  18. This is just too good to keep secret, soooooooo, here is the story.


    The 'Identity' of TN Williams wife was recently stolen.

    As I was expressing my thoughts and displeasure of such news,

    he told me that whoever stole it was spending LESS than she did.

    So, he decided not to report it stolen.   😀


    Ya gotta love his outlook on life!





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  19. Hey Scarlett..... :wub:


    There is a post on the thread about 158 grain bullets and H110 powder that states "Outlaw Bullets is under new ownership".


    I'm guessing that somebody has your company name mixed up with another company and is highly confused.


    As for me, I haven't heard any negative rumors concerning your excellent bullets.   Keep up the good work.





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