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  1. Teenage boys and driving.  They are going to wreck whatever you give them.  It's going to happen.  It's a right of passage.  Just pray they survive it and eventually realize they aren't invincible.  Most of them survive their teenage years but it's hard on the parents.  


    Buy them something disposable and pay extra for lots of liability insurance.:wacko:

  2. Speeding on Hwy 316 tonight is not going to be a wise decision.   I don't think they'll lock up any more UGA players this weekend than they do any other weekend.  Kirby will have them all bailed out by next weekend.

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  3. 4 hours ago, Utah Bob #35998 said:

    What it all boils down to is not what the officer thought. The question is were his actions reasonable and in compliance with his training, department policies, and state laws. That’s what the shooting review board determines. The States Attorney will have a separate investigation, usually conducted by the Sheriff, State Police, or FBI depending on the case.

    The fact that the department terminated his employment so quickly is evidence that they determined he violated policies at the least.


    Any way you look at it, he still shot a guy in a wheel chair in the back 9 times over a shoplifted toolbox.   That has got to violate some kind of policy. 

  4. As a 35 year veteran of Law Enforcement, I learned a long time ago not to come to a conclusion until I have all the facts.  However, it's going to be really hard to justify this one.   I don't think the officer can articulate why a misdemeanor shoplifter in a wheelchair needs killing.  Just chain his chair to a handicap sign and wait for help.


    I think 900 criminals killed by police nationwide per year is probably a low figure.  The vast majority needed killing, however, every one of them needs to be soberly reviewed.

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  5. Our club was looking to build a barrier 150' long and 10' high between a rifle range and a gun club roadway.  We considered the pressure treated timber wall filled with gravel.  The cost of pressure treated wood was astronomical, plus the amount of labor to build it would be substantial.  We actually came out cheaper by pouring a concrete wall.  Any company that can pour basements can do the work and it'll last forever with no maintenance.

  6. Of course, the shortages and demand for ammo has necessitated a 30% - 100% increase in ammo and loading components.  I'm sure this is just an unrelated side effect of their dedication to supporting law enforcement and the shooting community.

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  7. We may all be missing the important part.  I got my original vaccine back in March at a public school about 15 miles from home.  Signed up on the computer and they gave me an appointment.  Last week, I signed up at y local Publix grocery store for a booster shot.  They already had my original vaccine information in some database that they checked.   I filled out a form for my original shot with lots of personal I.D. Information on it.  At the time, I never thought about all this medical data collected in a central database.  

  8. 19 hours ago, sassnetguy50 said:

    If your guests have a doorless bathroom and a bucket as a toilet, you probably don't qualify as an "average host" by modern standards.  

    Yea, I saw the Homer Bucket too, but I didn't say anything.  It was the perfect opportunity, but I kept it professional.  Let the record show that it wasn't me.

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  9. Technically, what you're asking is possible.  However, I think you'll find that you'll probably tear up the door casing getting it out of the stud framing.  It all depends on finding all the nails before you split the trim work.  It would be easiest to go to your local big box store and buy a new door frame unit.  With a finish nailer, it takes me longer to unpackage the door unit than it does to install it.   You just need a level, pack of shims and a box knife.  Caulk and paint to suit.   



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  10. 15 minutes ago, Chief Rick said:

    This unit is equipped with a 14.K A/C and 20K furnace.


    So would it be better to go with a single ~3500W generator or two ~2000W generators with a parallel kit for units with this size A/C?

    Each has an advantage and both will work.  The 3500W generator is heavier but you only have to deal with one unit.  The duel 2000W generators are lighter to move around, easier to store but both require fuel, maintenance etc.  The 2000W generators will also use a pull start.  The single 3500W generator is probably cheaper to buy than 2 2000W generators and the parallel kit.  I went with the Champion 3400W generator but it weighs almost 100 lbs.  The remote start is what sold me.  I can use the remote  to turn it on and off as needed.  No more pulling on a rope.

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  11. 13 hours ago, Wallaby Jack, SASS #44062 said:

    I asked my doctor for a second opinion .....


      ....... he said "and you're ugly too!"   :blush:

    13 hours ago, Buckshot Bear said:


    What prescription did he give you for that affliction ? :)



    Beer goggles

    BEER GOGGLES Beaulyls m Ihe eye oflhe beer holder - )

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  12. As a general rule, an RV will loose 1/2 its value in the 1st 5 years.  That applies to $500,000 Class A to the $8,000 popup camper.   And it doesn't even matter if you use it or not.  Consider it an entertainment expense.  You can save a lot of money by buying used and letting someone else take that big depreciation hit.  Travel trailers are not that complicated or hard to work on.  The biggest thing to watch out for is water leaks/water damage.


    Most campers are equipped with a 13.5K or 15K AC unit.  You will need a 3400 watt generator to run these AC units.  Everything else in the camper can be run with a 2000 watt generator.


    I easily pull a 27' Winnebago travel trailer with an F-150 equipped similar to yours.  Fully loaded for a 3 week trip, mine weighs about 6,200 lbs.  

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  13. We've drug the camper out to T-Bone's place twice.  774 miles each way. End of Trail in Indiana was about 700 miles.  Next year, we are going to Land Run.  According to Google, it's 909 miles each way.  We turn these little excursions into 3 week adventures.  One of the perks of being retired.  Most of our large shoots are in the Southeast and less than one days drive with the camper from the house.  

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  14. You have to use other words besides AR15 and shoot.  The FB algorithm will kick you out for such offense words.   Instead use "My black plastic baby" or "Insurrection Repellant device".  If you're going to visit enemy lands, you must learn the language.

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