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  1. On 3/17/2024 at 9:14 AM, Alpo said:

    I wonder how they handled that illegal substance?


    Heroin is illegal in Florida. If I turned in 5 pounds of heroin they would put it in the incinerator and destroy it.


    Unlicensed machine guns are illegal in Florida. If I turned in an unlicensed machine gun it would go to the chop shop and destroyed.


    Snakes are illegal in Hawaii. They turn it into the zoo. Did the zoo kill it?

    They probably spent $10,000 shipping it to Florida.  

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  2. The wife hates Aldi's.  I shop there just to irritate her.  I can't get everything there, but they do carry a lot of the staples, just off brands.  The wife is a fan of Publix.  She likes paying 30% more for groceries with a brand name.  The cashiers are nicer at Publix and always complement you on some item you bought.   


    I have an ashtray full of quarters.  A lot of times if there is a customer coming in to Aldi's as I am putting up the cart, I'll just give them the cart and quarter.  Sort of my "Good Deed for the Day".  Then I feel good about going home and facing the wife.  :D

  3. I quit going to gun shows about 10 years ago.  High prices and then having to pay to get in on top of that.  It's sort of like going to a tourist trap town and having to pay to park.    They want me to spend my money there but want to charge me to get in?  They don't carry the things I want at a reasonable price anyway.  

  4. 49 minutes ago, G W Wade said:

    Mine won’t take shotgun primers but I got $2.10 / lb for primers and split brass( separated).    GW

    I ran a magnet over the shotgun primers and they have some steel in them.  I pulled all the shotgun primers out.  $2.10 a pound would make me happy.  

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  5. I've got about 20 lbs of split brass and spent primers in an 8 lb powder jug.   I ran a magnet over the contents and pulled out any steel cases and the shotgun primers.  They have a lot of steel in them.  Is this stuff worth anything?  Does anybody sell this to a scrap metal dealer?  I'm trying to decide if it's worth fooling with or just throw in the trash.

  6. I've ordered stuff from Amazon and it was shipped via UPS.  I get a message that the package was delivered but nothing showed up at the house.  Apparently, UPS has a deal with the USPS to do the last leg of the delivery on small packages.  It shows that the package was delivered but actually, they just turned it over to the post office.  It has caused a few anxious moments until I learned to just be patient.  Not my strong suit.

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  7. I've been using 125 gr over 3.0 grains of Titegroup for over 15 years.  Never had a problem with any knockdown as long as I hit it.  Same load for rifle and pistols.  The Texas Star will probably be the stiffest reactive target you may run across and this load handles it just fine.  

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  8. With the volume of intelligence coming in at all times, it's often hard to separate the good from the bad or just speculation.  It's easy to go back in 20/20 hindsight and point to something and claim that if they had only listened.  It's sort of like those Youtube financial "experts" who claim the market is going to crash and you should put everything into gold bars.  

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  9. There's different techniques taught over the years.  Putting the hands behind the head with the fingers interlinked is one.  The officer can approach the suspect from the rear and with one hand can cover the interlocked fingers and keep him from pulling them apart.  The officer can then use his free hand to search the suspect for weapons.  This technique could be used with a compliant but still dangerous suspect.   It looks good in the movies.

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