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  1. We went to a State level match a couple years ago where competitors were advised that name tags would not be furnished and were requested to bring a name tag of their choosing to be worn during the event. We’re sure that most everyone who has been in the game for some period of time likely has a collection of old name tags some of which they like very much. If you have one from your home state, you might want to wear it to let other shooters know where you are from. We don’t know if name tags are a huge expense, but by doing this some savings would be realized by the group putting on the match. Any savings could be used to fund awards or other needs such as printed shooters books. Sandhills Slim & Ms. Jewel
  2. Low recoil Titewad loads. Winchester AA or STS hulls Winchester WAA12L or Claybuster 7/8 oz gray wad 7/8 oz of shot 14.2 gr of Hodgdon Titewad powder Use #20 Mec bushing #209 Shotshell primer of choice
  3. Krazy Kajun, if Pig Iron Lane is still making shotgun targets, I would also like his contact information. Cross Creek Cowboys might want to buy some targets from him.
  4. Dutch, I received your check today. Thank you.  I also called USPS Tracking #1-800-222-1811 and keyed in the tracking #9505 5129 7197 1167 3679 33.  I got a message that delivery was attempted today June 19th, 2021 at 1:59 and was advised "Could Not Access Delivery Location" for Wading River, NY Zip 11792.  You may want to check with your post office. 


    Clayton Todd aka Sandhills Slim

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    2. Sandhills Slim, SASS #22998

      Sandhills Slim, SASS #22998

      Does this mean you have received the package?  

    3. Dutch Cassidy SASS 5252

      Dutch Cassidy SASS 5252

      The package was delivered today.




    4. Sandhills Slim, SASS #22998

      Sandhills Slim, SASS #22998

      That’s great! Glad to hear that. 

      Sandhills Slim 

  5. There is a pair on Gunbroker.com. Buy now price $1495.00 with eagle gunfighter grips. Search for item 878200237. They are hard to find. 

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