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  1. Always thought it was unfair to take rankings over a years time. Too many factors that effect attendance and generally the person with the highest attendance has an advantage with points over time.

    Without creating another category, assign your points to the top shooters male/female for each shoot. If they shoot in at least 5 or 6 shoots over the year then average their individual scores. Top average score wins the prize. If there is a tie.... The perhaps a super shoot off between them.



    Isn't that the situation with any sport ranking points Ace? They don't average the points out if you can't make a NASCAR race!

    And if you can't make it cause you got a wedding or funeral or birthday to go to, well you may have to work a little harder to catch up?

    We're not shooting for sheep stations as we say down here in Aussie, it's for a buckle!!!

  2. I agree and with the addition of the other categories to the annual awards idea, I am leaning towards doing away with the qualification idea and allowing anyone to shoot the open/Renegade category who wants to. The silver buckle for that category will hopefully draw some of the fastest shooters, making more room at the top of the other categories.

    I think that might defeat the purpose of the whole idea SS. Slicks original concept was you had to ACHIEVE, to get into the top 5 in his case. If you missed a match, well that's your problem you'll be out of the posse for a while. But then again you don't have to miss a match not to finish in the top 5 ( using Slicks comp) . You might shoot badly and be out anyway. If you widen it up to what you're thinking it becomes just another category/ posse and the incentive to ACHIEVE I think will lost.


    For other categories here's something I used back in Aussie before, allocate points to each shooter depending on where they finish in each category. I limited the categories, to a minimum of 4 if they want to participate. So for example if you have 6 wranglers then the winner gets 6 points then downward as per your Renegade posse. It will vary week to week so next week you might only have 4 wranglers, winner only gets 4 points etc. End of the year highest points are winners. If you change categories you cannot carry previous category points across!


    One last idea, not every one can shoot to win, many will go just to try and shoot a clean match. Give each clean match shooter a token, like wooden coin or something, then end of the year they place them all in hat and draw for the Sharpshooter of the year buckle.


    Just my thinkingLol.

  3. Thanks KK.

    T Bone if ya wanna hold 2 spots for us, we really won't know until till later in the year if we can get a visa extension.

    Our 6 months next year will end 1st week Aug as we're coming back in 1st week Feb.

    Immigration will only give legal immigrants 6 months at the border.!

    Unless someone gives us a job, and does the work visa app?

  4. Yes started coating with HI-TEK polymer. So far all is good. They look and shoot great.

    I just wanted to get some opinions about them. I guess it verifies what I was thinking. I can't see any down side.



    Thank you mister Jackaroo!

  5. I've been shooting SNS castings poly coated bullets since they started making them. Not sure how they compare to Hi-Tek. There's been no issues with leading in my bores at all. Everything stays cleaner, dies, hands and guns. They can be a bit slick to pick up, but that's an acceptable issue. And shoot well out of my Glock 34 with polygonal rifling as mentioned above.


    My 1911 chamber seems to stay much cleaner with the poly coated bullets as well.


    Even tried them with BP in 44-40 and .38's, at local matches with close targets they've work well. Typically I get through a whole match without much fouling. Longer target distances on hot days, that's a different story all together. As expected accuracy diminishes after a few stages rather quickly without lube.



    All SNS bullets are coated with Hi Tek

  6. Them coated bullets originated in Aussie and Hi Tek is a great product.

    What I found best was I lubed the actual bullet with a muzzleloader lube so it went into the empty lube groove, nothing precision all just coated it with a ice cream stick or something and then loaded it on top of a card wad, or filler if I had to use some.

    I then swabbed the rifle bore with a wet one you know those nappy wipes after every stage, and never had a problem, accuracy was maintained and easier to clean at the end of shooting.

    Just put the rifle back in the cart and ran the rod and swab up and down twice and that was it.

  7. This is not a debate or "Category creation by committee". It was created by a group of people who were interested in Steampunk, and people who said "I don't like steampunk and wouldn't shoot it", or "I don't think it has anyplace in SASS" were SPECIFICALLY NOT consulted.


    No gunfighter? Because I said so.


    I firmly believe that gunfighers should only shoot against other gunfighters. That's why they have their own categories.


    If you don't agree, start your own unofficial category.

    I'm with you here pard, not a steampunk fan but am a fan of participating to the rules.

    There are rules made up in every sport and if they're not your cup of tea don't participate, OR conform.

    You only have to look at most stages at matches today, they're all pistol, pistol? Gone are the days of any split pistol and more transitional stages, cause the gunfighters moaned and groaned so much. It has seemed to have been forgotten that 'gunfighter' is a shooting STYLE not a shooting category.?

  8. So is SASS going to negotiate a special deal for us Cowboys?

    Should be finished by June I'd think.?

    That's close by the great little Chinese restaurant and not far from that fabulous pizza place.


    Maybe Comfort Inn will take advance bookings.....opening special!!!



    Why don't my smilie icons come up when using an iPad.??

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