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  1. Aug 30, I bought some ice cube trays from Walmart.com.  The site said they would be shipped free for 14.97 total.  Walmart’s usual policy is your order must a minimum of $35 to be shipped for free.


     A few days later an Amazon package arrived with “A gift for you” of ice cube trays. Damn now I don’t need my Walmart trays, but why did they send me a gift?  Well that’s just it, the company was using Amazon’s delivery service to send my trays and they lied to Amazon by saying it was a gift when they actually sold it through Walmart.


    Now, they have not given Walmart any evidence that they actually shipped anything.

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  2. Ahhh, the X mountain division!  Once upon a time I did daring things, one of those things was to ascend Mt Washington in NH by bicycle. On my third and final climb, there was the dedication of a monument to the X division (some stone with crap printed on it) traffic was heavy. Think about cars ascending at 10 mph and bicycles at 4-5 mph.

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