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  1. Unfortunately it appears that it is accurate that our tabulations for Trail Driver (fastest state in the region) were indeed inaccurate. Getting another banner, ten pins and shot glasses is the easy part of attempting to correct this. The ability to announce at the banquet that Florida won is the part that is impossible to correct. I offer my most sincere apologies to both Florida and to Georgia for the error.  

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    12 hours ago, Tyrel Cody said:


    While that is a great reason to be 2nd in that chart I was curious about the uptick in participation that year.  Still fuzzy though, could be The Triple Crown(last leg) or could be getting to shoot with Alchemist Belle...

    It was the final leg of the Triple Crown. Unfortunately, we did not have Belle as a recruiting tool at that time due to the fact that the shoot-through for the Tennessee State match helpers was on the same weekend as Ambush. Both her and Branchwater shot Ambush's shoot-through in order to participate in Alabama's State match which is their home state.  Tennessee and Alabama shares custody of the Dupree family although Alabama only gets every other weekend and some holidays. :)


    Some behind-the-scenes stuff you might be interested in: For years Whiskey Hayes and I have tried to schedule the Tennessee State and Ambush (be it state or regional) to make the matches avoid conflict scheduling conflicts for both shooters who travel all the time and those who have difficulty shooting two big matches on consecutive weekends. As you know, in 2022 the two matches are months apart.


    When it comes to How To Put On A Good CAS Match concept, I've always taken the Sam Walton approach; check out what others are doing and copy what they do best. In the case of Whiskey and the Tennessee match, he could have written the book as there has always been much good to copy. Tennessee has  always been a great show.


    To ramble on a bit more: I first met Branchwater Jack in 2010 at the Tennessee State match where he was serving as a berm marshal. I'll never forget the first time I saw him. Here was this fellow wearing what appeared to be the dirtiest pants and the most ragged shoes I had ever seen on anyone other than old photos from the depression and before. I remember thinking, "This guy is too poor to play this game. I hope he doesn't have a family who is suffering in order to enable him to play." Later the same day I attended the banquet only to see him in the fanciest Civil War Cadet uniform I had ever seen, or have seen since. It turns out that he made it himself. The pants and shoes from earlier that day were from his Civil War reenactment days.


    A year later I would attend the last match at Possum Trot where I shared a cabin with Randy St. Eagle, Tombstone John, Dobber, and Branchwater. Branchwater ended up on the bunk above me and that is where I first began to get to know the most anal retentive friend. . .of all my anal retentive friends. At the 2013 Ambush shoot-through I got an inside look to his thought processes regarding stage design. Where had he 'trained?' Tennessee. 


    Every stage you will see at Ambush, Jack (uh, Branchwater, uh Ryan) knows how far each target is away, the space between targets, how it affects a left handed shooter, a two-handed shooter, a duelist, a gunfighter, a black powder shooter, any combination thereof, and other things I have not thought of. I tried recruiting him for years, but he always told me he would not be deeply involved in match management until Donald Duke was out of high school. Well, two years ago the North Alabama Regulators needed a stage writer on short notice and I sweet talked him into doing it even though Duke is still in school. Branchwater's first big match to write was the 2019 regional immediately on the heels of a few NAR matches where he did his best to test ideas. His stages are popular to say the least and I can only imagine what our numbers would be by now had we not had Covid to deal with in 2020 and 2021. 


    The fact is I have what I believe to be an incredible team gathered to play hosts to everyone. Barkeep Casey is my sounding board for basically everything that goes on. He is also chief bartender Thursday and Friday evening as well as emcee Saturday night. 


    Graywolf Tate manages range maintenance (which is a lot on a range where most stages are out of their teens as well as playing chef to everyone Thursday evening. 


    Drake Robey handles registration, shooter packs, too many other details to list, and ultimately scoring. He has served more time on the board than anyone and recently became one of the land owners. 


    Toolman is responsible for awards, runs side matches, and oversees the costume contest. These are jobs that are often taken for granted. 


    Big Iron Ranger is the newest member of the board and serves as secretary, chief communicator, and keep me straight-or. That's a handful for sure. 


    Reno Mustang is our TG and is possibly the most well traveled of all of us. . .and that is saying something because there are a number of us who have been around the block a time or two and bringing back what we've seen and liked.


    And the Co-posse marshals: They are not accidents or just whoever happened to be available. They have been chosen based on observation of their knowledge of the game, their sense of fair play, and willingness to apply the rules. I use two in order to spread the load (it is a distraction to run a posse, particularly at a big match) and to hopefully prevent them from being approached with a problem while at the loading table. 


    Okay. Anyone who read this far, I'll buy you a beer at Barkeep's bar. :)







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  3. I suppose this would be as good a time as any to say that for the first time I was unable to accommodate all posse requests. Doing so would have resulted in multiple posses with 30+ members. On one hand it is an awesome problem to have because it means that we've put on a good show in the past and folks are inviting their friends to share in the fun. On the other hand, I truly hate it when I am unable to accommodate everyone's request. We certainly get the fact that the shooters are our guests, our customers, and we want you to be happy. We will do everything reasonable within our power to see that this occurs. If anyone is unhappy about posse assignments, you may place the blame directly on me as I ultimately put them together. If you make new friends as the result of a seemingly unusual posse assignment. . .I'll take the credit. :rolleyes:



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  4. 11 hours ago, MizPete said:

    Got it.  I'm on a posse where I know almost nobody - have I done something wrong?


    Miz Pete, I held an auction to see who got the best scorekeeper in SASS and Tennessee Williams and Whiskey Hayes were the highest bidder. You might not know them, but everyone knows you. Like everyone else (including me at Comin' at Cha), they are willing to accept that Pecos Pete is part of the deal. ;):)


    But seriously, to my knowledge, nobody was listed in the "posse with" section on Pete's application. 

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  5. 30 minutes ago, The Outlaw Travis James said:

    Down here most clubs have gone to a program called CAS Scoring.  I can bring my iPad and let you guys check out this week if you would.  It is free and made specifically for our sport.  https://www.casscoring.com/ CAS Scoring Tutorial 5.0 orig.ppsx

    1038030555_CASScoringTutorial5.0orig.ppsx 11.83 MB · 0 downloads

    That is on my radar. Bring it if you don't mind and we'll see if we can get Drake and Big Iron slowed down at some point to give it a gander. Thanks!

  6. 3 hours ago, Ringer said:

    Makes you just love practicescoreless  more and more.

    As you know from your past match management experience, there's always one more thing that you need to do to make things perfect. Trust me, moving to another scoring system is on the list. I too hate the fact that it doesn't allow the ability to use aliases. . .unless you happen to know when you register to use your alias in place of your real name. As far as we know, there isn't a way for us to edit user information to change to aliases. 

  7. 49 minutes ago, Fretless said:

    That chart came from the NAR website.  My guess would be that it's a generic schedule which can be used every year, and just hasn't been decoded yet for this year. It has slots for up to 20 posses.

    And it shall return in 2022. Sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men get interrupted. Such was the case this year. 


    Tennessee William's is accurate regarding odd numbers being flight one and even numbers being flight two. Where the posses start is being worked out by Branchwater.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Tn Tombstone said:

    I remember the secret stages well including that one. I enjoyed the SS but some of the faster shooters didn't much care for it. I always thought it would make a great side match stage. At least the secret might stay a secret until at least lunch.

    I called it the-not-so-secret stage. Statistics showed that performance improved from the first posse to shoot the match up until the last one shot it. A great idea that was fun, but a state or regional match is not the place for it.

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  9. 6 minutes ago, Tn Tombstone said:

    Just a heads up, we are still in the area, a little south of Wartrace and yesterday I had to pull over and let a bunch of chicken feet pass heading south. In the back ground I could hear them singing "Ghost Chicken in the Sky". It was a passel of chicken feets I tell you.

    Come to Alabama and you will hear the song you own dang self.

    I wonder if I can hire PAW Patrol? They have experience rescuing Chickaletta, so chicken paws should be right up their alley. It's getting serious. 

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  10. Ask and ye shall receive:

    Drake Robey AL
    Cotton Mouth Cole AL
    Hopalong Mac McLin AL
    Buck O. Billy AL
    One Shot Dave AL
    Carpetbagger Carley AL
    Wild Phil Hickok AL
    River City Bly AL
    Crazy Case AL
    Possum AL
    Alchemist Belle AL
    Donald Duke AL
    Branchwater Jack AL
    Big Iron Ranger AL
    Limpin Jim AL
    Sweet Calamity AL
    Lucky Lead Pepper AL
    Cahawba Kid AL
    Kontankerous Tee AL
    El Viejo Lobo AL
    Canoe Creek Kid AL
    Sidekick AL
    Bama Cowboy AL
    Schofield Twin AL
    Six String AL
    Sweet Sarah Jane AL
    Pistoleer AL
    El Camino AL
    Lawman Mark AL
    Ben T. Iron AL
    Ara Tiest AL
    Marshal TKD AL
    Casketmaker Dave AL
    Graver Bill AL
    Lefty Young Gun AL
    Buck D. Law AL
    Jasper Jack AL
    Scotch Before Noon AL
    Sketchy Sue AL
    Stampede Sam AL
    Tullamore Dew AL
    Hanso Lowe AL
    Gunsmoke Girl AL
    Dirt Road Dude AL
    Frank Talby AL
    Timber Steel AL
    Dead Lee Shooter AL
    Col. Falcon Tuscarora AL
    Mud Puppy AR
    English Mustang AR
    Kid Rich AZ
    Shirttail Bess AZ
    Bogus Jim FL
    Amaduelist FL
    Smart * FL
    J.P. Law FL
    Desperado Dale FL
    Buckskin Barb FL
    Moog FL
    Madame Moog FL
    The Outlaw Travis James FL
    Chickie Winsome FL
    Tampa Flash FL
    Chance Ramsey FL
    Dynamite Deed FL
    Johny Blackhorse FL
    Little Dead Drewzter FL
    Rocky Creek Shooter FL
    Sure Shot Shawanda FL
    Deadly Don FL
    Cowboy Jon FL
    Fireball FL
    Bucky Buckskin FL
    Tilly Two Spurs FL
    Blazing Saddles FL
    Wigley Down Under FL
    Santa Fe River Stan FL
    Deadwood Woody FL
    Sassy Teton Lady FL
    Realtree FL
    Crane Creek Kid FL
    Billy Blaze FL
    Semper Fi Cowboy FL
    Bonfire FL
    Arcadia Outlaw FL
    Midwest Hale FL
    Dang It Dan FL
    Deadly Sharpshooter FL
    Shelleen FL
    Delta Glen FL
    Sweet & Sassy Cindy FL
    Jesse Toothpick FL
    Stingray FL
    Kid Whiskey FL
    Badlands Bob GA
    Yazoo City Gal GA
    Krazy Kajun GA
    Captain Bill Burt GA
    Kid Flash GA
    Iron Cowboy GA
    Shootin Sharyn GA
    Dungannon Gunner GA
    Big Country GA
    Cardboard Cowboy GA
    Foxy Filly GA
    Max Payne GA
    Ophelia Payne GA
    The Rainmaker GA
    Fast Eddie GA
    Bluff GA
    Hunter Sam GA
    Hurricane Charly GA
    Slow Jen GA
    Purly GA
    Two Step Net GA
    Doc Southerly GA
    Levi Wrangler GA
    Tennessee Tombstone GA
    Christian Mortician GA
    Pearly Heart GA
    Shorty Butte GA
    Pokerface Bill GA
    Double Barrel GA
    JB Kidd IA
    John Wesley Hardin IA
    Cactus Clark IA
    Hairless IL
    Mean Mary IL
    Deuce Stevens IN
    KJ Stevens IN
    Cat A Tonic IN
    Poncho KY
    Ruff Kut KY
    Doc Roy L. Pain KY
    Pinky Buscadero KY
    George Emmett KY
    Lead Bone KY
    Big Six Henderson KY
    Crawdaddy KY
    Angel Eyes Carson KY
    Bushrod KY
    Kid Drover KY
    Copperhead Joe KY
    Kentucky Drifter KY
    Buslin' Belle KY
    Montana Max MD
    M. T. Chambers MD
    Chili Pepper Pete MI
    Shelby Kid MI
    Tequila Shooter MS
    Jailbreak Jake MS
    Buster MS
    Sunny Girl MS
    Null N. Void NC
    Mustang Dave NC
    J.M. Brown NC
    Rubicon Ryder NC
    Myra Venge NC
    Stonefire Slim NC
    Colorado Aspen NC
    Bulldog Jackson NC
    Pecos Pete NC
    Lash Toru NC
    Raven Madd NC
    Doc McCandless NC
    Sandhills Slim NC
    Ms. Jewel NC
    Nunnfaster NC
    Cherokee Maddog NC
    Deacon Henry NY
    Sixgun Seamus OH
    Cayenne Kay OH
    JB Sledge PA
    Calamity Jill PA
    Bo Dacious SC
    Aw Dacious SC
    Doc WHO SC
    Black Mike SC
    Tucker T. Fudpucker SC
    Carolina Yankee SC
    Swift Stoney SC
    Kid Nama SC
    Scarlett Darlin' SC
    Dirty Deadeye Don SC
    Kid Ray SC
    Sue Render SC
    Palmetto Traveller SC
    High Cotton Kitty SC
    Carolina Reaper SC
    Whiskey Creek Johnson TN
    Iron Maiden TN
    Cleve TN
    Uncle Ethan TN
    English Tom TN
    Yohan TN
    Sapphire Rose TN
    Barkeep Casey TN
    Shagbark Steve TN
    Reno Mustang TN
    Dodge City Dixie TN
    Ocoee Red TN
    Shez A. Pistol TN
    Dr. Slick TN
    Bill Carson TN
    Scrub Oak Willie TN
    Garnet Gal TN
    Long Wolf TN
    Picket TN
    Whiskey Hayes TN
    Ringer Tn
    Dobber TN
    Randy Saint Eagle TN
    Tombstone John TN
    Horse Doc TN
    Tyrel Cody TN
    Willy Joe TN
    Emmett Moon TN
    Ranger Dan TN
    May B. Knott TN
    Grey Horse TN
    TN Missy TN
    Cherokee Sgt TN
    Dew R Dye TN
    Fretless TN
    Fox Creek Stitcher TN
    T-Bone Dooley TX
    Ellie Gant TX
    Deputy Short Stack WV
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