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  1. Howdy - been enjoying going through the teething pains with my 550C purchased a number of months ago. The thing overall works great - but there is a small issue that can create big problems. My spent primer chute stays open as I raise the shell plate. Have played around with the cotter pin, but that seems to work through maybe 5-10 cycles at best.


    Any solutions to keep the the chute closed during depriming and working properly?


    GG ~ :FlagAm:

  2. I am excited - loading up the Jeep tonight and head to Lansing tomorrow night - have a customer there and then in Detroit I have a meeting with Friday am - and then - headed to Port Huron for Range War weekend. Safe travels ya'll.


    GG ~ :FlagAm:

  3. Made in 2019 by my brother in Christ, Bob Bruins. He's an  accomplished woodworker and saw that I was in cowboy action shooting. When talking to him about the sport he said, "hey, would you mind if I made you a cart". He wanted a challenge and I said "sure", so I showed him some ideas with the used carts I had purchased in the past. Told him he could come up with whatever idea he wanted as "artistic license" if you will. He is what he came up with and I have been blessed to enjoy it since then. It's made of hickory.

    GC 1.jpg

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