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  1. Reminds me of the jerk (delivery contractor) I worked with at an Air Freight Company. He'd bring all of his new toys to work to show his employees.


    12 minutes ago, Father Kit Cool Gun Garth said:



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  2. Hi Folks,


    I've been without a cell phone since Feb. 2021, when I found out I couldn't rebuy minutes as the old one is not 5G. I got frustrated and quit looking until now. Due to the fires and potential evacuation, I need one ASAP.


    I think Forty Rod has a Lively. Now that you've had it a while, how do you like it? I forget whether you said it was a flipper or smarty.


    Would anyone else recommend for a phone model and plan?


    My old phone was a dumb flipper that I only used to call out, either AAA or Hubby when I was gone. I know that is pretty primitive; but I spend too much time on my PC when I'm home. So, I don't want it for all of the apps. Although, an alarm and camera would be nice. Maybe new flippers have that. My old one was about 13 years old.


    Thanks in advance,





  3. 16 hours ago, Subdeacon Joe said:



    Scary stuff.   Get your important documents,  meds, and computers loaded up.


    If you have a travel trailer,  load it up and get hooked up. 

    I just got a three-month supply of meds. They are in my grab-and-go bag. Hubby will take care of his stuff. 


    Since morning, the fire hasn't moved this way.

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  4. Bruce,


    One of the first things I did was move the vital papers to the trailer. Hubby put the water tank (35 gallons) and generator in the back of the truck and attached the trailer. 


    We have three cats and cat carriers. I put their food in the trailer. I've got bags of clothes ready to take.


    As far as stuff, it would be impossible to decide what to take. 

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  5. image.png.4c563ca5aefe42887e7d077211674194.png

    Here is the Fire map in relation to Fiddletown this am. The fire symbol is where it started. You can see the progress they made last night by the green around Grizzly Flats.

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