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  1. Big Ed has been dead for many years.


    I was one of the customers that never received my order that I placed with Big Ed.


    He moved his business to Illinois and I  tried to contact him there. He never returned my emails or calls.



    Try an Internet search, amazing what can still be found about him.

  2. On 1/31/2020 at 9:26 AM, Goody, SASS #26190 said:

    Listed in the SHB, under Outlawed items,


    The displaying of any manufacturer’s, sponsor’s, or team logos on apparel.

    (Manufacturer’s labels on such apparel or equipment are acceptable)


    I would say the little horsey and rider are their trademark and as such are protected under the provision in the rules.


    Goody’s got it right!

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  3. OK, Cayuse Jack, I stand corrected! As I said back in that day, the wire was full of his delays due to his health and lack of employees to assist him in his workload. But if I am wrong, then I say so. Sorry to hear that he didn't refund you, moved to IL, do you know where as I am from the north shore of Chicago and will in the next year be going back for a visit and it would be interesting to look him up.



    Big Ed passed away years ago.

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