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  1. I use lizard litter crushed walnut that I buy from the pet store.


    Pre treat the media with scratch and swirl remover used on automobiles (a couple ounces).


    Just pour it on and run the tumbler a couple minutes to let it mix together.


    Then each time before I run a batch I add about a half ounce of the swirl remover to the media and tumble to mix.


    My brass is beautiful after about an hour.

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  2. 17 hours ago, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

    FYI-The OMV & NMV t'bars are NOT the same, and not interchangeable. 



    While they are not the same original vaquero model transfer bars and new vaquero transfer bars will interchange.


    I have done it just to see if they could.

  3. OK, Cayuse Jack, I stand corrected! As I said back in that day, the wire was full of his delays due to his health and lack of employees to assist him in his workload. But if I am wrong, then I say so. Sorry to hear that he didn't refund you, moved to IL, do you know where as I am from the north shore of Chicago and will in the next year be going back for a visit and it would be interesting to look him up.



    Big Ed passed away years ago.

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