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  1. My new pet peeve is all the pistol caliber rifles carried by cowboys with bandolier full of rounds that would never cycle through the action. Worst of all is War Wagon

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  2. :FlagAm: :FlagAm::FlagAm::FlagAm::FlagAm:


    From Driftwood:

    Why not just shoot 44 Russian in them? Starline makes 44 Russian brass, I shoot it in original S&W Top Breaks all the time.


    Well, we reload and shoot .44 Specials in all of our outfit's revolvers and rifles.

    That's 30+ Cowboy Guns shooting the SAME caliber. I'm not wanting to mix in anything different.



    Sounds like your crew has about 46.23% of the 44SP guns used in SASS competition.

  3. Neither Is had to do both can have the number of step so if all you are proving is the labor I think 50 shot shell per two hundred hardball would be fair as that usually the ammo count for a ten stage match.

    This was not really intended to be a legal, ethical, political or religious issue. Yeah, I know it is the SASS wire, so you get what you get :) Thought I would respond to Blackey since he and Grizzly Dave were the ones interested in addressing the original post. BG states that both "can" have the same number of steps in the reloading process which would be so if the answer to GD's question is "comparable".


    Depends on what machine each is using.



    So, the original question becomes, if all that's being swapped is the labor involved and the number of operations performed are the same, why isn't X=1000? The number of rounds required to shoot a match would seem to be irrelevant.

  4. Has anyone ever worked a reciprocal agreement with another shooter where one loads a given number of rifle/pistol ammo and the other reloads shotgun ammo? This question came over me this morning while cranking out some ammo for Winter Range.


    The real question is: If shooter A gives X number of brass and all the required components to shooter B and shooter B gives 1000 shotgun hulls and all the associated components to Shooter A; then they reload the hulls/brass and return.


    What would be the acceptable value of "X"? I just love algebra.

  5. Don't have time to read all of this but I did notice one comment that said something like. If you are not going to reload, you might want to reconsider the choice of .45 cal. I would come at that from a different viewpoint and say that if you do not intend to reload, you might want to reconsider that choice. Reloading equipment will pay for itself in one reloading session. Everything after that is just gravy. Starting on a budget without reloading will very quickly turn out to be a bad decision

  6. Driftwood gives an excellent pair of definitions which match with common usage but beware. I have seen manufacturers exploded diagrams of the Stevens double that he posted with the extractors labeled "ejectors" 😳



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