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  1. I wonder if they sell their lever-action shotguns in Australia.


    LA shotguns have been huge in Oz since the authorities outlawed pumps and semi-auto smoothbores, but forgot to mention lever actions....


    Seem to be a lot more models of LA shotguns now than in former times.

  2. 7 hours ago, Matthew Duncan said:

    I purchase a little extra inventory when it's on sale.   Carries me through the times when prices are high or the store shelves are bare.


    I do this, too. Buy a box or two most forays into the stores. Over time you always have a good reliable supply.

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  3. 4 hours ago, Alpo said:


    It has been my experience that foreign languages have pronunciation issues for people that only speak English.


    This would be  the universal experience, I would think!

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  4. In my opinion it is great that the musical, which was inspired by the biography written by R. Chernow (who recently wrote a fine bio of Grant) rekindled a huge interest in Hamilton, and casts him in a positive light. Millions of people, including lots of young people, who never heard of him or his role in history learned a lot of positive American history. So what about all the artistic license? That's what makes a successful show.


    The stage musical had the collateral effect of eliminating from the consideration of the Obama administration of removing Hamilton from the $50 bill!


    But hey, who can argue with defenders of Aaron Burr, the Man Without a Country?

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  5. Curiosity killed the cat.


    I wouldn't go looking in the first place. But I can't think of any good reason to share such information if I had it. Just possibly sowing discord and unhappiness to no purpose. Of course, to some people, that is the purpose.

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  6. I practiced law, primarily civil trial work, for 44 years, retired at 69 three years ago.


    I was cut out for it and liked it very much. Obviously, certain parts get old in time. But it gave me a lot of independence, which was important to me. No clock punching ever. Sometimes you work around the clock, especially trying a case and getting ready for it; other times when the calendar is clear for a bit you can just take off.


    I traveled a lot, taking depositions etc around the country. But just a few times a year; enough to enjoy and never too much to get tired of. As a result, I went just about everywhere in the country on the expense account, so to speak.


    As my career advanced, I tried cases all over my state; east and west. I tried my last jury case only three months before I retired. My skills were all still intact, which is how I wanted it to end. But in the final year,  I just got tired of it and was ready to quit. I keep my license active but don't practice any law and don't plan to. I had a very happy career.

  7. 20 hours ago, Waxahachie Kid #17017 L said:

    Paul was not a "Jew".  That term refers to a person descended from, and thus belonging to, the tribe of Judah.  Paul was a Hebrew, but was of the tribe of Benjamin...thus, he was a Benjamite.  Paul only ever refers to himself as a Hebrew, or a Pharisee, or a Roman, since he was born in Tarsus, and was thus considered a Roman because he was born there.



    Except that Luke directly quotes him as referring to himself as a Jew- Iudious- in Acts 22.3. Where does this fit in?

  8. The first week after they opened up again here they had tons of ammo. The heavy buying started later; as of today the shelves are down about 50%.


    The big problem is long waits at the gun counter, which is going on at a lot of shops. I've always thought there ought to be a 'two-tier' system, so to speak. I'm looking for a bolt-action .22 for a grandson. I don't want to wait most of an hour to find out whether they even have any in stock! It'd be nice to find out if they have any of a type right away; then wait my turn if the answer is yes....

  9. The Greek of Acts 22.3, the original language it which it  was written, quotes Paul as calling himself "Iudios", which is, indeed "Jew".

    In the Greek of Philipians 3.5 he refers to himself as a Hebrew of Hebrews, using the Greek word Hebraios, rightly translated as Hebrew.


    So he used both terms. But the term Jew came into overall use for the people of Israel after the return from the Babylonian exile, when it appears that only Judah and Benjamin survived to return.

  10. I used to smoke Marsh Wheelings many decades ago. They came in a nice box, too. Classic American cheroot. But that was a long time back. For years I smoked a cigar per day; good ones, though. I'd buy reasonably-priced good cigars mail order from Thompson. 


    I quit 15 years or so ago. They are bad for you when used regularly, even without inhaling of course (which you don't), so it just made sense.


    But I still smoke a handful per year; only really good ones. Between sons and sons-in-law, I'll get a few top ones for Fathers Day; maybe my birthday. I probably smoke about ten per year, and with real good ones and at that rate, I enjoy them very much.

  11. Reminds me of a nice Beretta over-and-under of my dad's. After a morning of duck hunting, he loaded dogs and decoys in his car and set out down the highway. 


    At about 50 mph, he had to firmly apply the brakes for an upcoming curve, and watched as that shotgun slid down the windshield, across the hood, and onto the roadway, probably at about 35 mph.....


    Fixed it ok....

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