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  1. In my case the gun brought me to SASS. I'd been a shotgun guy all my life, with a rifle or two. My dad had a couple of DA Smiths in .38 spl that I received upon his death. Started an interest in revolvers. 

    I went to a LGS, and saw an Uberti .45 SAA clone in the case. A Bisley. I was struck by the beauty of the piece and bought it, whereupon I had to learn more about single-action revolvers. Research quickly brought me to SASS and I joined...and bought some more guns....

    This was 2004.

  2. I hadn't read about the 52 until this post; sounds like a really iconic rifle.


    In my own case, I wanted to buy a bolt-action .22 so about 6 months ago I bought the CZ 457 Lux, which my research showed as a rifle of a high reputation. Love that gun and have been shooting it a lot.

  3. The issue for the NRA, and for the rest of us, is one of leadership going forward. That's all, though it's not simple.


    LaPierre is like most people who stay in power far too long. They identify themselves with the organization. The good things they've done in the past are irrelevant to what is to come. So eventually they do damage to the organization and its purposes.


    Look at the structure of  the NRA. It has a 'board of directors' of 76 people. So it's loaded with donors who bask in the prestige and serve at the pleasure of the Executive VP, and don't act like a true board. He's the power; the President has always been a pure figurehead. So his weaknesses have become the Achilles heel of the whole organization. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, Irish-Pat said:

    How can anybody take a business into bankruptcy without board approval? Sounds illegal from what I heard but it is all heresay 


    But it isn't hearsay. It's from the horse's mouth. In a long legal career, I, too, hadn't heard of an organization's president putting it into bankruptcy without board knowledge, much less approval....

  5. 56 minutes ago, Subdeacon Joe said:


    My gut feeling is that she won't last the year.   She's 94, and while she is a strong and strong willed lady, I think that she will start going downhill soon. 


    Why suppose that? Her mother lived to be 101, and outlived her own husband by 50 years.

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  6. Apart from the gradual destruction of the Boy Scouts, in my view one big issue has always been the general failure of the Girl Scouts over the decades to replicate, for young girls, the outdoor and related experiences of the Boy Scouts.


    I have two sons and three daughters, all long grown and, indeed, middle aged. The boys had a strong camping troop. My Scout troop in the 1960s did 50-mile hikes in the Cascades and Olympics every Summer.


    The girls had a summer camp and cookie sales. The GSUSA should have gone to strong programs equivalent to those of the BSA many decades ago.

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  7. A most interesting find.


    Robert W. Copeland, captain of the Samuel B. Roberts, was a Tacoma lawyer, who died at a relatively young age just as I was starting my practice in the city. I never met him, but knew many men who knew him well. A guided missle frigate was named after him.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Yul Lose said:

    Thank you for all of your replies. What bothers me the most is my propensity to still refer to the new bride with the ex wife’s name. I did it twice last night in a conversation with my wife and didn’t even realize it until she brought it to my attention and that’s when she made the wearing a disguise comment. It is so ingrained in my mind that I can’t stop doing it and to do it to her on her special day in front of her family and friends would be heartbreaking, IMO. Any spontaneous comments with her name in it on my part could put a damper on things, if I screw it up.


    Write it down in the script. Don't refer to the name except when you are looking at it on the page. Put it in bold or upper case.


    I have done weddings and funerals. I always use scripts or outlines, so if you 'lose your place' you just pause and look at the text.


    Put yourself in a quiet room and run through the service out loud several times. This will perfect your cadence and your voice, as well as getting you very familiar with the text. 


    Given your particular worry about the name, I repeat: put it in the text and look at the text everytime you use the name. This will overcome your worry about making a mistake 'under distress' during the service.

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  9. I've done it twice. If the couple are leaving it solely up to you, I'd base it on the Anglican/Episcopal Book of Common Prayer service, which is the most common and recognized in English. It does help if the couple has some ideas and wishes.

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  10. I've got lots of ammo, and I keep going to the range, and then topping up my calibers-- at retail prices. Just takes patience. The country is full of ammo, inasmuch as the manufacturers have been making it 24/7 for months.


    Try out the simplest explanation: he bought it. That's how most of us come by it.

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