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  1. 1 hour ago, J-BAR #18287 said:

    Maverick with Garner, Wagon Train, Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will Travel.  Lawman  sometimes.  The rest paled by comparison.


    In my case, other than Lawman, those were favorites!


    Brandon Dewild was irritating in Shane, but then the character was necessary-- the whole book was told from the point of view of the kid.


    Of all the 'classics' of the era, to me the most overrated is The Searchers. A properly done remake would be great. Eliminate the half-wit sidekick, and, above all, the cornball suitor. Get the costuming right. No clean shirts and rolled-cuff jeans. Several other things, besides.


    The book was great. The flic has all of the shortcomings of 1950s A western star vehicles.

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  2. 3 hours ago, Pat Riot, SASS #13748 said:

    Honestly, for black bears, I wouldn't even be concerned. Humans, however, do cause me concern. I would take precautions against them.


    I agree with this. I hike and camp in black bear country all the time. I've seen black bears in the back country at distance several times over the years.


    I carry a Charter Arms .44 spl in the woods nowadays, and a .38 spl. for years before that. Black bear attacks are extremely rare. On the other hand, there are always several Grizz attacks in the Rockies every year. In the Rockies I'd carry a .44 mag revolver.

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  3. It's diclofenac, and I have used quite a bit of it at times, as has my wife.


    It is very effective for pain. I found it so, and I know several people who had serious pain relief from it.


    It's worth a try. However, in my own case I have a big caveat. About 3 years ago, after I'd used it for quite awhile for serious back pain, I began to have significant shortness of breath on exertion, as in uphill hiking and lap swimming.

    I had no idea why. At one point, the shortness of breath during swimming was enough to make me think of going to the ER, as if I was having  a 'silent' heart attack, that only expressed itself as severe shortage of breath. I didn't, though.


    I had previously looked at the side effects of diclofenac to see if this was  a recognized one. Didn't see it. Then I did again, and way down a subsidiary list I saw 'shortness of breath on exertion'. I quit using it, and the problem went away within a couple of days, never to recur.


    I think that this is a rare side effect, and I don't think it was necessarily a dangerous one. But there it was. So I'd just be aware of it.

  4. 3 hours ago, Smokin Gator SASS #29736 said:

    The latest info, year old, that I've seen is around 125,000 permits in Ca.  I wouldn't go by what someone at a gun store told me without investigating further.


    By contrast, Washington is still a shall-issue state (though the antis tried some additional restrictions last legislative section and failed) and has over 600,000 current. Exact current stats I haven't seen,  but that was it a couple of years back. And our population is less than 1/5th of Cal's.


    I have a good friend in a rural SoCal county that says they have no problem getting a license.

  5. In town I carry a Ruger LCR 38 spl. with +P rounds. On the trail and in the woods, I carry a Charter Arms Bulldog .44 spl.


    Both are lightweight revolvers with easy pocket carry. Many good arguments may favor semi-autos with their higher capacity, but I like the total ease and reliability of revolvers, and that choice suits me.

  6. 1 hour ago, Abilene Slim SASS 81783 said:

    If you have a Roku device, you don’t need an Apple TV device. Unless you want to watch content that is exclusive to Apple. 


     Like he said. If you have Roku, you can add Apple tv. First week free; $4.99 per month after.

  7. I don't know from Roku, but I have a Roku because my daughter gave it to me. So she showed me how to use it with Netflix, Prime, etc. A few months ago. Came in handy during lockdown.


    I wanted to see Greyhound. I asked her how to get Apple tv. She took me through the process on my Roku and I got it set up. That's all I know....

  8. It's based on The Good Shepherd, a mid-1950s C.S. Forester novel. He, of course, was the author of the Hornblower books. So it's fiction strictly speaking, but I've read it hews close to reality. The Good Shepherd was written within 10 years of the end of the War.


    As  note by a pard above, the interior scenes were filmed on the USS Kidd, the last Fletcher-class destroyer still in original WWII configuration. The Greyhound would have been Mahan-class, though.



  9. Sometimes Anna tells it....


    According to Snopes it goes back at least to 2002 on the internet, which is early days. A very good story, though unlikely to have happened quite that way!


    Sounds more like something a smart comic would have come up with. And funny.

  10. A Hanks film, it was going to have the usual theatrical release, I think in late March, but C-19 put paid to that. They rescheduled a couple of times, then released it on Apple tv just a couple of weeks ago.

  11. I watched it a few days back. Went through the process of setting up Apple tv so I could.


    I liked it a lot. Short, authentic, and to the point. We're getting war movies lately, like Midway and Greyhound, that don't have romantic subplots and similar distractions, but are just about the battles.


    The above clip strings several scenes together. 


    Well worth watching.

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