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  1. He was great as Irwin Irving in Bosch. Took a bit to get used to, as did Tolliver. Then it fell into place.


    In the books, Irving was mostly a bad guy. Not totally, but his antagonism to Bosch was ultimately total. Much less so in the series; the conflict was there, but it played differently. One of the several ways that to some degree it even improved on the great books.

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  2. 13 minutes ago, bgavin said:

    The above behavior is exactly why we don't have holiday dinners with the liberal in-laws.


    I don't know the politics of my many in-laws, at least in any detail. I don't know the politics of my four brothers in any specific ways, having never had an expressly political discussion with any of them.


    Among other things, this makes all holidays, dinners, and gatherings happy and pleasant ocassions.

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  3. 7 hours ago, Badlands Bob #61228 said:

    As a general rule, if you have a right to be there, you have a right to see it and if you can see it, you can record it.  Of course, your right to be there can be revoked on private property by the proper authority.   

     I disagree with this proposition. An invitation to dinner at a private home gives rise to no 'right to record' in the first place, quite apart from 'revocation'. I'd be interested in seeing some authority for the proposition, in the context of a social occassion in a private home.

    Note: that it may not be a crime does not make it a right.

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  4. I think you've got it! A conspiracy between Johnson, the mob, and the Republicans in the person of George Bush. Yet it might have failed but for the intervention of a bumbling Secret Service agent. Lucky break for them! But wait, maybe the Secret Service was in on it.


    I think that's the last element. I need to get it out there before th

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  5. We also in them days had lots of different casseroles. Multiple variations on Spanish Rice, one from a popular cookbook called "Western Meal in One".  My favorite was one based on rice and sausage.


    Baked eggs (called sheared eggs by some).


    Beef was always the inexpensive cuts; lot of chuck steak and roast. Pounded round for Swiss steak.


    Everybody was on a budget back then; even people doing well didn't have the kind of money they do today.

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  6. Canned or 'rote' prayers are especially good because they cover all the bases. The stuff you'd leave out if every day was extemporanious.


    I use them all the time and add a few new petitions as needed.


    Prayers before meals should have a regular form. We always say grace. As the head of a large progeny it usually falls to me. I have two or three that I will vary from time to time but they are 'canned'.


    The Lord's Prayer is the ultimate rote prayer. "When you pray, say this......"

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  7. 18 hours ago, Cold Lake Kid, SASS # 51474 said:

    I guess I'm a little(?) weird because I love beets, boiled and skinned with salt and butter; pickled with sugar and cloves; asparagus; fresh, steamed yellow or green beans. I could make a meal of them alone.


    Nothing weird about it. I eat beets once a year in homemade Borscht at Easter. Asparagus I regard as the king of vegetables. Overcooking ruins them; just right they are the tops.


    Green beans are good. Fresh garden-grown are superb.

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  8. 1 hour ago, watab kid said:

    i tend to what my father raised me on - jim beam , not overly expensive but greatly satisfying , i do appreciate an expensive taste from time to time as long as it is truely exceptional - not just expensive 


    Though my dad's bourbon was Old Grandad, I too buy mostly Jim Beam. Good quality with reasonable price. Always know what you're getting.

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  9. Like others, we had a lot of organ meats when I was a kid. Tongue sandwiches; I remember them well but haven't seen one for over 55 years.


    Liver and onions, if the liver not cooked to death. Always liked it. You used to see it on cafe menus all the time, but I haven't around here for a long time.


    Stuffed beef heart my mom made a lot. I'd eat it again if I was ever presented with it. Haven't seen or hear of it for generations.

  10. 5 minutes ago, Sgt. C.J. Sabre, SASS #46770 said:


    They say what somebody else tells them to say.

    They stand where somebody else tells them to, they walk where and when somebody else tells them to. 

    They wear clothes that somebody else tells them to wear.

     I had more than a couple of jobs that would fit that!

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  11. I'm glad I'm not a hypocrite like those d@mn actors!


    I suppose you could call all actors hypocrites if you confuse their actual persons with the characters they play. So if an actor does very well at certain roles, you can't like his movies because you find his personal views bad. And vice versa.


    This has always seemed a little strange to me.

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  12. He was a great man. A uniter, not a divider. A sense of humor and humility. A smiler and a laugher, not a glowering scowler. Wish we had someone who was even a quarter of that man.

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