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  1. 2 hours ago, Tennessee williams said:

    I'll save you some time and tell you his "experiences". 

      He doesn't really "need" them other than as a handy excuse. For instance, if he screws up on a stage and it takes him 15 seconds to run it, he immediately hops up and down holding his wrists trying to extract sympathetic coddling from any cowgirls on the range. Just last match it got him 3 hugs, a sammich and 2 juice boxes. 

    See, it always depends on who you talk to.


    I spoke with Widder and he said you were using Dairy Queen as a performance enhancing substance.  :D

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  2. Throwing up from pain is a horrible experience - you already hurt so badly that all you want to do is curl up in a ball.

    AND THEN - you get to violently wrack every fiber in your being vomiting.


    And worse, afterwards you are the vilest combination shade of green, pale and broken blood vessels - and that color doesn't look good on anybody.

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  3. 5 hours ago, Widder, SASS #59054 said:

    Wow, JEDI Creeker.


    You must have seen me shoot using my wrist support a couple years back.





    I was unaware of your wrist issue and brace use (if I had known - I would called you and asked your experiences).


    If this felt as if I were casting aspersions or in anyway insulting - I am sincerely and deeply sorry.


    I was framing this around myself and my hoped for return to competitiveness.

    While admitting that wrist wraps and braces are probably a long term addition to my life.


    I apologize if anyone took my words in any other way.


  4. I responded on another thread regarding a reshaping of a stock to accomodate a shooters medical need.


    My response said something to the affect of "We should always accomodate for medical needs AND the accomodation would provide no competitive advantage"


    That got me thinking - "What IF?"


    What if a shooter with an actual needed accomodation (not a faker, game player or liar) beats you (or just places well within their category)?

    AND the accomodation "could" be looked at as a competitive advantage?

    Would you judge their placement or performance differently?


    For example - a shooter (because of a known medical issue; again not a faker, game player or liar) is allowed to wear athletic shoes as their footwear.

    They do very well.

    But, the match was heavy on movement and foot speed was a major component OR the weather came up and athletic shoe traction was an obvious plus - is the shooter with accomodations (which could have been to his benefit) looked at differently?



    This has not occurred nor am I referring to any shooter or any match.


    I am actually asking out of sincere personal curiosity.

    As some of you know - I broke my arms (yes, plural) a few months back - in addition, I severely damaged both of my wrists which have not healed/ recovered properly (visiting the orthopedic on Monday to discuss options).


    I am currently working with both soft wrist wraps and fiberglass splinted braces to find a method that supports my wrists well enough to safely (at this point, lift, but hopefully soon to) use my guns.


    I don't foresee being a threat to anyone any time soon. 


    But when I do return and as I attempt to regain my footing - I imagine my wrists will be and remain supported in some manner.


    A supported, artificially strengthened wrist could be a benefit to a Duelist or in my case, Gunfighter.

    Again, don't forsee being a threat for a while - but I don't forsee losing the braces for a while either.


    Lets imagine (huge flight of fancy) that I am still in a wrap or brace by the Nationals next year AND I somehow shoot well enough to TOP 10 my category (not win - even my imagination has bounds).


    Would you look at a performance differently?

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  5. This seems to me to be a "medically" required accomodation.

    I would submit the request to the rules committee for clarification and if approved - carry the letter with you.

    I would also make match directors aware of the situation and accomodation at any larger match you wished to attend.


    As a match director - I would have zero issue with this as the stock cut would provide no competitive advantage.

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  6. 2 minutes ago, Tennessee williams said:

    No, those receivers were slated for pistols initially. Once they go down as being made for a rifle, that's it. Can never be a pistol. 

    C'mon now - There is no need to bring logic or basic reading comprehension into this.  ;)



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  7. 12 hours ago, Nimble Fingers SASS# 25439 said:

    I don’t think so if I am buying the receiver separately, like making a Mare”s leg. I am thinking it would be considered a pistol. 

    The ATF views firearm components as "Once and forever".

    I.E.  a machine gun is ALWAYS a machine gun - even if the parts required to make it function as a machine gun are removed or eliminated from the firearm.


    The Mares leg pistols being currently produced are doing so with virgin receivers (were never assembled, serialized nor identified as a rifle).


    So UNLESS you could find a 1860 receiver that has NEVER been assembled as a rifle AND prior to the serial number on the receiver having been designated as becoming a rifle (in other words - a unicorn) - that receiver you are using is "once and forever" a rifle receiver.  If you were to place a barrel on it of less than sixteen inches - you have now created an illegal SBR (short barrelled rifle) subject to the NFA.


    You, of course, can submit paperwork, pay the fees and get approval to build a SBR - but you certainly want to go thru the proper steps before advertising on an open firearms forum your intentions to violate Federal law.


    My opinion.



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  8. 10 minutes ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:



    The 914 is an awesome car! Very well balanced and super fun to drive. While I'm primarily a 911 guy (air cooled please), some of the most fun I've had driving Porsches was in a 914! Now ya wanna have a LOT of fun? Drive a 914-6!



    PS: I agree with your cosmetic comment.

    My 914 was a rust bucket of the highest order - but it was perhaps the best balanced street car I have ever driven.

    And because it was woefully under powered - you could have a blast with it at less than "Go Directly To Jail - Do Not Pass Go" speeds.

    I never drove a 914-6. 

    I did drive a 350 Chevy 914 conversion - interesting to say the least.


    I am part owner of a custom shop out at the speedway here in Las Vegas, and we build some monsters - but the 914 was fun in a way that few cars are today.

  9. 6 hours ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    I'm embarrassed...


    The Cimarron revolver is nothing more than a 1873 with a different grip frame...that's like calling a  Karmann Ghia a Porsche.





    If I were designing the grip frame even for a 1873 - I would have at least put the little dip and flourish above the trigger guard for looks.

    At least cosmetically made it look more alike.


    And my 914 took enough flak about being a Volkswagen and being called a Porsche - let alone calling a Karmann Ghia one.

  10. 1 hour ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    Good Lord...I can see it now...


    CZ 1873 Colt...


    Ownerships change all the time. Names don't because there is a value to those names.




    Ruger is a full line firearms manufacturer.

    IF they had simply wanted to enter the lever action rifle market - they could have done so easily without purchasing Marlin.

    And honestly, probably would have made a better firearm if they had started with a clean sheet design.


    But a Ruger Lariat lever rifle (like that? Figured it fit in with Vaquero and Wrangler) would not have the history and emotional attachment that the Marlin brand name evokes - so it would be silly for Ruger to purchase Marlin and then diminish it by changing the name.




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  11. 7 hours ago, Matthew Duncan said:



    Press a "button" on the scoring tablet and time from the AMG is reported to the scoring tablet.  No transposed typing errors or a TO wondering off without first reporting the time to the scorer. 


    Can these report to multiple external sources?

    I used a timer years ago that reported to a digital display visible to spectators - may have been the same brand.


    I am always looking into methods that make our game more spectator friendly.

    And visible scoring is one avenue to explore.

  12. The Creeker Crew

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    Shooting since 2000

    Match Director Eldorado WOOLY Award for Match of the year

    Jedi Gunfighter of the year


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    Shooting since 2005 (when she was 5)

    Top 10 in Category at EOT 2019



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    Painted Lady  #106136

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    Never handled a gun before hooking up with me and then dragging her off to SASS


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  13. If you want to SHOOT your antique guns; even within the context of our game - go ahead.  Understand that they are NOT made with the same steel or tolerances that modern guns are and you will need to feed them and handle them accordingly.


    If you plan to COMPETE with your antique guns - understand that the wear and tear of our game (at speed) is abusive on equipment and you will break things.


    But ultimately they are your guns and as long as the firearm is deemed safe - you can use whatever you wish.  


  14. Your last good day can come at any point - not just with age.


    I won Gunfighter at the Four Corners Regional this year.

    My last full cowboy shoot - I placed top 10 against the murders row of fantastic shooters at Cowtown.


    And then...

    Covid hit me and its affects still linger.

    I fell (really wish I had a better story) and broke the Radius and Ulna in my right arm - the Radius in my left and damaged both my wrists.  Which are not healing properly.


    I'm incredibly stubborn and am refusing the idea that I may never get back to where I was (high mediocre) - but in the back of my mind is that little voice telling me my best day as a cowboy may have past.


    Enjoy everyday you have - you never know when your last good day may happen.

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  15. 20 minutes ago, Michigan Slim said:

    I'm out! Rap.... No! 

    Go into it with an open mind.

    It is not classic western and as such is not classically scored.

    But the music is not the main draw of a film and should not cause a knee jerk yay or nay reaction.

    And the score - I think some have an ill informed idea of what rap actually sounds like.

  16. Shooting challenges are not that "crazy" - challenging and maybe not all that much fun - but not crazy.


    Crazy is having a baby doll with its hind end coated with peanut butter that you must both shoot the stage and end up with a cleanly diapered baby at the end.


    Crazy is "Don't let the pancakes burn".

    You start the stage by flipping a "pancake" 2x in a pan over the fire.  And then between EACH firearm - you must return to the campfire and flip it again 2x.

    And yes, there was someone watching the pan to verify you got 2 complete flips in.


    Crazy is "one card - one shot"

    Ten random playing cards face down.

    Flip a card - one shot on that color.

    Flip a card - one shot on that color.

    Flip a card - one shot on that color.


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  17. Yul, leave the game on YOUR terms - no one elses.


    I had a dear friend in this game, Know Justice, that went thru two battles with brain cancer.


    He weakened from the disease and the treatments where his gait was unsteady and he required keeping two hands on them to safely steady his firearms.


    I made a point of always being his TO and I would (in my younger, stronger days) wrap my fist up in his suspenders with the timer clipped to my belt and hold him up as he moved from position to position.


    As he could not let go of his shotgun to load it - I would load his shotgun from my belt with my free hand that was not holding him up.


    The absolute closest I have ever gotten to a physical "interpersonal" conflict at a match was one shooter that rudely suggested Know Justice give up the game because he was holding things up. 

    I very "politely" informed this shooter that as long as Know Justice could safely hold his firearms - that I would carry him on my back if that was what required for him to continue.  And if this shooter had an issue with it - I would be happy to discuss it further.


    I loved Know Justice and never once begrudged him any extra time that he added to our matches.  Know Justice left us a number of years ago and I would give nearly anything to spend one more afternoon with my hand wrapped in his suspenders and feeding shells into his shotgun.


    I guarantee there are plenty of folks that love you as well.  Life is too short - No one worth worrying about is concerned about an extra 5 minutes in a match to keep you around.


    And if they are - maybe they need to stay home - not you.




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  18. 59 minutes ago, Blacksmith Jim #68489 L TG said:

    Hey there CREEKER we’re staying at LaQuinta in Edmond

    I found a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath in OKC on AirBNB for less than $100/ night.

    Far cheaper than getting a room at a hotel for myself and Painted Lady.  And then another for Desert Scorpion and her boyfriend Cadillac.


    We will see you there.

  19. IF there are going to be "discernments" and "accomodations" made outside the rules - there needs to be significant thought given to who is making these decisions AND their affect on other shooters and match integrity.


    No one is saying - everything is black and white, written in stone or an immutable truth.


    But there is a point where if a rule or rules are disregarded regularly - they lose all credence and application.


    And I am so sick of hearing its just a game, no ones going home with the Cadillac or any other justification for disregarding the rules.


    I dont care if individually you dont care - but your casual dismissal of the agreed upon rules is an insult to everyone who spent money, time and effort to attend (and by their doing so demonstrate at some level - they do care)

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  20. 2 hours ago, Hendo said:

    Okay. I just finished it. 

    I'll somewhat go along with the review, but maybe not rate it as high.

    It really fits more into the Blaxploitation style more than a wannabe Tarantino film. 

    I'm still on the fence. It plainly states that the story is fictional. It also points out that These. People. Existed. Are we to take that to mean that the writers just looked up a list of black cowboys, pulled the names and wrote a random story? Or merely that black folk existed in general? 

    I don't see why the need to take the names they did and use them in this story. Bill Pickett's influence in western culture is still very much a part of our life today, but he was a bit player in this flick and I think people will be mighty confused if they look him up. (Just for an example.)


    The action was good, the editing could have tightened things up a bit more. The Samuel Jackson script writing could've been dialed back, but all in all, not bad.




    See? I got through all of that without screaming about empty shells hitting the floor in the train scene or Maysville (a white town).


    The only upside to the use of real names is MAYBE some will look these folks up and realize the old west was filled with diverse faces and fantastic stories. 

    Some like the tales of Bass Reeves life that would put most westerns to shame.


    I agree the Maysville town was ham fisted but I laughed.

    And the train scene is one where my gummi bears were in mortal danger of flying across the room.


    It is a popcorn flick and I have watched much worse. 

    Eternals anyone?

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