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  1. 27 minutes ago, Griff said:

    I only said no on # 3.  I look on that modification as similar to using a trigger shoe... solely for purposes of enhancing performance.  Or as an equipment enhancement the sports originators wanted to avoid.   

    Levers are consistent on size...hands are not. Why penalize those with smaller hands?



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  2. 23 minutes ago, Chicken George* said:

    Holy Terror who are right on their tail shooting 97s.

    Uh, not quite.


    And no, I don't watch them... Why would I?




  3. 19 minutes ago, Chicken George* said:
    2 hours ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    They do??

    When I say the very top, I'm talking about Missouri Lefty, Deadeye Dillard, Matt Black, Cody James, Deuce Stevens, etc



    20 minutes ago, Chicken George* said:

    They can also improve your performance for the main match. You are shooting the exact targets in a stage set up for the main match. How you shoot them is up to you but it can be good practice and a way to make sure guns and ammo work. Do you shoot the warmups? It can be more warmup but you can focus on a single gun



    You're not going to shoot the main match like you shoot speed events. 


    No, I do not shoot warm ups either. If you're not ready for the match without shooting Side Matches or Warm Up... you're not ready for the Main Match.



  4. 6 hours ago, Chicken George* said:

    The speed events are included and I know most of the very top shooters shoot them.

    They do??


    I think speed events are a waste of time and can negatively impact one's performance on the Main Match... Which is the real reason for going to the competition.



  5. On 12/4/2023 at 12:34 PM, La Sombra said:

    If you think that the price of Capt George's book is too much, all you have to do is download all of the Cowboy Chronicle magazines that are available online. Then curate his articles along with his Facebook posts and viola you have the book.  Otherwise the electronic copy for $30 or the Kindle Unlimited copy are bargains. 


    For the record I have both a hardcopy and a Kindle Unlimited copy. Nice reference books. I believe in supporting fellow shooters, especially Curt who is a great person and a fun guy to shoot with.


    La Sombra

    Whoa ... You know his real name!?



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  6. 4 hours ago, Dred Bob said:


    you can find good quality 1911's for under $1000.  I am a total fanboy of Springfield 1911's and have a solid collection.  The Tisas are at least as good quality from what I can tell, which is remarkable on its own, but available for under $300?!   It's an achievement worthy of note, and they make a solid "Service" model which is ideal for SASS / Wild Bunch.  The only 1911 I've seen as tight as both of the Tisas 1911's I just purchased had $2000 worth of custom machining and fitting.  If I was still shooting Bullseye I'd be seriously tempted to add an optic and shoot it in matches.  These are quite a find.   I just bought 3 of them for < $1000.   Not that it matters but the two A1 .45's I received had consecutive serial numbers.  It's a small win but it made my day.

    I know about them... I've sold them.


    I think you're kidding yourself a bit... But think watcha want;)


    Consecutive numbers are meaningless. Many distributors will search for consecutive sn's for a small fee.



  7. 11 hours ago, Rooster Ron Wayne said:

    I'm very impressed with the the fit and finish of the Tisas .

    Great quality and tight gun for the money .

    I don't think you can buy a better built 1911 for under 1000.00 new .


    Might want to try a Magnum Research 1911G by BUL.

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  8. 16 hours ago, Giuseppe Calderoni said:

    I am shooting two handed.  My fingers are probably shorter than average.  In order to thumb the hammer with my support hand, I cannot grab the hand grip, and instead index two fingers off of the trigger guard.  i.e. my support hand is pretty much just hanging off in the air. 

    It's less than ideal.

    It's not a semi-auto... Your off hand is fine with just your index finger on the front of the trigger guard.



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  9. 10 hours ago, Fallon Kid said:

    I guess a question that has not been asked, “how many reloaders do ya know that started with a progressive press?” 


    Seriously, you said with conviction that if you're starting reloading you should start with a single stage press. 




    You do know that you load one round at a time with a progressive... So please tell us why starting with a SS press is so much simpler... Safer... Whatever it is 





  10. 1 hour ago, Fallon Kid said:

    Mully Gil took the very thought I have. If first starting to reload get a single press.

    More prone to making mistakes.


    There is no benefit to staying with a single stage press. You can make more mistakes on a single stage press than a progressive.


    Tell me how I'm wrong.



  11. 7 hours ago, Griff said:

    That's a pretty broad assumption.  I don't believe you can really assume such.  The games are different enough that a different rifle might just fulfil a gap in one's collection, or simply provide an excuse to buy something different.  With the rather limited role the rifle has played in WB to date, a different model rifle is not really a hindrance.


    At the outset of WB, an Rossi or Marlin were quite a bit less expensive than they currently are... as were 1873s.  And, if one were just going to "try it out", the less expensive option would have been attractive.  And the market for lightly used firearms was not, nor is it presently "soft", recouping a small investment would not have been difficult.


    But, I suspect for the competitive shooter, the opposite holds water also.  As we both know, I'm not that guy.  So, we'll have to agree-to-disagree... Not everyone can play cowboy... not everyone can play WB... or, should I say not everyone is willing the make the sacrifices necessary to play either, certainly not both.   ç'est la vie!


    Maybe this is a rather extreme simile... but just as Pres. Carter granted amnesty to draft dodgers, and Viet Nam veterans felt betrayed... for multiple reasons.   So too...



    Most folks don't want two competition rifles to feel different. 


    Why do you think those with backup rifles, revolvers and shotguns want them to be set up the same.



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