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  1. 5 minutes ago, July Smith said:

    Trimming a barrel?  A lot of work?  I already have a 62, I don't have a top break.  

    Well...buying a good Top Break is a lot easier than trimming a barrel...and posting questions...and dealing with questions at matches...so yeah.



  2. 7 minutes ago, July Smith said:

    I'm willing to bet Colt back in the day produced a number of 62s with 4" or less barrels, so there are a number of originals that are SASS pocket legal. 

    Pocket Conversions under 4" were limited to the 1849...I think they made a 62 Pocket Conversion w/o Ejector that was sub 4".


    Lotta work for what? I'm at a little loss here. If you want to compete in PP, why not just get a nice Top Break and be done with it? Style Points are useless.





  3. On 6/17/2019 at 11:34 AM, Bisley Joe said:

    OK, so let's get it back on track!


    Who have you missed dearly, other than me?


    I miss the people that have died 


    I miss shooting with many folks 



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  4. 1 hour ago, Bisley Joe said:

    Howdy there, Gold Canyon Kid!

    Hope you're doing great!

    I'm in Arizona too!

    Where do you shoot?

    Maybe I can come to a match and say hi! We can even shoot on the same posse!

    Is 1 April your birthday?


    Yippy ki yay...

    dancing poodle.gif

    He passed away...


    I'll leave my comments to that...



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