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  1. 24 minutes ago, Rip Snorter said:

    Been looking for a wall mount like that, saw one in England years ago.  Here is another very handy one, first was a prize, after 20 odd years it failed and I found another. Have the same as the OP from my Folks.  The one below is better, yours may be the best I've seen, if wall mounted.


    If you look you'll see the opener is clamped to the stand by a built in C-clamp. you can mount it to anything.

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  2. Saw a Henry 9mm carbine at a local gun shop today. $800 plus tax, so about $850 OTD. It did not have any adapter for other mags so I left it. First impression was a bit of disbelief that they are out in the wild already and below retail. They had sold one with the Glock adapter yesterday. Not as good looking in real life as on the internet, kind of thick. I suspect they scaled it up some for larger calibers in the future.

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