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  1. 4 hours ago, Linn Keller, SASS 27332, BOLD 103 said:

    This year I'll attend our 50th class reunion.

    HALF A CENTURY!! since the night I walked across the stage and received my diploma.

    When I attended our 45th reunion, I was honestly amazed how many OLD people were there.

    This reunion promises to be even worse!

    My daughter in law sent me prom pics of my grandson. For the first time I realized he was graduating exactly 50 years after me.

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  2. I have the keltec .32, watch when you take that gun apart, the .380 has one part that will fall out with out you noticing it. I bought one that would not work right, Buddy told me about that part could fall out. He came over took his apart sure enough mine was missing. Called keltec they sent me one free. Never liked it as much as the .32. Now I use a S&W bodyguard .380.

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  3. My aunt told me that when they drove to Marquette ( about 60 mi) probably back in the 20's, the women would pack a lunch so when ,not if, they got a flat they would lay out a blanket for lunch. The men would go out in the woods to cut down a proper size tree for a lever and fulcrum ( cars didn't come with jacks yet) take off the wheel, take the tire off the wheel, patch the tube pump it up with a hand pump put it all back together eat lunch continue on trip.

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  4. I worked at Goodyear aerospace, one of the old timers told me a test pilot tried to climb too sharp, plane folded just enough for the prop to slice it open, fell in the water and the pilot almost drown getting out. End of project.

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  5. When I got my first one some 50 years ago, the old WWII vets said they had to learn to take one down and clean it in the dark. Sounded like good advice, so I sat in bed at night with the lights out till I could do that quickly with no trouble. Some time later a guy invited me over to see his new gun. It was a 1911, he handed it to me and went to the kitchen for beers. Soon as he left the room I pulled it apart and had all the pieces laying on his coffee table, he grabs 2 beers comes back couldn't have been more that a minute, his gun is all over I'm holding the frame with my best "holy crap" face "I don't know what happened I was just holding it and it fell apart". His face was priceless.

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