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  1. 28 minutes ago, Reverend P. Babcock Chase said:

    Howdy Chancy (and others),


    I have tried both. I started with a tang sight based on the "logic" you espouse. Then, after some advise by a top shooter I went to the barrel sight. With the distances we shoot rifle targets, I believe that I only use the front sight. I bet if you lay the tang sight down and shoot a stage you won't notice the difference except that you might be a little faster.


    That's MY story.


    Rev. Chase

    Both my Marlins have a rear sight that folds down. I often fold it down when shooting, makes it easier to find the next target.

  2. Well apparently I was wrong, I have one of those , pulled it out and it's just like that. Looked it up found this:

    • Your M&P® 22 COMPACT pistol
    is equipped with an internal key
    operated lock (FIGURE 17).
    NOTE: The internal key operated
    lock is only accessible when the
    safety lever is up in the “SAFE”

    However that is a 22 much different than the center fire guns.

  3. 40 minutes ago, Silent Bob, SASS #23113 said:

    The first generation on the M&P 9 and M&P 40 had an internal lock as an option. It used the same type of key as the revolvers.


    That looks like where the safety goes, I wonder if it's just the safety with out the thumb lever but a key instead?

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