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  1. Hunting deer in PA, mid 70's, I'm using my M70 Winchester. Walking back to the car we pass 2 guy gutting a buck. Get to the car and I start working the bolt to empty the gun, first round out, my dad yells " HEY LOOK WHERE YOU"RE POINTING THAT GUN!". Well I'm pointing it at the 2 guys, so I point the barrel up close it, one hand on the stock other on the bolt, gun goes off. My dad just says " see?". I hunted with that gun 20 more years and it never did that again.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Rye Miles #13621 said:

    I've had a couple, sold them. I don't do side matches anymore and except for that they're pretty much useless unless you think they're fun!!

    I'm with Rye on this one, only one I kept was a Davis .22lr. I have next to nothing in it, it works just fine and is legal for side matches, at least it used to be.

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