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  1. 17 minutes ago, John Kloehr said:

    I do not know of a forum with a good search function, so I use google with the site directive.


    So for instance:


    friday humor site:forums.sassnet.com


    Google also has ways to search date ranges and more, read here:




    Or if you want to do it by filling in a form, use this:



    Now if there was only a way to find this post sometime in the future when I need it.

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  2. On 11/9/2023 at 11:21 PM, watab kid said:

    buy them a 12 ga , its a myth that the 20 kicks less - it kicks harder and with light loads a 12 will serve them better longer , 

    BS I have both, the 20 kicks much less, less shot less kick, just that simple. I can shoot 100 round sporting clays with a 20 no problem, with a 12 I'm done after a box. I've never had any more trouble finding 20 ga shells than 12.

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  3. I voted for it, not because it's a good idea but everybody gets it any way. With the law passed maybe the liberal pot heads will stay home next presidential election( I can dream can't I ?).  

  4. I like them, great dry fire training tool. At 5/10 yards I can shoot from the hip and get all my shots on target. However I have a crimson trace on my 642 if I lay it down to hard it will dislodge the battery, every night after I lay it down and in the morning I'd check it to see if it still worked. If not I'd have to take the grips off and reset the battery. Another tool in the tool box.

  5. One thing about Colt magazines, I don't think Colt makes them. They are farmed out to the lowest bidder. My understanding is that small "M"  you see in the corner of the mag stands for Metalform, the maker, might be other makers also. Metalform makes good mags, they used to make some with a lanyard loop, I bought a couple for my WWI repop, work great but you don't want to slam one in.

  6. I've always had good luck with genuine Colt Mags, but I only been using them for 45 years so what would I know? I've had good luck with the others mentioned also, but some of them may not be legal for wild bunch.

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