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  1. If you decide to cut a slot in it - if possible, chuck up the screwdriver bit in a drill press. you can apply a buttox load of pressure to the screw with much less chance of slippage.

  2. On 4/14/2022 at 1:36 PM, Bart Slade said:

    Howdy y'all;


    Anybody have any experience with 1.5 Fg black powder?


     May have to experiment a bit on my own, but thinking maybe if I just up the charge a bit this should work?


    Yes ! 1.5 Fg in a 12 ga. makes long flames & beautiful smoking streamers. You'll never go back !  :D   

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  3. 3 Generations in SASS

    Yusta B                  #57361    2004   Diana Tx


    Pinewood Kid        #61865    2007   Lyons Co    Son


    Mean Michelle       #95863    2012    Diana Tx     Daughter


    Hellfire Hanna        #103777   2016    Diana Tx     Granddaughter         (Won  shotgun at CBAC)




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  4. 1 hour ago, Two Irons said:

    Dang...I was in the barn when T Bone, Nuttin' Graceful, and KD were getting the stage, lights and sound system ready to go.  And now I heard Tbone is gonna wrestle an alligator in the arena while Nuttin Graceful sets a World Land Speed record in mounted shooting riding an ostrich, while Excalibur KC plays "Legs".  This is gonna be epic!


  5. 15 minutes ago, Red River Rudy, SASS #8490 LIFE said:

    Ok, I am challenging everyone that the boys from Louisiana are cooking something that is only cooked in Louisiana or in another world at Comin AtCha 2017.  I may cook a pig in the Cajun microwave or an alligator and turtle sauce picante or a chicken and sausage jambalaya or a sure nuf alligator border chili.  I challenge everyone else to try to top this at the parking lot wars.  Ought to be on television.  I do grow my own pigs and alligators.

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  6. Sitting here pondering the meaning of life & it occurred to me that over the passed 13 years I have been enjoying SASS shooting I have met & learned the aliases about 300-400 or so shooters, maybe more. More than in any other sport, organization, club, school, job or group I have been in in the last 74 years. That's just phenomenal to me - I'm not very much of a social person but I keep meeting shooters that are interested in what I do, what I shoot, where I've been, how long have I shot & a million other subjects. As the saying goes - " I've been to two Worlds Fairs & Disneyland and have never seen anything like it " . What a great group of people ( including Rye Miles , I might add ) :) :) :) :)

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