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  1. Last I knew Phantom was still banned. Don't know if thats the case still.
  2. Tucson Stu of the Rockford Regulators. I was looking at a AWA Longhorn and he was working the counter at Gander Mountain. We talked for a few minutes and he handed me a brochure for a new club they just started in Rockford. Went to the match that week and two months later had bought all my gear and shot my first match there. That was when you could start for $1500. I was 20 years old. Stu passed away last November.
  3. So are you saying that you need to personally make sure folks are vetted to your standards before a person carries concealed around you? Just trying to get a handle on the concept I guess.
  4. I guess I will throw my two cents in while I'm here. I don't want you to get the wrong idea. It IS possible to love the old west, have an affection for the old guns, love the people and the spirit of the game and embrace the history of SASS AND be competitive all at the same time. The theme sometimes seems to be that if you are interested in the competition that somehow you are not here to have fun. In fact in my region it's the competitive shooters that drive the CAS economy, travel the most, go to more monthly matches and run and administrate matches. With that being said go to some matches and talk to everyone you can. Take a note pad with you. Don't underestimate local gun tuners. A Uberti 73',pair of Rugers and a quality SxS or 97's along with good quality leather designed for our game are all good places to start. I encourage to ask around, you rifle will need service from time to time (they ALL do) and if you can get it done locally all the better. Given your background in other shooting sports you know that reliable equipment that works well equals way more fun regardless of what level you want to be at. You will not find better friends or people. Good luck!
  5. Did I say you directly, I'm sorry I thought we were able to express ourselves on this forum, I forgot where I was for a minute. My apologies.
  6. I guess what bothers me the most is that folks act like the rest of the country does not have to drive any kind of a distance to get there. Winter Range is 32 hours (just drove it) and EOT is 24. Would I like them in my own backyard, yeah who wouldn't. That being said I view both events as a pilgrimage and have not regretted any of my trips. 10 of them to WR and this EOT will be my 6th. If ya wanna play ya gotta be there. Sitting in one spot and wishing it was somewhere else gets you nowhere fast. Can't wait for EOT.
  7. That being said Sam shot the match that was in front of him. He's capable of turning in much faster times but with faster times comes higher risks. He played the game. He was the best at the game that weekend. We all knew how we would be scored when when we started. Knowing just how tough it is to stretch out 12 stages over three days and looking at the scores he shot one heck of a match.
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