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  1. Doc Noper welds them up nicely and also modifies them to allow for more extraction of the hull since the ejector guns have slightly less than the extractor guns. For me I would want that little bit extra shell extraction.

  2. Some people are very passionate about everything they do. I have seen tempers flare at matches dozens of times and almost always they are very upset with themselves. But on the rare occasions you will run into people where it seems to be very much a habit.......spotters are always wrong........the posse has it out for them....wind always blows when it's their time to shoot etc etc etc. My mentor told me about 15 years ago that it takes years to build a reputation and 5 seconds to ruin one. I have tried very hard to keep that at the front end of my thinking. We have all done things at some point in time that we wish we hadn't and I believe in giving people a second chance. But eventually you have to come to the realization that you cannot control the way someone wants to play this game. I often see competitors leave the match early and skip awards if things did not go their way, they always say something like "I'm in a time crunch and gotta get home" when you know full well had they shot the match they wanted to they would be there. I have no respect for that personally and feel that it's terrible sportsmanship, but if that floats your boat so be it. The awesome thing about CAS is that everyone is nice, the bad thing about CAS is that everybody is nice, so folks with bad behavior tend to be tolerated for quite awhile. That all being said after traveling all over the country for all these years and shooting so many places there is nobody I would flat out refuse to shoot with, and I think that pretty cool.

  3. in my experience the positives have not outweighed the negatives so I will continue to shoot and produce a traditionally lubed bullet that has served me very well for 15 years of CAS shooting. Try them and see they may just be the bees knee for you but they were not for me.

  4. Except for that fact that it is very unappealing to the eye. The "crotch holsters" are the most ridiculous looking thing ever to come out of SASS.

    Don't look at it then. Just like any cowboy would do I adjust my gear so it's at it's maximum effectiveness for the task at hand. For me bandoleers are the most ridiculous in my eye but I'd never tell someone that on the range.

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  5. Binary firing system. Apparently it's been done on ARs for a while. Gawd Awful sent me this video link a month or so ago.


    The number of lethal "whoops" events possible is more than you can count.


    "What could POSSIBLY go wrong!?!" :o :o :o


    I know the difference between the two, the volley fire pistol as explained by the manufacturer in the video is quite different.

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