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  1. This is off topic a bit but I shake my head a bit ar how easily folks want to

    call the game dead/dying. The shooters both current and potential are out there. Nobody wants to talk about the actual issues we are facing as a game, like how we’ve painted ourselves into a corner. It is still growing in areas. And presentation has everything to do with it. 

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  2. I can tell you that the last time BJZ practiced was about 6 years ago, and that was ONE session. I know because I was there LOL.  Extremely busy and driven individual who literally never touches his guns in between matches. Naturally talented in many ways with the attitude and mindset to accomplish great things. BJZ is the complete package when it comes to a CAS shooter. Completely selfless in what he gives to the game and a straight up competitor who plays 100% by the rules. One of my heroes. 

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  3. Uberti/Taylors 1873 Deluxe 18” in .357 mag. Average cart and handling marks in wood. Nice CCH. Super short full action job by Colt Mcallister which includes lightened brass carrier, whisper springs, stainless mag spring and follower and grabber front sight and lever safety has been retained with trigger job.  Gun was mostly a backup. So actual round count is low. This was part of an estate of a retiring cowboy so no it was not slapped by me LOL. $1425 shipped to your FFL.  If you are interested in this rifle feel free to email at deucestevensllc@gmail.com 










  4. I have noticed the trend yes. Whether it’s noticed or not is directly affected by your involvement. Those involved more on the match administration side of things will hear and see it more than what can be observed on a posse. It ranks right up there with holding match directors responsible for your own personal shooting performance.  “

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  5. 20 hours ago, Cat Brules said:

    It would be useful to the membership, Misty, to NOT use abbreviated replies and topic postings, but instead, to carry on complete informative dialogue with the membership here in the Forums.....conversation.....back and forth......discussion.


    For instance, why not (if the annual issue count is going to be cut) go to three issues per year instead of 2?   Why not explain the rationale in depth, of such decisions?   I believe it’s a mistake for SASS to isolate itself from the membership by cutting its organ of communication with the membership.  There’s a lot that can be done without doing that.  You’re dealing with a lot of people who are not comfortable with an online Magazine and a Magazine that is losing touch with its membership.  That’s my view, anyway.


    EDIT:   DESPITE the glowing accolades from some.

    Cat Brules


    I'm not exactly sure what you are asking for. Misty has been the most transparent CEO we really could ask for. You are on a internet forum owned by the organization that you consistently complain about yet offer no real solutions other than thinly veiled attempts to discredit SASS. You are using the very format that is responsible for periodicals going by the wayside and advertisers using their budgets differently. I joined when the big paper chronicle was still king. It was fun, it was informative...now Facebook and Instagram fill that need for a large portion of the folks out there. I'm glad to see that SASS knows when money is NOT best spent. Thank you Misty!

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  6. 9 hours ago, Dusty Devil Dale said:

    From what I read and hear, you are 100% correct.  So maybe bringing it back is worth considering. 

    Later Added:   If not EOT, then another nationally promoted event.  

    No thanks. End Of Trail at Founders Ranch is built and produced FOR SASS SHOOTERS. Improvements are made every year and the ranch is a very special place. Sometimes things are remembered more fondly that they actually were. 

  7. 5 hours ago, Misty Moonshine said:

    ***Edited to add: 

    I do not want to hijack this thread for this topic- lots of great info here on EOT and WR!! (BTW- I vote for both equally!) 

    I am happy to respond and discuss items like this directly, or in a separate thread. However-  I did feel like a response here was appropriate.  - Misty




    Palo Verde, 


    Your post makes me realize that I need to issue an updated member report to all SASS members regarding the business structure and operations information... and our vision for the future and longevity of SASS. Yes, SASS (me, actually) did announce several years ago that the goal was to transition into a non-profit organization. That goal has yet to be reached. 30+  years of business structure has to be carefully unwoven before we can truly consider that as an option. 


    Not only do I contend, but I guarantee you that not a single dime of EOT (Museum) funds are co-mingled with SASS funds/accounting. END of TRAIL is run through a separate company- the SASS Western Heritage Museum. SASS does do one thing- we donate all SASS employee labor costs to the event by not charging out out employee labor- only contract labor is paid directly out of the Museum/EOT. I am in the process of building an EOT SASS Member report for distribution that will outline the attendance information, the survey results, our action plan, and the financial picture. I think SASS members will be pleased to see such transparency. Stay tuned. 


    No apology needed. I realize that for some, trust is a difficult thing to gain. I have been with SASS since 2009. (February 2019 was my 10 year SASS-anniversary!!) I cannot speak to anything stated in an article from 12 years ago. I can only speak to what I do know- and I absolutely know, without a doubt,  that in all of my tenure here, not a single penny has ever been "skimmed" from the Scholarship fund for any reasonQuite the contrary actually- SASS covers all the administrative, banking, registrations, maintenance, etc. fees for the SASS Scholarship Foundation so that every penny donated goes to the kids. Proudly. 


    Erasers aren't needed, but what is needed is a little distance and perspective. Trust me, I get it- I've spent the last 10 years rebuilding a lot of bridges. Lets start focusing on some of the good, the accomplishments, the changes, the evolution. It simply isn't right to crucify current staff/management for something that was the work of predecessors.  It is the past and I (we) cant change it... but we certainly can learn from it!  


    I have always been open and honest with my fellow SASS members. I say,  lets build a "new" history of SASS- through open communication and transparency. Together. 




    Thank you Misty!

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  8. Does not bother me a bit if someone moves my guns. It’s part of my routine to visually inspect my gun before leaving the load and unload.  If I can’t trust the folks I’m shooting with to perform a very simple task then I’m not sure I want to be on the firing line with them. To each their own but some will jump at any chance to show the world how much of s curmudgeon they are. 

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  9. Having actively participated in both events they are both outstanding events worthy of their titles. I can also tell you that management at both events has done an excellent job of supporting each other and works together to do the very best they can. 

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  10. 8 hours ago, Creeker, SASS #43022 said:


    Games change.

    Culture changes.

    Participation within any interest ebbs and flows.

    CAS and SASS has done a pretty good job of flexing with the times. There is a time and a place for every approach and different applications are needed for different results at that time. Match philosophy can change depending on what  is “needed” at the time. The sport has come full circle. Swing back can and will happen. I always see a lot of talk about variety which always seems like a good idea until variety is actually used. 

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  11. Ithaca 12ga SxS with damascus barrrls. Barrels measure 19 1/4” so it’s been cut. Gun is all there and the wood is very solid. Opens cocks and sears release. The left firing sticks so that would need to be fixed. Selling as a project/display only as I don’t really know anything about damascus barrels. But it is a solid gun with good lock up. $225 shipped to your FFL. Do not use the pm system on here please. Email me at deucestevensllc@gmail.com







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