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  1. Mikov lever lock auto dagger. Real stag grips. Very good condition. High quality knife and very heavy duty. Comes with custom kydex carry sheath with belt clip. $105 shipped. Prefer PayPal friends and family. First "I'll take it posted gets it. Thanks for looking. 








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  2. SPF Have a Winchester 1897 manufactured in 1899. 26" cylinder choke solid frame. Please look at pics what you see is what is there. Cartridge stops, ejector spring and screw, trigger and spring are still there. Mag tube is complete and has follower and spring. The 3 screw forend is actually pretty solid. Stock could be used a youth stock if cuttoff. Bore is pitted but would probably come around a bit with some honing. $275 shipped to your FFL or delivered to EOT. FFL must be willing to accept from individual. First "I'll take it" posted gets it. Thanks for looking. SPF











  3. SOLD Taylors 1873 18" octagon straight stock. .357

    - Cody Conagher "Codymatic" action job and short stroke

    - Upgraded to carbine buttstock, hand refinished with hand rubbed oil by me. 

    - Sure Hit front sight reprofiled to catch more light with semi buckhorn rear

    - Slixx straight trigger (original trigger included)

    - Aluminum magazine tube alignment kit with stainless spring and follower

    - Heavy bullhide lever wrap

    -Gorgeous colors on the CCH receiver

    This rifle runs like a top. Zero issues. I ran 50 rounds to test function before that had been very gently used in a half dozen matches by a new shooter no longer in the game. Cody did his magic sometime in the last 5 years and I believe this was bought new from him. I added the straight trigger and other than that is un-messed with because it needs nothing. Would not hesitate to shoot this rifle at EOT tomorrow. $1685 Shipped to your FFL. FFL must be willing to accept from an individual. Will deliver to EOT for the same price. No trades at this time unless you have a Ford Crown Vic with low miles :D SOLD 













  4. 10 hours ago, Old Irish Shooter said:

    Would you run this in a lever gun? They work well in it but it’s not a flat point. When I load my flat points the bolt will not close but it will close if I seat the flat nose bullet deeper than minimum overall length. I use start loads for powder so no where near maximum pressure but even with start loads seating deeper increases pressure. The tip of the bullet I have pictured will work but I don’t want to gamble with magazine tube explosion. Thoughts? 


    What flat point bullet are you loading and what OAL is it at? 

  5. SOLD 27.8 pounds of clean 9mm range brass (once fired) which should be well over 3000 pieces. There may be an odd .380 in the mix but price reflects that. $145 shipped same day if paid with PayPal friends and family or $155 if you want to pay by snail mail. Firat I’ll take it posted get em. Thanks for looking. SOLD


  6. 2 hours ago, Don Jorge said:

    Great reviews on the 1887.


    However, after the "Drop Two modification" is made, can the magazine still hold hold 5-6 shells?


    If not, it would seem that it would have to be set up for either the Cowboy shooting or for Wild Bunch shooting, to take full advantage of either state of the shotgun.

    That’s entirely dependent on your level of commitment to practice with it. Dropping 2 is obviously better but there are other ways to shoot it competitively. 

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  7. 2 hours ago, Tommy Reb said:

    Hello Brimstone.  Thanks for checking this out.  I sure hope you are correct.  Looks like the one Deuce had would not.  However, individual guns might differ just enough to make it possible.    I'll look forward to hearing back from you.


    Good point.  I know the mag tube on Chiappa's are the same length regardless of barrel length, but I have no idea about the Cimarron version.  Hopefully Brimstone will let us know what the barrel length was on the one he handled.







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