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  1. 10 hours ago, bgavin said:

    My middle daughter is a senior nurse at her hospital.

    She got #1 of 2 Pfizer shots for the C19 vaccine without any effect.
    A week later she got #2 of 2 and it put her nearly on her deathbed 24 hours later.
    It took several days to start feeling better.

    Other nurses in her group had varying responses.
    Some were just as sick, others had mild symptoms, and one had no symptoms whatsoever.



    Everthing I read said the second shot should be 30 days after first NOT one week.

  2. 6 minutes ago, WOLFY said:


    If you go with more than 5 you can take your hat off and not be out of costume.


    Dont believe your statement is true. A hat is not listed as one of the optional items plus it also states hats must be worn for the entire match.

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  3. When EBay started collecting tax on items sold there they first showed the tax as a seperate transaction from the main transaction and now it shows as part of the regualar purchase transaction.  It is not listed by the seller in the add but shows up during the payment process.  I always thought that EBay would be the one who passes the tax along to each state rather than the seller.

  4. 13 minutes ago, Yul Lose said:

    My wife needed to mail a couple of small parcels but was running out of time so I offered to do it for her. Our little post office has counter space for three clerks but with covid they only have space for two, social distancing, don’t you know. I showed up at 9:00 when they opened the inner service area and there were 6 people in front of me. Only 3 customers at a time are allowed into the inner service area, two to be waited on and another next in line. I stood in line about 15-20 minutes and moved up to where I was the next to go through the door into the inner service area. A very loud, unmasked woman carrying three small packages comes in and asks if the inner area is open yet and I told her it was but we had to wait our turn in line. There were now 6 people behind me. This woman told us all that she doesn’t have time to wait in line like everyone else and that she was going into be waited on ahead of us. I told her the line formed to the rear and pointed to it. She then tried to go through the door and I put my foot out keeping it from opening and told her that none of us had time to wait in line but that’s the way it works and she needed to go to the back of the line.


    Man did she get P.O’d. She let loose with a string of profanity that would embarrass a sailor. They have a Dutch door out in the main lobby where we were for customers picking up packages and the employee that was manning that disappeared and reappeared a few minutes later with the post master. They escorted the woman out of the lobby and told her that they would call the sheriff if she didn’t leave. She left in a huff and a couple of people in line thanked me for standing up to her but one woman told me that I was seriously lacking in Social Awareness. I told her that I had no idea what she was talking about and she told me that I was obviously unaware of the woman’s predicament and that it was rude and inconsiderate of me to do what I did. The guy right behind me told her that I did exactly what he was going to do if I hadn’t of done it first. She said we were both wrong. What the hell has happened to our society?

     You did the right thing!

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  5. Saw them Saturday but too late as they were right by our street light and already very low on the horizon.  Looked last night right at dusk with my 10x binoculars and could clearly see the two dots one larger that the other.  Tonight will look again with my 25x Kowa spotting scope on a tripod to hopefully see them better.

  6. Got this from Dragon Hill Dave this morning and waited to see if anyone else would post it and they have not so I will.  I met Delta Raider years ago when shooting down at Agarita Ranch in Lockhart Texas.  Did not know his military service info until clicking on the link.  Would have loved to see his WWI military collection.  RIP Chuck  :FlagAm:



    Delta Raider (Chuck Leshikar) passed away from a sudden heart attack last week. Chuck was a decorated Vietnam veteran. An impressive account of his experiences in Vietnam can be found at http://toddshistory.com/?p=792

    Chuck WAS the Plum Creek Shooting Society when it began shooting at his creation, the Agarita Ranch. He handled it all for years until 2012, when he asked some of us to form a club to take over the duties that he had overseen. Along with his wife Nancy (Kitchen Kate), Chuck put together a venue that provided us with lasting fond memories of the times and the people we met because they created the Plum Creek Shooting Society. We will pass along details on the arrangements when we have more info.

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  7. If they have a 14 day quarantine I'm not sure I would make the trip.  One of my coworkers is going to visit his Sister and other realatives on in the east, she lives in virgina and others are in surronding states.  He was checking the variuos states C-19 edics daily and some states had very restrictive quarantines and it made a difference if you flew directly in vrs flying to adjoining state and driving in.  I just told him to be careful, have fun and return back to Texas.

  8. 16 hours ago, Snakebite said:

    I do understand what you are saying and know for a fact that it happens. On a number of occasions I have had to move a LFCGF into the FCGF category because she was the only one entered. In my opinion that is the proper way to handle it since she was eligible for both categories and it was the closest to what she had signed up in. There are not any Non-Female categories that I am aware of other than Buckeroo and Jr Boys. I have not seen any verbiage in the Handbooks that would make a Female of the proper age, who is properly outfitted,  from shooting in any category whether it had a Masculine name on it or not. The book says: There are no Men's categories and putting a Masculine name on the category does not change that fact. I have found no exceptions to that. That's just the way it is. I'm not upset about it. In a few days this thread will move to the back page and nobody will think about it anymore. :P


    Yes non female category was not the right term for sure. Move from the exclusive female category would have been a better statement. I do understand what you are saying my answer was more to PW's question on why would they want to move away from the exclusive female category.

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  9. To answer the question of why would they want to.  Some times when there are restrictions on awards based on a minimum number of entries in a category and a female wants to shoot in her prefered category and there are not enough females shooting in her category to be eligable for an award she might then enter into the non female category.  Generally that would probably be categories like GF, BW, Classic, etc.

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