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  1. I'm reminded of the time in San Francisco (where else?) when I walked into the break room at work... three female-type persons were seated at a nearby table; I smiled, and said "Good morning, ladies..."


    At which one of 'em turned, glowered at me, and snapped "We are WOMEN! We are NOT 'ladies'!"


    I smiled again and responded "Well then... I reckon you aren't at that," and walked away. :rolleyes:



    Did you get talked to by HR for that?

  2. Please add your comments.

    Such gems as



    Rifles with bullet buttons for the quick swap of ammunition magazines




    Dec. 21 was the last day to purchase a gun with bullet buttons, because of the 10-day wait for a background check. He said he’d shot his first deer several months ago, and wanted to expand his arsenal.

    (likely he has one rifle - that is an "arsenal" now)






  3. I understand all that, Sedalia, but how do they know who is a seabee and who is a pilot. They don't have ratings on

    their uniforms. Do they all just get together at the bar and decide what and who is going to do something?



    That one is simple - a pilot lets you know he is a pilot within 15 seconds.

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